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    phd germany university

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    phd germany university

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    phd germany university

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    phd germany university

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  4. Doing a PhD in Germany

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  1. Top Universities for PhD Study in Germany

    University of Erlangen-Nuremburg. =193. 229. 201-300. University of Münster. =193. =384. 201-300. Information in this table is based on the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings and Academic Ranking of World Universities.

  2. PhD Studies & Research

    PhD Studies & Research. Science and research in Germany are characterised by a distinguished infrastructure, a wide variety of disciplines, well-equipped research facilities and competent staff. Germany offers various career opportunities for international PhD students and researchers. Discover Germany's top-tier PhD programs and research scene ...

  3. Find your PhD position

    Where to find your PhD programme. There is no central database of all structured PhD programmes in Germany. You can usually find these programmes directly through the respective universities, graduate schools or non-university research institutions. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) database is also a good place to look.

  4. How to Apply for a PhD in Germany: Programs, Funding, & FAQs

    Academic degree recognized in Germany. Typically, you'll need a master's degree or a German state examination (Staatsexamen) to qualify for a PhD program. Copy of master's thesis. Provide a copy of your master's thesis, showcasing your research skills and the depth of your academic work. Research proposal.

  5. Doing a PhD in Germany

    In 2014 an incredible Number of 85,000 people chose Germany to write their dissertations or join one of our growing number of doctoral research teams. Discover your best route to a PhD in Germany, including financing options and advice on how to prepare for your research stay. Germany. All addresses in the DAAD Network.

  6. How to Study a PhD in Germany

    Beyond this, you may be required to pay fees. However, as with all levels of study in Germany, PhD students are also required to make a semester contribution of between €150 to €200 (~US$175-230) for administration and other costs. This means that your main expenses will be the general costs of living in Germany.

  7. Research in Germany

    Germany is a top destination for PhD students, postdocs, and senior scientists. The website "Research in Germany" helps you to find your way to Germany, to seek for PhD positions, research jobs or funding opportunities. ... Here you will find a selection of the latest R&D news from German universities, non-university research institutes and ...

  8. PhD

    The German doctorate enjoys an outstanding reputation. Germany's universities, research institutions and companies welcome international researchers and offer excellent opportunities for doctoral students. Structured PhD programmes, for example, often have a strong international orientation with English as the team language.

  9. How to apply for a PhD

    Doing a PhD in Germany (2019, 40 pages) This booklet for (prospective) international doctoral students presents the different options for doing a doctorate in Germany. It explains the formal requirements and gives some practical advice on finding the right supervisor or doctoral programme. It also outlines different sponsorship and funding options.

  10. How to Find Your PhD Position in Germany

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  11. Doctorate • International • Freie Universität Berlin

    Una Europa Early Career Host Program. Funded by the German Academic Exchange Service Freie Universität Berlin offers support for doctoral researchers who wish to gain experience in hosting scientific workshops, developed and organized with participants of other universities within the Una Europa network.

  12. Study in Germany: the ultimate guide for a PhD in 2024

    Tuition fees in Germany depend on the type of university you attend - public or private - and on your level of study - undergraduate, postgraduate or doctorate degree.. Public universitiesare free for all undergraduate students, meaning there are no tuition fees for international students. The only cost is a small administration fee of 265 EUR per year.

  13. Structured Doctoral Programs

    The University of Bonn's Structured PhD Programs offer a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary curriculum designed to prepare students for a successful career. Programs such as the Bonn International Graduate Schools (BIGS), PhD programs within our Clusters of Excellence, Structured Doctoral Programs by Discipline, and Third-Party Funded Programs include innovative, personalized supervision ...

  14. Doctoral degree programs

    Engineering and Natural Sciences. Graduate School KIC InnoEnergy, a European consortium for promoting sustainable energy supply that has some 160 partners from industry, universities, research facilites and business schools.The University of Stuttgart is one of its founding members. Doctoral degree studies research group: HYBRID (University of Stuttgart, Esslingen University, Daimler AG ...

  15. Applying for a Doctorate

    An individual doctorate is the classical model of a doctoral program at German Universities (research-only). Pursuing an individual doctorate means that you have to find an academic advisor (traditionally called "Doktorvater"or "Doktormutter"), who is willing to supervise your dissertation.In order to do so, you first have to thoroughly research your options on the university's ...

  16. 347 Ph.Ds in Germany

    Future Rural Africa is an interdisciplinary collaborative research center involving geographers, anthropologists, political scientists, agroeconomists, soil scientists and ecologists from the University of Bonn and the University of Cologne. Ph.D. / Full-time / On Campus. University of Bonn Bonn, Germany. Ranked top 1%.

  17. Two ways to get your PhD

    Two ways to get your PhD . A doctorate is the highest academic degree that a university can award. In Germany, studying for a doctorate primarily means working intensely on a specific subject or research project for a long period of time.It typically takes five to six years to obtain a doctorate, though the length of time can vary.

  18. PhD Program

    The DKFZ is Germany's largest biomedical research institute and has an international and dynamic work environment, providing students with access to state-of-the-art research facilities and exceptional resources. More than 500 PhD students in over 100 divisions and research groups carry out research to unravel the causes and mechanisms of cancer development and to identify novel tools for ...

  19. Universität Düsseldorf: Doctoral studies at HHU

    The following applies to all faculties of HHU: the regulations for doctoral studies stipulate that doctoral theses must be overseen by two supervisors; i.e. a second supervisor may be added to the PhD advisory committee. the course "Good Scientific Practice" is mandatory for all doctoral candidates. the doctoral research is conducted within a ...

  20. Doctoral candidates

    Doctoral Training in Heidelberg. Heidelberg University offers its PhD candidates a wide range of doctoral programmes with diverse levels of structuring - individual doctoral training, small and medium-sized training groups, or large Graduate Schools. Forms of Doctoral Training. Doctoral Guidelines.

  21. PhD at the University of Göttingen

    Earning a doctoral degree at the University of Göttingen. Are you interested in earning a doctoral degree? All faculties at the University of Göttingen offer doctoral degrees either as individual doctoral studies or structured PhD programmes. On these pages, we have compiled all the information you need to make the right decision.

  22. PhD Studies

    Unter den Linden 6. 10117 Berlin. Contact person: Ms. Olga Vorobyeva. E-mail: [email protected] *. Consultation hour by phone. Wednesday 09:00 - 10:00 a.m. Phone: (+49) 30 2093-70330. *If you are already enrolled or registered at HU Berlin, please submit your full name, your enrollment or registration number, your date and place of birth.


    ESR 3: PhD Position: This PhD position at the University of Freiburg, Germany, delves into the intricate biogenesis of the archaeal cell envelope, focusing on two model organisms. The research aims to unravel the assembly mechanisms of the cell's outer surface and its macromolecular appendages like pili and archaellum, utilizing biochemical, genetic, and imaging techniques.

  24. RIT graduate pursues Ph.D. across time zones

    RIT awarded 63 Ph.D. degrees in 2023. In 2020-2021, RIT's Graduate School met and surpassed the university's goal of conferring 50 Ph.D. degrees during an academic year. That number will continue to grow as students cycle through the seven new Ph.D. programs that RIT has added since 2017, said Diane Slusarski, dean of RIT's Graduate School.