1. IBM's Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Simulates the Real World

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  2. IBM's AI-based Chemistry Lab: RoboRXN, AI/cloud-based Chemistry Lab

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  3. IBM and AI Experience

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  4. IBM’s AI Classifies Seizures With 98.4% Accuracy

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  5. IBM introduced On-Chip accelerated artificial intelligence processor

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  6. IBM amplía las capacidades de descubrimiento de materiales impulsados

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  1. Artificial Intelligence

    AI is revolutionizing how business gets done, but popular models can be costly and are often proprietary. At IBM Research, we're designing powerful new foundation models and generative AI systems with trust and transparency at their core. We're working to drastically lower the barrier to entry for AI development, and to do that, we're ...

  2. IBM Research

    At IBM Research, we're inventing what's next in AI, quantum computing, and hybrid cloud to shape the world ahead. ... An open source Python toolkit for exploring and using the capabilities of in-memory computing devices in the context of artificial intelligence.

  3. Artificial Intelligence

    IBM Research for artificial intelligence IBM Research is a group of scientists and researchers around the globe who deeply believe in the power of the scientific method to invent what's next for IBM, our clients, and the world. Explore our work and publications for AI.

  4. IBM Study: Banking and Financial Markets CEOs are Betting on Generative

    The findings are part of an annual global cross-industry study that surveyed more than 3,000 CEOs from over 30 countries and 26 industries, which included 297 BFM CEOs representing retail, corporate, commercial and investment banks and financial markets.. The survey found that generative AI is perceived as the key to unlocking competitiveness. 57% of BFM CEOs surveyed stated that gaining a ...

  5. IBM's new AIU artificial intelligence chip

    The IBM AIU is also designed to be as easy-to-use as a graphics card. It can be plugged into any computer or server with a PCIe slot. This is not a chip we designed entirely from scratch. Rather, it's the scaled version of an already proven AI accelerator built into our Telum chip. The 32 cores in the IBM AIU closely resemble the AI core ...

  6. IBM Research

    In 2017, IBM invested $240 million to create the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, the Lab is a unique joint research venture in artificial intelligence established by IBM and MIT and brings together researchers in academia and industry to advance AI that has a real world impact for business, academic and society.

  7. Collaborate with us

    MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. A unique collaboration between IBM Research and MIT, the lab explores new AI paradigms, like foundation models, that directly impact business and society. Member companies sit on an advisory board and directly influence the lab's research portfolio, grounding R&D with invaluable domain knowledge.

  8. IBM Think 2024: Making AI Real For Enterprises

    AI, The Topic On Everyone's Mind. The keynote quickly zeroed in on AI, which was the focus of IBM's announcements at the show. Krishna did not hold back from comparing AI with other ...

  9. home

    The Rensselaer-IBM Artificial Intelligence Research Collaboration (AIRC), a member of the IBM AI Horizons, is dedicated to advancing the science of artificial intelligence and enabling the use of AI and machine learning in research investigations, innovations, and applications of joint interest to both Rensselaer and IBM.

  10. IBM director of research explains how AI can help companies leverage

    Dario Gil, IBM senior vice president and director of research, wants you to think about artificial intelligence differently. While large language models like ChatGPT and their ability to converse may get much of the attention, Gil says the real value of AI is in the unprecedented amount of data that it can analyze and what we as humans then do with that analysis.

  11. Best Free AI Training Courses You Can Take in June 2024

    IBM: Generative AI for Everyone. ⏰Length: 4-8 hours. IBM is a big brand in the technology space, so its just-the-basics explainer course is a good starting point for anyone who's serious about ...