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100 Words Essay on Crime

Understanding crime.

Crime refers to acts that violate the law. They are considered harmful and punishable by a governing authority. Crimes can range from theft to murder.

Types of Crimes

There are various types of crimes. Violent crimes include actions like assault, while theft falls under property crimes. White-collar crimes involve fraud or embezzlement.

Consequences of Crime

Crimes have severe consequences. They can lead to imprisonment, fines, or even death penalties. Moreover, they harm communities and individuals, causing fear and damage.

Preventing Crime

Preventing crime involves law enforcement, education, and community programs. Everyone can contribute to a safer society by obeying laws and reporting suspicious activities.

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250 Words Essay on Crime


Crime, a pervasive aspect of society, is an act that violates a law and is punishable by the state. It disruptively breaches societal norms, creating a sense of insecurity and fear. This essay delves into the nature of crime, its causes, and the role of law enforcement.

The Nature of Crime

Crime is a complex phenomenon, varying across cultures and societies. It ranges from minor offences like theft to severe ones like homicide. The nature of crime reflects societal values, as what is considered criminal is determined by the prevailing legal and moral code.

Causes of Crime

The causes of crime are multifaceted, involving biological, psychological, and sociological factors. Biological theories suggest genetic predispositions towards criminal behaviour. Psychological theories focus on the individual’s mental processes and their interaction with the environment. Sociological theories, on the other hand, emphasize societal structures and inequalities as major crime contributors.

Law Enforcement and Crime

Law enforcement agencies play a crucial role in maintaining order, preventing crime, and ensuring justice. They function as a deterrent, keeping potential criminals in check. However, their effectiveness is contingent upon their ability to adapt to evolving criminal tactics.

In conclusion, crime is a societal issue with deep roots in individual and social structures. Understanding its nature and causes is key to formulating effective strategies for prevention and control. As society evolves, so too must our approach to understanding and combating crime.

500 Words Essay on Crime

Crime, a social and legal concept, has been a part of human society since its inception. It refers to the actions that violate the norms and laws of a society, leading to harm or potential harm to individuals or the community. The study of crime, its causes, effects, and prevention, is a crucial aspect of sociology, psychology, and criminology.

Crime is a complex phenomenon, varying across societies and times. It is not static but evolves with societal norms and legal frameworks. What may be considered a crime in one society may not be in another, and similarly, what was a crime in the past might not be so today. For instance, homosexuality was once criminalized in many societies, but it is now widely accepted and decriminalized.

Types of Crime

Crimes are generally categorized into personal crimes, property crimes, inchoate crimes, statutory crimes, and financial crimes. Personal crimes involve direct harm or threat to an individual, such as assault or robbery. Property crimes involve interfering with another person’s property, like burglary or theft. Inchoate crimes are those that were started but not completed, while statutory crimes are violations of specific statutes. Financial crimes, such as fraud or embezzlement, involve the illegal conversion of property ownership.

The causes of crime are multifaceted, often interwoven with societal, psychological, and economic factors. Poverty, lack of education, substance abuse, and family violence are some common societal factors leading to crime. Psychological factors include personality disorders, low self-control, and aggression. Economic factors, such as unemployment or income inequality, also contribute significantly to crime rates.

Effects of Crime

Crime affects society in numerous ways, from creating fear and insecurity to damaging social cohesion. It impacts the economy by diverting resources towards law enforcement and away from other sectors. On an individual level, crime can lead to physical harm, psychological trauma, and financial loss.

Crime prevention strategies are as diverse as the causes of crime. They include social strategies, such as improving education and employment opportunities, and legal strategies, such as effective law enforcement and fair judicial systems. Psychological interventions, like counseling and therapy, can also play a significant role in crime prevention.

Understanding crime is essential to creating a safe and harmonious society. By examining its nature, types, causes, effects, and prevention, we can develop effective strategies to reduce crime rates and mitigate its impact on individuals and communities. It is a collective responsibility that requires the concerted efforts of individuals, communities, and governments.

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  • Unemployment Leads to Crime Essay In the 1990s, the rate of unemployment was low and so was the rate of property crime. Crime rates increase steadily in society, and the rate of crime is connected to unemployment and low wages.
  • Youth Crime as a Major Issue in the World The relationships that exist in the families of the youths could facilitate the indulgence in criminal activities for example when the parents are involved in crime, when there is poor parental guidance and supervision, in […]
  • Applying Developmental Theories of Crime to Jeffrey Dahmer In the framework of this theory, Dahmer’s obsession with dissecting animals and necrophilic fantasies from a young age are not connected to the other events in his life but are simply manifestations of his latent, […]
  • The Effects of Mass Media Glorifying Crime and Criminal Lifestyle Crime has and will dominate popular media, ranging from the traditional police and detective shows/movies to documentaries, and more recently the ‘true crime’ genre or psychological thrillers attempting to tell the story from the perspective […]
  • Impact of Crime on Wider Society Therefore, just as some organs in the body can be removed in order to improve the health of a person, the people who cause problems in the society can also be removed so that the […]
  • Chris Watts and His Murder Crimes Watts pleaded guilty to the killings of his children and wife. Watts concluded the interview by saying he was sorry and repented for his actions after seeking refuge in God.
  • Types of Crime Analysis The goals of tactical analysis are to recognize crime trends and to develop the best suited strategies to address them. This is a matter of great concern and the department would inquire more into the […]
  • Three Pathways to Crime Identified by Loeber It encompasses an account of an individual’s past in the course of time of problem behavior in a continuing increment of seriousness of problem behavior.
  • Displacement: Crime Prevention It refers to circumstances where crime intervention efforts make the cost of committing an offense greater than the benefits accruing from the crime.
  • Technology for Crime Prevention With the modern computer technology and advanced software, criminal justice system has been in a capacity to compile data and store it as well as share its analysis with other agencies both in and out […]
  • Frankston Serial Killer: Background, Crimes, and Motives At the time, the police noted that Denyer was with his girlfriend. The letter claimed that Denyer knows his whereabouts, and that he was planning to break out of prison to kill him.
  • Infamous Crimes: Laci Peterson’s Murder Even during the war in Iraq, the search for her and the ultimate arrest of Scott Peterson led the news. Her cell phone and purse were still in the house, and a neighbor said she […]
  • International Organized Crime: The 14K Triads in Hong Kong Being one of the largest transnational criminal organizations globally, the 14K does not depend on the strict structure, operates according to the principles of secrecy, and it is rather difficult to bring the organization to […]
  • Marxists and Functionalists’ Views on Crime and Deviance Also, the essay seeks to explain why people commit crimes in reference to a social and political transition, poverty, globalization of crime and state bureaucracy in order to evaluate the most effective conceptual approach to […]
  • Social Cultural Causes of Crime There is need to highlight the social cultural factors of crime and describe the necessary positive measures to prevent the occurrences of crime.
  • Social Theories of Crime in Explaining Gang Violence This theory incorporates the strain theory as well as the social disorganization it points out that as a result of strain and societal segregation there is a particular culture that establishes for the low income […]
  • Consequences of Committing Crime These factors affect the behavior of an individual and might lead them to criminal activities depending on the effect of the overall combination of the elements mentioned above.
  • The Impact of Social Media on the Rise in Crime For example, Jones cites revenge porn, or the practice of publishing a partner’s intimate contact on social media, as one of the results of social media use.
  • Crime TV: How Is Criminality Represented on Television? The public’s views and comprehension of crime are heavily influenced by television, the internet, and print media, which can spread the message about the exaggerated danger to society.
  • Why Does Crime Exist in Society? Philosophically this is the equivalent of saying that without evil one would not recognize good, and while this is evident in the criminal world and the world of law, it only provides some explanation as […]
  • Solving the Issue of Crime As the director of the county juvenile court, the research question related to the problem at hand should state as follows: What are cost effective methods of solving the proliferation of violent street gangs in […]
  • Parental Responsibility for Crimes of Children Parents should be held responsible for the crime of their children because in most cases criminal involvement of children is the result of lack of parental control.
  • White Collar Crime Parties affected by the crime and how it affects them White collar criminals place more emphasis on their personal needs than their organization’s to the point of downplaying the real costs of their actions.
  • Campus Crimes Types and Causes According to the college administrators’ records, crimes in campuses were minimal in the 19th century and in the early 20th century.
  • Youth Crime According to Conflict Theory The second one is that the youth might engage in criminal activities and violence due to misappropriation of resources, lack of jobs, and inadequate strategies to meet their social needs.
  • Crimes Against Property, Persons, and Public Order The least in ranking is crimes against public order for they have no serious repercussions to lives and livelihood of the involved people.
  • Suspect, Crime Scene, and the Victim: Evidence Triangle In every crime investigation, it is mandatory that the evidence gathered be adequate to draw the link between the suspect, crime scene and the victim.
  • “The Functions of Crime” by Emile Durkheim In the article “The Functions of Crime”, Emile Durkheim argues clearly that crime should be treated and analyzed as a normal aspect of a given society.
  • Andrew Luster’s Crime and Media Attention Henry Luster, a psychiatrist, and Elizabeth Luster, the parents of Andrew Luster. The film concluded with a snapshot of Luster and an appeal for witnesses to his whereabouts to notify authorities.
  • Zodiac Movie: Crime, Media Reporting and Ethics The development of the events and the rise of the killer’s popularity began as soon as the reporters of the San Francisco Chronicle received and discovered the letter with threats to American society.
  • The Genre of Crime and Gangster Movies The gangster movies always tend to idolize the gangster figures with a relation to the sinister activities that always define crime and the lifestyles of the gangsters.
  • “Sisters in Crime: The Rise of the New Female Criminal” by Adler This includes the extent, nature, control and cause of crime in the society. It focuses on supernaturalism in the definition and address of crime in society.
  • The Impact of the Internet on Traditional Crime How the Internet helps the criminals The advancement in the modern computer technologies and the Internet has put radical changes in the concept of information and the mode of exchanging the data.
  • Developmental Crime Prevention Developmental crime prevention is a subsystem of special criminological crime prevention, the target of which is the pre-criminal forms of deviant and delinquent behavior of minors.
  • Youth Crime in Functionalism and Conflict Theories The analysis will focus on determining factors contributing to youth engagement in criminal acts, examining the types of delinquencies they are likely to commit, and establishing the socio-psychological facets associated with the teenagers in the […]
  • An Epidemic of Knife Crime in the UK In the case of the former, it is evident that social class plays a key role in the emergence of knife crimes across the UK.
  • Crime Scene Investigation in Criminal Justice In the process of controlling the crowd and maintaining order with the aid of the police officers, I took some photographs of the surrounding and then approached the main spot of event. I managed to […]
  • The Influence of Peer Groups on Youth Crime The impact of youth crime on the community is profound, and so is the influence of criminal behavior on the lives of adolescents.
  • Crimes Against Person Cases of murder falls in the rule of felony murder which is well stipulated by the constitution of any given country and the penalty is administered depending on whether the case was committed in an […]
  • The Cause of the Crime Since it takes a lot of time and resources to get involved in crime, it is evident that involvement in crime is entirely due to decision of the person to gain the rewards that are […]
  • Capital Punishment and Deterrence of Crime For the case of murder or crimes that necessitate capital punishment, the incentive to commit murder is directly related to the uncertainties that punishments for the crime will generate.
  • Crime in Canada: Causes, Regulation and Legislation There are those activities that are universally accepted to constitute a crime, however, what might be considered the crime in one society is not necessarily applied in a different society; for instance, looking at a […]
  • The Evolution of Behavioral and Cognitive Development Theories of Crime Behavioral theory is based upon the principles of behavioral psychology and is the basis for behavior modification and change. This theory is founded on the belief that the way in which people organize their thoughts […]
  • Bernie Madoff Ponzi’s Crime Scheme The image of the American Dream and the Strain Theory works in reverse as well: if a person fails to possess lots of quantifiable treasure, then the social order will consider him as a disappointment.
  • Processing a Crime Scene That is why, for the effective investigation, it is important to take all the necessary crime scene processing measures correctly, and the role of the first responding officer is particularly significant.
  • White Collar Crimes From a Marxist Criminological Perspective Marxist criminologists interpret it in the following way: “…the crimes of the upper class exert a greater economic toll on society than the crimes of the ‘ordinary people’”.
  • Crime: What Modifies the Human Acts? A young man entering medical school has, as proximate and intermediate ends, the passing of his exams, and the advance from the first to the second class; more remote ends are the exams and classes […]
  • Factors Influencing the Commission of Crime Some of the factors that contribute to the decision-making of the offender are based on time constraints, the ability of the information available, agreeing with the offender’s plans as well as the availability of favorable […]
  • Aileen Wuornos’ Background and Crimes Aileen Wuornos began her series of murders in 1989. For a short period, she killed seven people, and all of them were men.
  • Relationship Between Crime Rates and Poverty This shows that the strength of the relationship between the crime index and people living below the line of poverty is.427.
  • Social Disorganization and Crime Social disorganization can be conceptualized as the incapability of the community structure to attain the common values of its members and maintain effective social controls, or as the failure and degeneration of social institutions and […]
  • Functionalist Approach to Deviance and Crime This paper looks at the functionalist approach to the explanation of the causes of deviance and crime. Some level of deviance is however healthy as it leads to better adaptation of the society.
  • Statistics of Crime Costs to the UK Healthcare The statistic is describing the claims by Labour that the NHS uses 500 million a year to treat wounds caused by knife crimes.
  • Organized Crime – John Gotti’s Analyze He argues that the American social structure and its structure of wealth distribution and that dream of achieving the ‘American dream’ all require crime to maintain social stability in the face of structural inequality.
  • How Biochemical Conditions and Brain Activity are Linked to Crime Studies have shown that areas with high rates of homicide and other forms of violence had a lot of lead in the air.
  • Cybercrime and Cyber-Related Crimes The introduction of computer technology has created room for cyber crimes and cyber related crimes that have caused many people pain and losses to the society.
  • Drug, Crime and Violence This essay offers a brief discussion of how the abuse of illegal drugs is related to both crime and violence. It is prudent to mention that drug and violence have been noted to be closely […]
  • Cyber Bullying and Positivist Theory of Crime Learning theory approaches to the explanation of criminal behavior have been associated with one of the major sociological theories of crime, the differential association theory.
  • “Making Crime Pay” by Katherine Beckett The writer suggests that even if the call for tougher penalties is seen as the answer to the problem, those calling for these penalties are not necessarily affected by the rising crime. There is need […]
  • Electronic Crime: Online Predators on Facebook Facebook, as one of the many social network sites, will be addressed in this paper and after looking at the dangers that such sites pose to the contemporary world, a conclusion will be arrived at […]
  • Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crime There are a number of requirements by the government on the AML procedures to be developed and adopted by the firms in the financial service in industry in an attempt to fight the illegal practice.
  • The First Officer at Crime Scene One should perfectly realize the fact that the crime scene investigation is an extremely important and, at the same time, complex process that determines the success of the whole case and contributes to the improved […]
  • Cultural Criminology: Inside the Crime To facilitate an understanding of cultural criminology, it is essential to consider such ideas as crime as culture, culture as crime, the media constructions of crime control and corruption, and political dimensions of culture, crime, […]
  • American Serial Killer Joseph Paul Franklin’s Crimes The reason for changing his name as because he wanted to join the Rhodesian Army and due to his criminal background, he was forced to change the name. The couple were killed and Franklin confessed […]
  • Substance Abuse and Crime Logically, it is still not possible to prove the theories that correspond to criminal behaviour studies and consequently the correctness and relevancy of the theories vary in application depending on the strain of the situation, […]
  • White Collar Crimes: Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme A Ponzi scheme is a white collar crime in which the perpetrator encourages people to invest in a business and promises high dividends within a short period of time.
  • Note-Taking and Crime Scene Photography Concerning the effectiveness of notes, generally, they should contain a high level of detail, and straightforwardness and cover all areas of the crime scene.
  • Hacking as a Crime and Related Theories The move to embrace the novel technology has led to the emergence of a new form of crime and behavior referred to as “hacking”. Today, the term is used to refer to individuals engaged in […]
  • Cyber Crimes: Court – United States vs. Ancheta Reasoning: The jury argued that the defendant conspired to violate the Computer Fraud Abuse Act as well as the CAN-SPAM Act, caused havoc to computer networks of the national defense department of the federal government, […]
  • Age-Crime Relationships and Motivations Of the three major factors outlined by basis theory, opportunities availability is the most determinant factor of crime commission among the youths as lack of jobs makes them engage in criminal activities in order to […]
  • The Drug Crime Story of the Stickup Kids In the first part, Contreras situates the participants in the historical context of New York and the South Bronx, the epicenter of the rise of the crack-cocaine trade.
  • Anthropological Theory of Crime Criminal law is a division of law that elucidates crimes, describes their nature and defines available punishment for a criminal offense.
  • Crime Scene Investigation: Principles and Process Besides, the paper presents the qualities that crime investigators should have to guarantee a successful inquiry process. Upon arrival on a scene or the site of the crime, one should: Offer assistance to the injured […]
  • Investigating Crimes against Property According to the Uniform Crime Report of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, there are about 9,767,915 cases of property crimes reported in America annually.
  • Social Issues; Crime and Poverty in Camden This has threatened the social security and peaceful coexistence of the people in the community. The larger the differences between the poor and the rich, the high are the chances of crime.
  • The Most Effective Crime Prevention Strategies in the Past Two Decades The conditions are; the desire of the criminal to carry out an offence, the opportunity to carry out the crime and finally the possession of skills and tools necessary for commitment of the crime.
  • Crime and Deviance Crime is an act that is against the norm of a society and the registered law of the entire country. A person is usually taken to the court of law where the offence is listened […]
  • Crime and Delinquency, Eric Smith’s Case Thus the psychological problems that smith developed were due to the experiences he had gone through the courtesy of his bright red hair, freckles, and speech problems.
  • Crimes and Criminal Tendencies: Cause and Effect The school makes demands of control, discipline, and accountability which are difficult for the low self-control student to meet, and, for this reason, early school leaving is a result of low self-control, not a cause […]
  • Analyzing Graffiti as a Crime Other types of graffiti such as the commercial graffiti are categorized as crimes because making use of graffiti as a form of advertisement is usually against the advertisement along with media laws established in most […]
  • Crime Reporting in Irish Media The impact of the increase in crime reporting is the rise in worrisome behaviors among the citizens. On the other hand, there is an increase in crime rates, especially cyber crimes and sexual offenses.
  • Sociological Perspectives on Crimes of Power: Enron Selfish ambitions of people are dangerous to the organization because this will lead to the downfall of the company in the long run as it happened with Enron.
  • Criminology: Application of Crime Theories For an action to amount to crime, there has to be a breach of law followed by the administration of punishment by the state to the accused.
  • Petty Crime Offenses: A Case of Mary Lee It is easy for the prosecution, in this case, to request the judge to sentence the defendant due to her criminal behavior.
  • How America’s Top Cop Reversed the Crime Epidemic Bratton and his fellows at the NYPD employed computer mapping to identify areas that experienced high crime levels, and then made use of all resources available in the police to fight these crimes.
  • “Crimes Against Humanity” by Ward Churchill Throughout the essay, he puts a lot of words and phrases in quotation marks to underline the unique and figurative meaning of these phrases.
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction During crime scene simulation, the specialists are supposed to apply scientific methods in order to reconstruct a crime and answer the most important questions related to it that slow down the process of investigation.
  • Forensic Psychology: Media and Crime Relationship Consequently, it is arguable that exposure to stimuli involving violence such as the one found in a violent video game and some TV programs including cartoons may cause activation of aggressive scripts among children.
  • Crime Prevention and Risk Management This brochure will outline some basic notions of risk management and assessment and crime and victimization prevention; additionally, it will provide the reader with some basic strategies of daily risk management and include sources for […]
  • Society’s Response to Crime Impacts on Justice True, the decisions of the court are generally based on nature of the crime, evidence and the manner of the plaintiff and defendant.
  • Controlling Organized Crime In some instances, law enforcement officers have to get court orders first before they are allowed to search the premises of criminal suspects and this makes it difficult for them to stop different criminal incidents […]
  • Crime Theories: Psychodynamics and Rational Choice The rational choice theory explained the causes of crime to be the ability of an individual to commit the crime, their need for valuable possessions and money, their physical health and ability to commit the […]
  • To What Extent Are New Technologies and Organized Crime Linked? There are three major issues in the assessment of the crime and technology which will form the basis of our argument in this research paper; the level of information technology that is used by the […]
  • DNA Analysis: A Crime-Fighting Tool or Invasion of Privacy? This paper set out to demonstrate that DNA analysis offers a versatile tool for fighting crime and therefore ensuring the success of our civilization.
  • Medea’s Justification for Her Crime Medea felt Jason had betrayed her love for him and due to her desperate situation she was depressed and her normal thinking was affected that she started thinking of how she would revenge the man […]
  • The Phases of a Crime and Their Importance in Psychological Profiling Attempt and accomplishment, the third and fourth phases of a crime respectively, differ in the sense that an attempt is a failed crime.
  • Robert Merton’s Strain Theory Explaining Economic Crime Trends This theory states that “crime occurs when there are not enough legitimate opportunities for people to achieve the success goals imposed by the society”.
  • White-Collar Crime-Related Data Sources in the US The data available in NCVS to examine the utility of employing the NCVS to quantify white-collar crimes includes the list of white-collar crimes and their classification.
  • Design Theory in “Ornament and Crime” Essay by Loos One of the striking examples of this opinion is the desire to combine the interior and exterior decoration of the building, making them a logical continuation of each other.
  • Drug Crimes and Merton’s Anomie It is also reported that in the year 2004, seven percent of the State inmates in the United States jails and eighteen percent of the Federal prisoners pointed out that they engaged in committing offenses […]
  • The Theft of a Laptop in Various Crime Scenarios This paper seeks to evaluate different situations that involve the theft of a laptop with the aim of establishing the types of crime they represent and the differences between them.
  • White Collar Crime: Insidious Injuries This is one of the main issues that should be considered since it is important for understanding the dangers of these injuries and reducing their risks. These are some of the main challenges that can […]
  • The Crimes of Charles Manson In reality, based on the ghastly consequences of his actions and “teachings”, he is generally considered a pathological liar, a shrewd manipulator and a man guilty of not only coercing others to murder in his […]
  • The British Crime Survey’s Strengths and Weaknesses The British Crime Survey’s main purpose is to check the crime level and the number of affected people in England. The investigation performed by the British Crime Survey is in the form of an interview, […]
  • Crime Factors & Levels in South Africa vs. Canada Developed and developing countries have different level of crime and crime control from the developing countries. This crime is concentrated in the urban of Ontario, British Columbia and other areas like Quebec.
  • Relationship Between Unemployment and Crimes Agnew, argue that crime is caused by strain that a person face throughout life, and this can be contributed to the degree of educational inequality in society.
  • TV Violence, Increasing Crime Levels and Child Aggression Most of the proponents of that theory state that by witnessing a certain behavior in fiction people become more prone to repeating it in real life. One of the powers these advancements have given us […]
  • Middle Class and Crime: Historical Analysis of Crime The middle class norms place a high evaluation on the cultivation and possession of skills and on the tangible achievements which are presumed to witness the possession of skills and the application of effort.
  • Psychological Theories Explaining Violent Crime Genetic influences refer to the blueprints for behavior that are contained in a person’s chromosomes. It is theoretically possible for a person to carry genes that influence behavior; the behavior they express would be the […]
  • Situational Crime Prevention SCP focuses on deterring crime by increasing the risk and effort in committing a crime. However, they add that the effect of such measures varies based on the location and type of crime targeted.
  • Gender Factors of Crime in Campus Occurrence of violence in campus usually puts the media in a dilemma because of the perceived impact that the information would have on students, their perception and fear while in school.
  • Problem‐Oriented Policing in Violent Crime Places In this study funded by the National Institute of Justice, the researchers investigate the impact of problem-oriented policing in Jersey City.
  • Victimless Crimes: Definition and Types Again, the taxpayers are the victims in such a case as they have to contribute to the rehabilitation of the drug users. As such, some of the so-called victimless crimes have identifiable victims.
  • Crime Prevention at the Workplace: Employee Theft Considering that any form of employee theft induces substantial harm to the financial performance of companies, the integration of adequate crime prevention procedures in the corporate security system is of great importance.
  • Shoe Impression at a Crime Scene It is the transfer of material from the shoe to the surface. The print results from the static charges between the sole of the shoe and the surface.
  • Nature of Crime in the UAE The irony of this phenomenon is that most embassies in the UAE advise their citizens to take normal security precautions while in the country, yet they are among the biggest offenders.
  • Victims of Crime Act: History and Development The necessary part of the paper is the information about changes to the original policy. The discussion of this act and how necessary it is for the criminal justice system in The United States is […]
  • Social Criticism Work in the Scandinavian Crime Fiction Novels The issue of revenge being a better option in the Swedish society is evident when, at the end of the novel, Blomkvists makes efforts to bring down the executive who worn the lawsuit mentioned at […]
  • Forensic Psychology Role in the Investigation of Crime The use of the methods majorly depends upon the complexity of the crime, nature of evidence available and level of forensic technology available.
  • Canada Crime Victims Foundation The foundation was officially started in 2002 to address the plight of such victims and it aims at providing basic education particularly to those dealing with victims of violence, in addition to undertaking comprehensive research […]
  • The Long Way to Confession in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment The act of confession is one of the central themes in Crime and Punishment, since it is the climax point of the novel signifying crucial changes in Raskolnikov’s mental and physical state.
  • Prohibition and the Rise of Organized Crime In the 1920s, the United States was facing worrying rates of crime that called for the intervention of the Congress to avert the situation.
  • Race, Ethnicity and Crime There are a number of opposing issues concerning racism and disparity that has led to complication in the discussion of the issue of racism in the Criminal Justice System. The larger the differences between the […]
  • The Major Theories of Crime Causation The survival of any civilization hinges on the establishment of laws and codes of conduct and the subsequent obeying of the same by the members of the society.
  • Criminal Justice & Security: Measuring Crime Statistics NIBRS is a part of UCR; it has been in place since 1989, and its aim is to ensure the collection of detailed crime reports from law enforcement agencies.
  • Rediscovery of Crime Victims Voicing of problems of crime-affected persons is a good effort in addressing their plights because it brings their troubles to the attention of the public.
  • Restoring the Requirement of Mens Rea for All Crimes The reason behind incorporating the two notions was that people had to be responsible for what they do whether intentionally or not; the law also seeks to prevent people with criminal intentions from violating the […]
  • White-Collar Crime: The Notorious Case of Ford Pinto Additionally, the representatives of this organization argued that the actions of the company should be judged according to the standards of federal law.
  • Neighborhood Watch Programs and Crime Prevention The presence of a service that supports victims of crimes in the area also plays a significant role in the lives of the residents and of the neighborhood watch program.
  • The Future of Global Crime: Globalization and Integration The main argument is money, and the pursuit of it particularly among major criminals pushing cocaine and heroin evokes every illegal act that falls within the analytical categories discussed above, with the prevalence of the […]
  • Cyber-Bullying Is a Crime: Discussion It is easy to see the effects of cyber-bullying but it is hard to find out who is the bully making it hard for authorities to pin the blame on the perpetrator of a crime […]
  • Crimes in Biological, Psychological, Sociological Theories With the course of time, people also started paying attention not to the very commitment of crimes but to the triggers that made a person act in a particular way.
  • Raskolnikov’s Crime in Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” Using the ingenuity of Fyodor Dostoevsky and his eternal masterpiece Crime and Punishment, the paper is going to prove the idea that the actual crime committed by Rodion Raskolnikov was the arrogance he had towards […]
  • Impact of Cyber Crime on Internet Banking The paper evaluates a con article on ‘The impact of cybercrime on e-banking’ [1]. H2: Identity theft will have a negative impact on the adoption of electronic banking.
  • Crimes, Future Challenges and Issues Law enforcement agencies will have challenges with legal requirements and privacy issues in operating vehicles that demand law enforcement agency compliance.
  • The Crime Scene Investigation Effect Theory In this context, the public has come to expect too much from criminologists and the criminal justice system because of the CSI Effect.
  • Evidence of a Relationship Between Crime and Economy Many people from low socio-economic backgrounds are tempted to engage in crime because they lack required skills and qualifications to get them employed. In conclusion, there are many factors which motivate people to commit crimes.
  • Lipstick Analysis in Crime Detection The modern analytical methods enable the detection team to analyze the constituents of the chemicals in the lipstick and the traces of smear extracted from the victims lips of eyelashes.
  • Transnational Crime and International Policing This further aids the level of operation and success of international policing by creating the need for control on transnational crime.
  • Does Drug Interdiction Increase or Decrease Drug-Related Crime? Thesis: Drug interdiction helps to reduce drug-related crime by reducing the flow of drugs into the country and by disrupting the flow of funds into the hands of the terrorists.
  • Crime Laboratories: Accreditation and Certification S, the four major accrediting bodies include the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board, the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation, Forensic Quality Services, and the American Board of Forensic Toxicology, though each body […]
  • Freakonomics: What Attributed to the Sharp Drop In Crime? This article focuses on these reasons that were thought to have led to reduction of the rising crime rates experienced in United States in the 1990s and refutes the claims flaunted by the theorists.
  • Luka Magnotta and His Crime From the attention that the media has shown and the public outcry it is possible to conclude that the case is one of a kind.
  • Corporate Crime – BP Oil Spill The spill contributed to the disruption of the ecosystem and the wildlife, these included both aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. This contributed to the loss of life, environmental pollution and health issues among others.
  • Why Hate Crimes Should Carry More Severe Punishments Having looked at the impacts that hate crimes cause to the individual victim and the society it is of the essence that severe punishments are accorded to the hate crime offenders.
  • Marijuana Legalization and Crime Rates The possible outcome of this effort will be the safe consumption of the drug, easy monitoring, and creation of awareness to the public on the dangers of excessive use of the drug and lastly the […]
  • Crimes and Criminal Law Therefore, facts on crimes and decisions of the judge is referenced from the constitution, which prescribes the nature and extend of the punishment or fine awarded to an individual found guilty of an offense. One […]
  • War Crimes During the World War II It is clear that the holocaust was a war crime by the fact that, these were innocent civilians who were targeted specifically because of the hatred that Hitler had for them.
  • Crime and Victimization Trends In this way, the UCR can be efficiently used as the primary tool for the analysis of the regional crime rate dynamics while the data collected from the NCVS and the NIBRS can be implemented […]
  • Hate Crimes in Modern Society Despite being constantly addressed by different activist groups and getting the response from the legal system, hate crimes are still reported on a regular basis with varying frequency, mostly due to the lack of understanding […]
  • Extortion in Organized Crime Groups Blackmailing is a standard tool in organized crime, as it relies on one’s ability to threaten with severe consequences for non-compliance.
  • The Crimes of Charles Manson, Serial Killer Even though his people did it himself, he was not involved in this, and the organization of a particular group of people is not in itself an immoral act but is prohibited in some places.
  • Guidelines for Responsible Reporting on Hate Crimes The media is responsible for maintaining a balance between their interests and the needs and rights of crime victims, the public, and defendants.
  • Water Pollution as a Crime Against the Environment In particular, water pollution is a widespread crime against the environment, even though it is a severe felony that can result in harm to many people and vast territories.
  • The Crime of Attempt: Adequate Punishment In this situation, it is necessary to cooperate with a lawyer to prove the absence of intent to harm or to verify the impossibility of committing a crime.
  • Hate Crimes from a Biblical Perspective Therefore, hate crimes include immoral conduct and a risk to the wellbeing of the general populace, and the courts are without a doubt vested with the jurisdiction to decide how the perpetrators of these offenses […]
  • Categories of Crime in Current Justice System A stable and effective legal system work is one of the fundamental aspects necessary for the evolution of society. The severity of the crime is determined by the damage done to a person and the […]
  • Crime Scene Investigation Techniques Digital GPS evidence refers to the location data that is collected and stored on digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, and others.
  • The Most Effective Crime Reduction Approaches Therefore, the assessment and monitoring of the community must remain a core strategy for a crime analyst to prevent a rise in crime.
  • Mental Health of Crime Offenders The research was created with the idea that women have a significant role in promoting global health because of the importance of their health. According to the findings, life skills training programs improved women’s mental […]
  • A Theoretical Perspective on Crimes
  • Cryptocurrency Crimes in Financial Markets
  • Discussion on the Role of Crime
  • Crime Prevention With Rational Choice Theory
  • Research in Criminal Justice: Crime Solvability Factors
  • Terrorism and Transnational Organized Crime as Threats to Homeland Security
  • Gender Factor of Crime Motivation
  • Sexual Crimes and Behavioral Problems Treatment
  • State Crimes: Strategies to Resisting Tortures in Prisons
  • The Relationship Between Wealth Distribution and Crime Rates
  • The Community Policing Impact on Juvenile Crime
  • Police Administration Issue: Crime Victim Rights
  • Hate Crimes and Biblical Worldview
  • Sociology Can Be Applied to Offenders and Crimes
  • Crime Problems and Criminal Justice
  • Suitability of Electronic Monitoring: Crime Control Perspective
  • Low Crime Clearance Rates in the United States
  • Crime Control and Prevention Methods
  • Crimes and Victimization: Gender Issues
  • Transnational Organized Crime in the United States
  • Police Corruption: A Crime With Severe Consequences
  • Analysis of Crime and Punishment Bill
  • Investigating and Reporting White Collar Crimes: The Case of Bernie Madoff
  • Curtis Sliwa’s “The Guardian Angels”: Fighting Crime in New York City
  • “Time and Crime: Which Cold-Case Investigations Should Be Reheated?”: Key Ideas
  • “Hot Spots of Crime…” Article by Weisburd & White
  • Crime of Ricin Using or an Easy Way Out
  • Current Trends in Globalization of Crime
  • Substance Use During Pregnancy as a Crime
  • The Crime and Justice Impact on New Media
  • Legal Issues Related to Cyber Crime Investigations
  • Crime Rates in the United States
  • Processing a Physical and Electronic Crime Scene
  • Criminalistics: Forensic Science, Crime, and Terrorism
  • Crime Trends in the Jurisdiction
  • Websites Against Cyber Crimes: Investigating High-Tech Crime
  • Juvenile Crime and Human Institutions’ Solutions
  • Crime of Extortion and Potential Defense
  • Alternative Punishment for Minor Drug-Related Crimes
  • The United States Uniform Crime Report’s Aims
  • Department of Justice Project on Organized Crime
  • Illegal Immigration Policies and Violent Crime
  • Major Crimes Committed by Women
  • Finding a Crime Series: Murders Committed by John Wayne Gacy
  • Review of High Tech Crime Investigation
  • Analysis of Crime and Violence Trauma
  • Crime Maps of Detroit and Michigan
  • Criminologists’ Views on Crime and Justice Issues
  • Napoleon Beazley: Analysis of Crime
  • Case Study on Tax Crimes: Distributional Implications of Joint Tax
  • Aspects of Sexual Crime Myth
  • Analysis of the Social Context of Crime
  • Document Falsification Crime and Response to It
  • Overrepresentation of African Americans in Crime Statistics
  • Business-Related Crime and Preventive Measures
  • Factors Affecting Losses From Property Crime
  • Reasons Why Women Are Often the Victims of Violent Crimes
  • Hate Crimes and Implications
  • Juvenile Violent Crime and Children Below Poverty
  • Mens Rea and Actus Reus of Crime: A Case Study
  • Increasing Level of Fear of Crime and Its Cause
  • Criminological Theories Explaining Overrepresentation of African Americans in Crime Statistics
  • Profiled in Life & Death: Crime Victims’ Compensation and Young People of Color
  • Prison Sentence Alternatives for Drug-Related Crimes
  • Juvenile Crime of Lionel Tate: Causes and Effects
  • View of the Financial Crimes
  • Crime Commitment and Punishment
  • The Federal Bureau Investigation Crime Statistics
  • Crimes Against Humanity – Genocide
  • Ordinary vs. Hate Crime Activities: Key Differences
  • Public Perceptions of Racial Crimes
  • Public Perceptions of Crime Analysis
  • Crime and Violence: Modern Social Classification
  • The New Perspective in the Management of Crime and Offenders
  • Measuring Crime Within Lynfield Estate
  • GIS Comparing to Areas in Baltimore in Comparison to Crime
  • Comparing the Rate of Crime between the US, Japan, and Mexico
  • Who Are the Two Partners in All Crimes?
  • State Report: Crime Rates in Wisconsin
  • Sentencing Philosophies in Crime
  • Victimless Crimes in the United States of America
  • Youth Crime Statistics in the US
  • Hate Crimes – Bullying
  • The Crimes of Sexual Assault in Canada
  • Transnational Organized Crime in Port Security Operations
  • Social and Cultural Inequalities Impact On Crime Experience: London
  • Prison Reforms for Handling Crime Effectively
  • The ‘Street Games’ Athletic Intervention to Reduce Youth Crime
  • Conspiracies in Society: Power Elite and State Crimes Against Society Theories
  • Asian Hate Crimes in the United States
  • Disability Hate Crimes in England and Wales
  • Close-Circuit Television: Crime Control vs. Privacy
  • Victims and Crime Evaluation
  • Hate Crime Problem Overview
  • “Adventures in Crime” Book by Amanda Archer
  • Managing the Hate Crimes and Preparing Officers
  • Adaptations to Anomie. Theories of Crime
  • Rape Theories and Policies to Minimize Crimes
  • “Legend” Crime Drama Directed by Brian Helgeland
  • Federal Statutes: White-Collar Crime
  • Juvenile Use of Drug and Committing of Crime
  • Data-Based Analysis Approach in Preventing Crime at Dallas Police Department
  • Researching Hate Crimes in America
  • Crimes Against Unborn Children
  • Crime in 2020 During COVID-19
  • Federal, State, and Local Hate Crime Laws
  • The Costs and Benefits of Dealing With Juvenile Crimes in Boot Camps
  • Property Crime in Boston and Detroit
  • Main Aspects of Organized Crime Models
  • Crime Control Perspective & the Due Process Perspective
  • History of Crime Measurement vs. Contemporary Situation
  • Profiling and Analytical Skills in Crime Detection
  • The Difference Between Media Depiction and the Reality of Crime
  • The Use of Social Crime Prevention Techniques in the UK
  • Effects of Community Policing Upon Fear of Crime
  • Homeland Security: Digital Crime and Terrorism Activities
  • Problem-Oriented Crime Intervention and Policy Analysis
  • Affect of the Organized Crime in Australia
  • Crime Challenges in the 21st Century
  • Deviance and Deviant Crimes
  • Human Consciousness Leading to Hate Crimes
  • The Government Solutions of Violent Crimes
  • Crime Statistics in United States
  • Causes of Committing Crimes
  • Sexual Crimes: Criminal Liability
  • Crime in Virginia: Nature and Trends
  • Crime Prevention Strategies and Quality of Life
  • Noble Cause Corruption – A Crime-Fighting Sub-Culture
  • Insider Trading Crime and Sentencing
  • Criminal Street Gangs as Organized Crime Groups
  • Developmental Theories and Crime Prevention Programs
  • Race and Culture Factors in Crime
  • Analysis of Mental Health in Crime
  • Isla Vista Mass Murder as a Hate Crime
  • The Genetics of Crime: ‘Criminal Gene’
  • The Links Between Gender and Crime
  • Crime Prevention Strategies at Walden University
  • Louisiana’s Crime Law: Victim Rights
  • Crime Prevention, Law Enforcement and Correction Theories
  • Applied Crime Prevention in Hollywood 20 Cinema Location
  • White-Collar Crime: Importance of Awareness
  • Factors Related to Crime and Their Influence
  • The Effects of Campus Shootings on Fear of Crime on Campus
  • Global Crimes Impact Assessment
  • Improving Crime Policy in Canada by Using Criminological Evidence
  • Computer Crime in the United Arab Emirates
  • Hate Crime Statistics in Los Angeles and New York Metropolitan Areas
  • Theories on Crime
  • Criminology in Brief: Understanding Crime
  • White Collar Crime Characteristics
  • Generalisation of Persons Who Commit Crime
  • The Wire: A Crime-Drama Television Series
  • The Crime of Robbing the Big City Bank
  • Social Developmental Crime Prevention Programs
  • The Crime Phenomenon: Victimization and Its Theories
  • White-Collar Crime: An Overview
  • “Thinking About Crime: Sense and Sensibility in American Penal Culture” by Michael Tonry
  • Gender Crime Rates: The Role of Division of Labor
  • Official Crime Statistics: ‘Criminal Activity’ Measure
  • Organized Crimes: Review
  • Types of Crime in Cyberspace
  • A Research of the Crime in State Nevada
  • Marriage and Crime Reduction: Is There a Relationship?
  • Medical Crimes in the Health Industry
  • Application of CompStat Crime Model in Los Angeles
  • Problems Related to Defining and Regulating Crimes in the Home
  • Copyright Implications: Crime Punishable by Law
  • Natural and Legal Crime Conceptual Distinction
  • Crime in America: What We May Learn From Its Causes?
  • Reducing Crime Rates by Analyzing Its Causes
  • Crime and Family Background Correlation
  • White-Collar Crime Conceptual Study
  • Impact of Economic Characteristics on Sex Crimes
  • Juvenile Crime Statistics
  • Factors Contributing to Gender Disparity in White Collar Crimes
  • Comparison Between Organized Crime And Terrorism
  • Mental Illness Relationship to Crime
  • Models of Organized Crime Executive Summary
  • White Collar Crime-Enron Corporation
  • Actus Reus and Mens Rea Aspects of Crime
  • Houston City Demographics and Crime Profile
  • Hate Crime Against the Jewish Community
  • Anomie, Crime, and Weakened Social Ties in Social Institutions
  • State of Crime in California
  • The Highest Crime Rate: Metropolitan County of Jefferson
  • Identifying Crime Patterns
  • Increasing the Rates of Crimes in Modern World
  • Crime Analysis Data Sources
  • Corporate Regulation and Crime
  • Understanding the Causes of Juvenile Crime
  • White-Collar Crime Offenders and Legislation
  • Strategic, Tactical, and Administrative Crime Analysis
  • Methamphetamine Drug Crime Registration
  • Crime Analysis Conceptual Study
  • Classical and Biological Theories of Crime
  • Property and Computer Crimes
  • Increasing the Severity of Punishments Imposed for Crime
  • Crime in the Suites Effects of Power and Privilege
  • Causes of Organized Crime Analysis
  • Mr. Charles Dempsey Court Case: Cause and Consequences of the Crime
  • The Fears of Reporting a Crime: Why Witnesses Do Not Report Crimes
  • Investigation Methods: Terrorism and Cyber Crime
  • Impact of Globalization and Neoliberalism on Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Routine Activities Theory of Crime by Lawrence Cohen and Marcus Felson
  • Electronic Crime Scene Investigation & Good Practice Guide
  • Economy and Crime: The Relationship
  • White-Collar Crimes: Prevention and Fight
  • What Is a Crime? Is It Possible to Prevent Crime?
  • Asian Crime: Different Cultures, Different Attitudes
  • International White-Collar Crime
  • Community Cohesiveness and Incidence of Crime
  • Crime Theories: Intimate Partner Violence in the US
  • Processing the Crime Scene: Tools and Techniques
  • Forensic Serology and Its Key Aspects in Investigating Crimes
  • The Relationship of Drugs and Crime
  • Detrimental Effects of Gender Influenced Crime and Interventions
  • The Prevention of Crime and Community Justice
  • Use of the Information Technology to Solve Crimes: DNA Tests and Biometrics
  • Using the Internet to Solve a Crime
  • Nature of Crime in the State of Virginia
  • Crime and Social Learning Theory Concept
  • The Parallel Between Crime and Conflicts in Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • Globalization and the Internet: Change of Organized Crime
  • War on Crime Influence on Power Shift Among Various Groups
  • Trends in Police Recorded Crime in Northern Ireland
  • Human Factor in Enabling and Facilitating E-Crimes
  • Financial Crime and Employment
  • Power Elite: Deviance and Crime Discussion
  • The Crime of Sexual Violence Committed by Men
  • Screening in Aviation: Prevention of Crime
  • Seligman & Perspective on the Drop in Crime Rates
  • Human Trafficking as a Global Crime Industry: Labor, Slavery, Sexual Slavery, Prostitution, and Organ Harvesting
  • Salem Witchcraft Hysteria: Crime Against Women
  • Depiction of White-Collar Crime: Toxic Chemicals and Effects of the Pollutions
  • History of Crime in America Since the Early 1800s
  • US Attorney’s Office Press Release on Birmingham Crimes
  • Cyber Technology: Organized Crimes and Law Enforcement
  • Crime Myths and Domestic Terrorism
  • State or Federal Crime: Texas Kidnapping Study
  • Recidivism Rates for Sex Crimes
  • Prevention of Sex Offenders From Committing Crimes
  • Impacts of the Society’s Response to Crime
  • Policing Operations: Application of New Technologies to Combat Crime
  • Drugs, Crime, and Violence: Effects of Drug Use on Behavior
  • The Three Strikes Law in Countering Crime
  • Hate Crimes in the United States: Bias Toward the Victim’s Identity
  • The Nature of Crime: Underlying Drivers Making People Criminals
  • Theoretical Impact on Sex Crimes Investigations
  • Searching and Recording the Crime Scene
  • Social Pressure and Black Clothing Impact on Crime Judgments
  • Personal vs. Collective Responsibility in War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity
  • Without a Trace: Crime Scene Field Notes
  • Economic Recession and Crime Rates
  • The Self Control Theory of Crime
  • Criminal Justice System: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Philosophical Theory of Law and Justice and Problem of Crime and Justice
  • Urban Relationship Between Poverty and Crime
  • Community Policing as a Tool Against Crime
  • Ornament and Crime: Economic Aspects
  • Does Crime Make Economic Sense?
  • Women’s Crime: Gendered Criminology Theory
  • Crimes Against the State: Terrorist Attacks and Death Penalty
  • Crime Rates in UK: Quantitative Methods
  • Gang-Related Crimes in Irish Cities
  • Minor Disorders and Serious Crimes
  • Social Program for Management of Crimes Against Women
  • Do Drug Enforcement Laws Help to Reduce Other Crimes?
  • Organized Crime Investigation in Different Countries
  • Crime, Criminality, and Prisons in the USA
  • Cutting-Off Hand Keeps Off Crimes in the Country
  • Organized Crime in the United States
  • Crime Mysteries of Jack the Ripper
  • China’s Legal System: Crime and Punishment
  • Criminal Investigations: Nature of Crime Investigators
  • NGOs and the Fight Against Crime
  • Sociology and Representation of Crime in the Media
  • Crime Punishment: Humane Treatment of Prisoners Today
  • Probing Crime Based on Conduct Report
  • Criminal Justice for Physically Injured Crime Victims
  • Major Theories of Crime Causation
  • Elements of Crime and Intentional Tort
  • Future of Crime Corrections
  • Prostitution as a Victimless Crime
  • Hate Crime as a Core Subject of Criminology
  • Youth Crime and Punishment
  • Policy Recommendations for Controlling Crime
  • City Violence, Crimes and Disruption
  • Responsibility for the Most Horrific Crimes Issue
  • Crime Prevention Programs in America
  • Rape: The Misunderstood Crime
  • Sex Crimes and Burglary: Patterns, Benefits, and Risk
  • Alcohol and Crime in the U.K., the United States, and Australia
  • Prostitution as a “Victimless” Crime
  • Enron Scandal and Business Crime
  • Crime and Punishment in Texas
  • Crime Policy and Practices: Trying Juveniles as Adults
  • White-Collar and Political Crimes
  • Three Perspective of One Crime
  • Financial Cost of Crime to Society
  • The History of Cyber Crimes and the Most Popular Forms of Cyber Crimes
  • Violence and Society: Multiple Perceptions of Crime
  • Law Enforcement: White-Collar and Corporate Crimes
  • Crime in High Schools
  • White Collar Crime: When Looks Can Be Deceiving
  • Nazi’s Crimes Against Jews During World War II
  • Crime Victimization in America: Data Statistics
  • Prevention & Control Of Crime
  • Crime and Subcultures in the Urban Area
  • Crime in Inner City Neighborhoods
  • Date Rape Is Not a Crime: Discussion
  • Effective Physical Security and Crime Prevention
  • Criminology: Drugs, Crime and Control
  • Youth Crime. Prejudice: Is It Justified?
  • New York City Community Policing and Crime Reduction
  • Crime, Justice and the Media Relations
  • State Corporate Crime and Criminological Inquiry
  • Strain Theory: Sociological Explanation of Crime
  • Granite City Building Inspectors: Service Crime
  • Torts and Crimes. Liability for Traffic Accidents
  • The General Theory of Crime
  • Situational Crime Prevention Strategy
  • Policing Crime and Disorder Hot Spots
  • Crime of Genocide: Justice and Ethical Issues
  • White-Collar Crimes and Deferred Prosecution
  • The Uniform Crime Statistics Over 5 Years
  • Cyber Crime in the U.S. and Nigeria
  • Forensic Biology in Crime Scene Investigations
  • The Concept of Uniform Crime Reporting Program
  • Property Crime and Typologies
  • Greater Surveillance Is Not a Desirable Answer to the Problem of Crime
  • CCTV Cameras: Surveillance and the Reduction of Crime
  • The Key Types of Crimes
  • Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Classification
  • Crime Prevention in the United States
  • Crimes That Teenagers Do Not Commit
  • Crime Investigation With Global Positioning System
  • National Crime Victimization Survey and Analysis
  • Surveillance as the Answer to the Crime Issue
  • The Crime of Innocence
  • Computer Crimes: Viewing the Future
  • Important Crime Scene Responsibilities
  • Computer Forensics and Cyber Crime
  • Crimes Against Small Businesses and Prevention Strategies
  • Computer Forensics: Identity Theft
  • Computer Crime Investigation Processes and Analyses
  • Crime Prevention and Juvenile Delinquency
  • Longford: British Biographical Crime Drama Film
  • Immigration and Crime Rates in the United States
  • Organized Crime in New York and Chicago
  • Gender and Crime in Campus: Correlation Analysis
  • Conflict & Crime Control vs. Consensus & Due Process Model
  • Capturing Crime, Criminals and the Public’s Imagination
  • National Missing and Unidentified Persons System
  • “Broken Windows” and Situational Crime Prevention Theories
  • NGO Analysis of Canadian Crime Victim Foundation
  • Crime and Criminal Justice News
  • Deterrence: Discouraging Offenders from Re-Committing Crimes
  • General Trends of Crime Over the Past Twenty Years
  • Religion Role in Crime Definition
  • Transnational Organized Crime: Counterstrategy
  • Serial Killers, Their Crimes, and Stereotypes
  • Crime Analysis Writing and Alert Website Content
  • Economics of Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking
  • Achieving Total Security in the Community
  • Organized Crime Series Analysis
  • International Law: War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity
  • Fear from Media Reporting of Crimes
  • Crime Theories Differentiating Criminal Behavior
  • Tactical Crime Analysis and Statistical Cases
  • Comparing Different Indexes of Crimes
  • Anomie and Strain Crime Theories
  • Crime Theories: Shooting in Northwest Washington
  • White-Collar Crime Theories and Their Development
  • Robert Courtney’s Crime as Input to Business Regulation
  • Three-Strikes Law Ineffective in Crime Reduction
  • Violence, Security and Crime Prevention at School
  • Electronic Crimes and Federal Guidance in Regulation
  • Phoenix Park: Community-Based Crime Prevention
  • Forensic Science: Examining Crime Evidence
  • Human and Drug Trafficking as Transnational Organised Crimes
  • Alleged Crimes: Aggravated Assault and Drug Dealing
  • Offenders’ Age and Anti-Black Hate Crimes
  • The Role of Location in Crime Fiction
  • Crimes Against Persons: Theory and Doctrine
  • Prohibition as a Cause of Increased Crimes Illegal Activity
  • Crime Prevention Approaches
  • Crime Scene Investigation: Types of Analysis
  • White-Collar Crimes Causes
  • Differences of Crime Perception in North Jersey
  • Children as Victims of Crime
  • Crime Data: Collection and Analysis Tools
  • Crime Rates of Sex Crimes and Firearm Violence
  • Organized Crime in the Balkans
  • Compliance Impact on Financial Crimes
  • Fascination With Crime Through the Art of Photography
  • Closed-Circuit Television Cameras in Crime Reduction
  • Marijuana Crime in California State and Federal Courts
  • Internet Crimes and Digital Terrorism Prevention
  • Deterrence Theory and Adolescent Sex Crimes
  • Immigration Services Against Crime and Terrorism
  • Digital Crime Causes and Theories
  • Pink-Collar Criminal: Gender in White-Collar Crime
  • Nanjing Massacre as Japan’s Denied War Crime
  • Gender and Crime Correlation in Strain Theory
  • Police Patrol Presence in Crime “Hot Spots”
  • National Impact on Organized Crime
  • Organized Crime and Current Laws
  • Civic Virtue in Crime Commitment and Revelation
  • ”Crime and Justice in the United States” by Bohm & Haley
  • Computer Crimes and Internet Security
  • Crime Television Series: “Al Fin Cayó!”
  • War Crimes in “Zambak/Muslims” by S. Mehmedinovic
  • Internet Crime Prevention by Law and E-Business
  • Hate Crimes and Anti-Discrimination Laws
  • Crime Prevention and Control Effectiveness
  • Crime Scene Investigation Stages and Protocols
  • Race, Ethnicity and Crime in America
  • White Collar Crimes Focus
  • Terrorism, Hate Crimes and Racial Profiling
  • Hate Crime Charge in Attack on Sikh Professor
  • Los Angeles: Housing, Homelessness, Drugs, Crimes
  • Death Penalty: Mistrial, Racial Bias, Crime Ranking
  • Can Genetics Cause Crime?
  • Are the Laws Propagating Crime?
  • When Was the First True Crime?
  • Does Capital Punishment Deter Crime?
  • Does Crime and Violence Affect the Tourism Industry?
  • Does Drug Use Cause Crime or Does Crime Cause Drug Use?
  • Does Marriage Reduce Crime?
  • What’s the Origin of Crime?
  • Does Social Deprivation Relate to Crime?
  • Why People Commit Crime?
  • Why Crime Rates Will Drop?
  • What Are the Social Causes of Youth Crime?
  • What Causes High Crime Rate?
  • What Are the Proper Steps in a Crime Investigation?
  • What Are the Psychological Causes of Crime?
  • What Are the Causes of Youth Crime in the UK?
  • What Are the Major Problems with Regard to the Collection of Crime Statistics?
  • How Accurate Are Official Crime Statistics?
  • What Is the First: Crime or Law?
  • How Did American White Collar Crime Transform?
  • What Are the Seven Elements of a Crime?
  • How Does Globalization Impact on Crime and Victimisation?
  • How Can Crime Best Be Measured?
  • Why Does Crime Change over Time?
  • How Crime and Deviance Can Be Seen as Functional for Society?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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Crime and punishment IELTS model essay with vocabulary

Our band nine sample essays give you the opportunity to learn from successful essays that show off the best structure, vocabulary and grammar. This IELTS essay on crime and punishment explores the advantages and disadvantages of harsh punishment for criminals.

band Nine Sample Essay

In some countries, crimes are punished harshly. what are some advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

Several nations have opted to implement a system of strict penalties, such as long jail sentences and execution, for crimes. In this essay, I will explore the advantage that this is a good deterrent with the disadvantage that this harms rehabilitation .

Punitive measures can help deter future crime. If people can see that crimes will be punished harshly, they are far less likely to want to commit a crime . Because people consider risk versus reward before acting, making crime as risky as possible by increasing punishment can stop criminals. Conversely, when countries have light punishments for crimes like shoplifting , people in those countries might feel like it is worth the risk to do these crimes.

However, these strong punishments also increase recidivism by failing to rehabilitate people. One of the main purposes of sending people to prison is to prevent them from committing crimes when they leave; however, making prisons and other punishments too strict works against this purpose. When criminals have a heavily punitive experience, they lose self-confidence and become distrustful of authority , meaning they are more likely to be involved in crime when they leave prison. Alternatively, if prisoners have access to training and support, such as drug rehabilitation programs and anger management classes, they are far more likely to rejoin society in a productive way. 

In conclusion, the correct punishment for crimes is a complex issue. On the one hand, strong measures deter crime; on the other hand, the same measures make it more likely for prisoners to reoffend .

crime and punishment vocabulary

Although crime and punishment is a common topic in the IELTS exam, there, thankfully, is not too much vocabulary you need to know for it. Let’s take a look at some of the high level vocabulary in this answer to kick start your learning.

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Essay Samples on Crime

Even if you are not majoring in Criminology, Law, or Forensic studies, dealing with the subject of crime can be inevitable. It’s always helpful if you can start your writing through the lens of legislation. It will help your readers understand more about the crime. See our free crime essay examples that will address numerous issues and disciplines. For example, some assignments below also focus on a cultural part of the crime like wearing a hoodie and dealing with racial prejudice. You will find several historical crime topics included to help you cover a wider range of things. If you would like to address similar topics, these free samples will help you choose a subject. You can use these as a template for your writing. These are also helpful as you learn how to structure essays on crime. See how each introduction tends to provide a brief explanation before resulting in a thesis statement. If you are working with a case study or court hearings, you can seek similar case studies to help yourself compare things. You must choose your topic first and then look through our free samples on crime to see how things have been approached in practice.

Addressing the Rape Crisis: Advocacy, Awareness, and Empowerment

The issue of sexual violence and rape is a grave societal concern that demands urgent attention. This essay delves into the complexities surrounding the rape crisis, exploring its root causes, the impact on survivors and society, and the crucial role of advocacy, awareness, and empowerment...

Community Service is the Best Form of Punishment

In recent years, the criminal justice system has come under scrutiny, leading to calls for more rehabilitative rather than punitive methods of dealing with offenders. One such approach that has gained traction is the use of community service as a form of punishment. Advocates argue...

  • Community Service

Why Assault Weapons Should Be Banned

Assault weapons have become a topic of intense debate in recent years due to their potential for mass destruction and the devastating impact they can have on communities. This essay delves into the pressing issue of why assault weapons should be banned, considering their lethal...

  • Gun Control

Causes and Effects of Cyber Crime: Unraveling the Digital Threat Landscape

Cyber crime, a rapidly growing menace in the digital age, has profound effects on individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. This essay delves into the complex causes and effects of cyber crime to examine its far-reaching consequences on privacy, economy, and security. By understanding...

  • Cyber Crime
  • Cyber Crimes

Cause and Effect of Domestic Violence: Unveiling the Impact on Individuals and Society

Domestic violence, a pervasive issue across the globe, has profound effects on victims and society as a whole. This cause and effect essay delves into the factors of domestic violence and examines its far-reaching consequences on physical and psychological well-being, as well as the broader...

  • Domestic Violence

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Cause and Effect of Cyberbullying for Individuals and Society

Cyberbullying, a growing concern in the digital age, has profound effects on victims and society as a whole. This cause and effect essay delves into the causes of cyberbullying and examines its far-reaching consequences on mental health, social relationships, and online communities. By understanding the...

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Digital Communication

What is Cyberbullying in Social Media: Understanding the Digital Threat

Cyberbullying, a term that has gained prominence with the rise of social media, refers to the act of using digital platforms to harass, intimidate, or harm individuals. In this essay, we will delve into the various dimensions of what is cyberbullying in social media, exploring...

  • Effects of Social Media

Poverty is the Mother of Crime: Understanding the Claim

The relationship between poverty and crime has long been a topic of debate and analysis. This essay explores the assertion that poverty is the mother of crime, delving into the complex interplay between socioeconomic conditions and criminal behavior. While it's important to recognize the multifaceted...

  • Criminal Behavior

Examining the Pros and Cons of Gun Control

The debate surrounding gun control has been a longstanding and contentious issue, with proponents and opponents presenting valid arguments from their respective standpoints. This essay delves into the multifaceted discussion by exploring the pros and cons of gun control policies, shedding light on the complexities...

  • Gun Violence

Cyber Crime: Navigating the Digital Underworld

Welcome to the realm of technology and its dark counterpart – cyber crime. In our interconnected world, where the digital landscape continues to expand, the prevalence and sophistication of cyber crimes have become a pressing concern. This essay delves into the intricate web of cyber...

The Auckland Mass Shooting: a Tragedy at the Women's World Cup 2023

On the morning of July 20th, 2023, Auckland, New Zealand suffered a devastating mass shooting that left three dead and several others injured. This tragic event occurred just hours before the opening ceremonies of the Women's World Cup, set to be held in Auckland that...

  • Mass Shooting

Tragedy on the Subway: Examining the Death of Jordan Neely

On May 1, 2023, a tragic event unfolded on the New York City subway that resulted in the death of 30-year-old Jordan Neely. According to eyewitness reports, Neely entered a crowded northbound F train at the Second Avenue station shouting that he was hungry, thirsty...

The Shooting of Ralph Yarl: Unraveling the Racial Dynamics and Gun Violence

On April 13, 2023, a tragic incident occurred in Kansas City, Missouri that garnered national attention. 16-year-old Ralph Yarl, an African American teenager, was shot and wounded after mistakenly ringing the doorbell at the wrong house while attempting to pick up his younger twin brothers....

  • Racial Profiling

Terror and Unity: The Aftermath of the Brooklyn Day Mass Shooting in Baltimore

On July 2nd, 2023, the annual Brooklyn Day celebration in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland took a devastating turn when a mass shooting broke out around 12:35am. What began as a joyous community event with over 700 attendees rapidly descended into chaos and tragedy....

Tragedy and Resilience: the Juneteenth Shooting in Willowbrook, Illinois

On July 19th, 2023, a mass shooting took place at a Juneteenth celebration in the Chicago suburb of Willowbrook, Illinois. This senseless act of violence resulted in one dead and 22 injured, leaving a community devastated. Juneteenth celebrations commemorate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans,...

The Tragic Case of Chad Doerman: How A Loving Father Turned Killer

Overview of the Case The case of Chad Doerman has shocked the nation. On June 15, 2023, this 32-year-old father from Ohio was arrested and charged with murdering his three young sons, ages 7, 4, and 3. According to prosecutors, Doerman shot the boys execution-style...

Loss of Respect for Animals: Malicious Wounding and Beating of Dogs

Malicious wounding or beating of dogs has become a massive problem last year alone 21,000 cases were recorded last year which was 160 calls per month, this was in the forms of where animals have allegedly been hit, whipped, kicked, punched, decapitated and dragged alive...

  • Animal Cruelty
  • Animal Welfare

Reflection on International Adoption as Possible Solution for Orphans

International adoption, a process where children from one country are adopted by families residing in another, has long been a subject of global attention and controversy. While the concept of offering a loving home to a child in need transcends borders, the practice of international...

  • Child Protection

Animal Rights and Ethics: We Can Create a Cruelty-Free World

In recent years, ethics has been broken down from a mere term to being differently defined in fields like psychology, cosmetology, medicine, fashion industry and everyday life. Animal ethics in the field of cosmetology emphasis on no overpowering choice and health of animals during scientific...

  • Animal Ethics
  • Animal Rights

Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare: Where Humans Cross the Line

I believe that animals deserve to be treated on a similar level to humans. Like humans, animals have rights as well, but it isn’t seen as important or equal to rights of humans. To most, human beings are more important compared to animals. The topic...

Animal Rights Advocacy: the Controversy Around Animal Experiments

Frequently, people will wonder how the human life expectancy during the ancient Greek and Roman times was extremely short, about twenty to thirty-five years, and nowadays it is about eighty years old, nearly three times what it was since the beginning of documented human history....

  • Animals Testing

Ending Violence Against Women: Strategy Evaluation and Recommendations

The Aim of the Essay Violence is defined as the act of intentional behaviours which involve physical force against an individual or a group of persons with the intent to consciously or unconsciously cause harm in forms of deprivation, maldevelopment, psychological harm, physical injuries, or...

  • Gender Inequality
  • Violence Against Women

Breaking the Objectification Cycle: Eliminating Violence Against Women

Introduction “There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” (Maraboli, 2013) With this in mind a woman should be able to express herself when she...

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment

Tragic Loss: Murders of Sharon Tate and Selena Quintanilla

The Death of Sharon Tate On August the 2nd 1969, the beautiful American actress and model Sharon Tate was killed inside her house, in Beverly Hills. The killers were members of the Manson family, who were a desert commune and a cult that was formed...

  • Charles Manson

Digital Forensics: The Science Behind Solving Cybercrimes

1. Introduction In the current era, the majority of the population relies heavily over the usage of technology for everything. From social media to businesses conducting their operations there is increased reliance and usage of technology. Hence, as society evolves and technology marches forward our...

  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Devices

Digital Evidence: The Key to Successful Investigations & Prosecutions

1. Introduction Almost all crimes nowadays have some form of digital evidence associated to them. Digital evidence by its nature is very fluid and transient but the digital investigation takes a lot of time to complete. One small change in digital evidence can make the...

Analysis of Russian Unethical Interference in the US 2016 Elections

Conduct is the aspect of self-determination, a legal term that incorporates the right of the people to make decisions for themselves, both the political affiliations (at a methodical stage) and their forthcoming destiny (at a more granular stage of policy). It is evidently this more...

Gender Disparity in Judiciary and Its Impact on Domestic Violence

Access to justice is intrinsically linked to the guarantee of equality between individuals. Although equal access to justice is essential, it is often flouted to the detriment of certain groups of people - including women. Indeed, long standing entrenched gender stereotypes contribute to their differential...

Sexism in the Workplace: Nowadays Outcomes of 20th Centure

Women’s rights all throughout the twentieth century was a constant battle of getting the right to vote, making choices for their own bodies and allowing themselves to choose what happens to their life. A large factor that has contributed to women’s rights, especially during World...

Exploring How Unemployment Leads to Increase in Crime Rates

Unemployment is a pervasive issue that affects societies worldwide. It is often linked to a range of social and economic problems, including poverty, homelessness, and crime. How unemployment leads to crime we will discuss in this essay and also we will exploring the ways in...

  • Criminals in Society
  • Unemployment

The Widespread Issue of Sexism in the Music Industry

There has been a long history of sexism in popular music, which is an issue that few people pay attention to even to this day. There are many prominent women in the music industry, but a large number of them are overshadowed by their male...

  • Music Industry

Breaking the Stereotypes: Addressing Sexism in the Video Games

Playing video games has become a common leisure activity in the US. Based on the research done by the Entertainment Software Association in the year 2018, 64% of the US household own a video gaming device with an average of 2 gamers in every game-playing...

  • Gender Stereotypes
  • Video Games

Sexism in Hollywood: Whether Woman Can Gain Influence

Out of 100 movies made in the Hollywood entertainment industry in 2015, only 32 movies featured a female leading character or co-lead character. Next to this, there is a bigger chance for females in the same industry to be sexualized than males. There is definitely...

Sexism in the Film Industry: Exploring the Ongoing Issue

Gender inequality in the film industry has always been a problem. Here we will reveal the topic of sexism in the film industry and  through the essay we will also analyse some studies of Hollywood films and how they portray women. The first studies on...

Beyond Animal Testing: Promising Alternatives for Ethical Research

With a growing interest in animal rights and protection, groups such as 'PETA' have been funding and working on ending animal testing by finding alternative methods of testing. In 2004, PETA launched our 'Give the Animals 5' campaign, which identified five tests on animals that...

  • Animal Testing

Negative Impact of Social Media on Society: the Issue of Terrorism

Terrorism, one of people’s biggest fear, and social media, an increasingly global phenomenon. Both which grows more and more inherent in our everyday life. It may occur though to emphasize the abounding complexity regarding the connection in terrorism and the media. But no media issue...

  • Media Influence
  • Media Violence

The Causes and Effects of Terrorism: a Comprehensive Analysis

Terrorim is the use of violent means to achieve political or social and religious gain effects global citizens. Terrororism can affect individuals and nations across the globe in numerous different ways. The mental and economic effect are some of the most severe impacts of terrorist...

  • Economic Problem

Hate Speech on Social Media: the Negative Side of Online Freedom

Social media has changed our sense of privacy. We have a sense of distance to the profiles on Facebook and not only, which often gives the impression that there are no rules of social functioning as in the real world. The keyboard becomes a tool,...

  • Hate Speech

The Cruelty of Animal Testing: Why It Needs to End

In this scientific era animal testing doesn't sound strange. From different types of drugs to a wide range of vaccines majority are first tested on animals regardless of their toxicity and adverse effects just to verify safety levels. Keeping an animal away from nature in...

The Dark Side of Science: The Inhumane Practice of Animal Testing

In this scientific age, animal testing does not sound strange. From different types of drugs to a wide range of vaccines, most vaccines are first tested on animals, regardless of their toxicity and adverse reactions, the purpose is to check safety. It is cruel and...

The Inhumane Practice of Animal Testing: Why It Should Be Banned

In this essay, I wish to discuss the topic of whether animal experimentation should be banned. Vivisection has been around since roughly 300BC when the ancient Greeks used animals to study sensory nerves and motor nerves to understand their functions and purposes. It has been...

  • Environmental Protection

The Ugly Truth Behind the Beauty Products: No More Animal Testing

Did you know that the shampoo you use was probably shoved down the throat of a rabbit, mouse, or maybe even a dog? Cosmetic animal testing is an injustice that few people dare talk about in our society. For those few who do talk about...

The Pros and Cons of Animal Testing: An Ethical Dilemma

Animal testing includes doing logical tests on animals when growing new items or medications. It can also be used in classrooms for educational purposes, as noted in collins dictionary, 2021. Testing can be used for research because some animals have the same DNA as humans...

Animal Rights: A Moral Imperative for a Just Society

Introduction We think of animals as cute or vicious creatures, but do we really know how they are suffering? My research question is, 'To what extent should animals protected be by the law?'. This is an interesting question, as there will be different people who...

Animal Testing: Inefficient & Inhumane Way to Develop New Medications

Introduction To detect how safe a drug, vaccine, or cosmetic product is for human use many companies take advantage of animal testing for their products. Not only rodents and rabbits are commonly used for these medical experiments but also birds, dogs, and cats.     A country...

Preventing Cyberbullying by Forbidding Texting

Globalization has amplified the spread of technology across borders created the world smaller and additional interconnected. It can be reached anywhere through a telecommunications line and also comes to the laptop by converting the analog signal into a digital signal. This has brought uncounted advantages...

  • Human Sexual Behavior

The Social Media Phenomena: Cyberbullying and Sexting

Abstract: One of the undeniable factors of technological era is that social media is an integral part of modern community. In our modern world, especially children and teenagers are active users of these networks. Sometimes this utilization can become an addiction and have a bad...

Sexual Assault and Violence on College Campuses

Let’s begin by understanding the term “sexual violence.” This term is used to describe any forced or unwanted sexual activity done to a victim’s body against their will. These include rape, non-consensual activities, threats, or any other form of intimidation. The Bureau of Justice (BJS)...

  • Sexual Assaults

Abortion Rights is the Prison Environment

Everyone should be able to have the right to make their own choices. We are all human and we might not make the best decisions. There has been much controversy about whether or not abortion should be illegal or legal. In some parts of the...

  • Reproductive Rights

Impact of Sexual Development on Jeffrey Dahmer's Crimes

Sexual hormones have proven to be a dangerous influencer in the body of human beings. It can affect everything from an individual’s mood, behavior, and countless other things. The environment that a person lives in and the people that person surrounds themselves with, these sexual...

  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Serial Killer

The Murder Spree of Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was born to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer on May 21, 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His mother described him as a beautiful baby, and he was considered a healthy child by both parents. He was fascinated by the bones of animals and how they...

Dissecting the Trial of the Serial Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer surprised, sickened, captivated, and puzzled the nation when he was detained in 1991 for atrocious crimes that comprised the homicide, mutilation, rape, and cannibalism of 17 men. He was finally convicted and sentenced to fifteen uninterrupted life terms for the offenses, then murdered...

The Serial Offender's Profile of Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most well-known serial killers in America. As a boy, Dahmer struggled growing up, but his family was unaware of what was happening at the time. Growing up Jeffrey was a loner and a poor student; in his adolescent years...

Jeffrey Dahmer: The Childhood and Capture of the Infamous Killer

Jeffrey Dahmer, the infamous maneater, was the killer of 17 young men and boys. He enjoyed raping them, dismembering their bodies, having sex with their corpses, and building altars with their skulls. Though he can be described to have a normal childhood, Jeffrey Dahmer’s soul...

Children Are Not Criminals: Lowering the Age of Responsibility

The Philippine government is proposing a new law regarding the lowering of age on criminal liability from fifteen years old to nine years old, however, children at the time of the commission of the offense shall be exempted from criminal liability because they are just...

  • Age of Responsibility
  • Juvenile Crime
  • Juvenile Justice System

The Reformation of the Age of Responsibility in England and Wales

In the 19th Century with the introduction of reformatories and industrial schools in England and Wales, there have been many transformations in order to deal with young people who offend. There has been continuous political turmoil and uncertainty over the most appropriate solution to best...

Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems

A very big debate about video games has been going on where people argue about whether video games cause behavioral problems or not. I claim that video games don’t cause problems because they improve brain capacity rather than causing behavioral problems, Video games unite people...

  • Impact of Video Games
  • Violence in Video Games

Why Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults

Furthermore, children that commit crimes are products of their environment in which they live. For example, when children constantly get sexually abused, it causes immense amounts of trauma and a false sense of love. Often a traumatic experience for all is an offense punishable by...

Drugs and Drug Policy In America: Relationship Between Drugs and Crime

The assortment of crimes that remain affiliated with drug use span from aggressive (such as homicide and aggravated assault) to greed (burglary, counterfeit, and deception) to distinct drug-law violations. Also, crimes such as bribery and corruption stay related to drug use as a result of...

  • Criminal Law

Expressive Art: Is Graffiti Art Or Vandalism

 Throughout time graffiti has received both overwhelming support and intense backlash. Some view it as a form of expressive art while others consider it a complete destruction of property. However, despite the amount of differentiation, charisma and personality graffiti can bring into cities, it is...

  • Visual Arts

Death Penalty As a Cruel and Unusual Punishment

George Walker Bush, a former U.S. president, and governor of Texas, once spoke, “I don’t think you should support the death penalty to seek revenge. I don’t think that’s right. I think the reason to support the death penalty is because it saves other people’s...

  • American Government
  • Death Penalty

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace, Does It Exist In Lebanon

What is sexual harassment in the workplace? What actions count as sexual harassment? Is it considered a crime? What legitimate conducts can be applied if someone was exposed to sexual harassment? Sexual harassment does not necessarily mean sex. It is about having control over the...

  • Workplace Violence

Death Penalty: The Issue of Cruel and Unusual Punishments

You are sitting in a chair, waiting, about to be executed. You’re innocent, but that doesn’t matter now. You’re injected with a needle, which has a dangerous mixture of illegal drugs. You feel like fire is shooting through your veins, but you’re unable to speak...

My Pro-Life Position: Abortion is Murdering

Abortion is a topic that has captivated American citizens for years now, and there is considerable evidence that shows how abortion is murdering a human being. I want to show you that rape isn’t a reason for aborting a child, women should not be able...

  • Individual Rights
  • Pro Life (Abortion)

Death Penalty: The Cruelty of American Penal System

Imagine your loved ones or yourself going through capital punishment.. being sentenced to death creating fear in an individual's mind. It is said by Roger Hood, “Capital punishment is also known as the death penalty execution of an offender sentenced to death after conviction by...

Are Video Games Doing More Harm Than Good

Video games are one of the most popular sources of entertainment in today’s world, there are many different types of games made for people of different ages. As technology gets more advanced, these games get better and more interesting. Some people believe that video is...

  • Youth Violence

Death Penalty Should not Be Abolished

Given the global tragedies and massacres which have occurred in today’s society, where do you stand on the death penalty? This option is still accessible in 31 out of 50 states. For more than 50 years no one in the united states has been executed...

Why Guns Shouldn't Be In College

In this generation, shootings are just another ordinary event that happens every week or every month. More and more people are feeling unsafe everywhere they go because of how outrageous people act. Sometimes if people get frustrated or angry, they take out their aggression on...

Why Guns Should Be Banned In America

You are standing on a bloody battlefield, just like somewhere in Afghanistan. But as you look closer, you realize that this is no battlefield this is the neighborhood where you live in. How has this happened? It is all because a random person was able...

Why Guns Should Not Be Banned

Living in a world with nonstop rivalries, political unrest, and uneasiness, the topic of gun ownership remains one of the most controversial topics. Our world can argue right or wrong, politically left or right, and yes or no, but safety and security is wanted throughout...

  • Crime Prevention

The Problem Of Sexual Harassment In U.S. Army

One major concern that’s spiking up in the United States Army is sexual harassment and sexual assault. Soldiers and family members from all over the world are facing some type of unwanted desire, whether it’s verbal, non-verbal, or physical. Female green suitors are at a...

  • United States Army

The Negative Impact Of Video Games On Children

Video games are the games played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a monitor or other display (Oxford advance learner’s dictionary, 1948). The Scholars mentioned that violent video games cause short-term or long-term increases in aggression and violent behavior of children with different...

Objectification Of Women: A Problem That Keeps Growing

Sexualization of women has been the longest ongoing war that the female world has been fighting against and it shows no sign of letting up. Women, not only in America but all over the world, for many years, have been used and referred to as...

  • Gender Discrimination

Mental Illness In The Criminal Justice System

The rising population of inmates with mental illness is steadily rising, 'Today, some 283,800 state and local inmates are identified as having a mental illness, representing 16% of the inmate populations”. The rising epidemic of prisoners with a mental illnesses is beginning to complicate many...

  • American Criminal Justice System
  • Mental Illness

Effects Of Violent Video Gaming On Human Behavior

There are many various kinds of games and consoles within the world and vying worldwide. Video play has become a very common trade all over the world and has been growing exceptionally throughout the past twenty years. Gamers that are obsessed with online play are...

Somali Piracy: How To Protect Ships

Piracy is an illegal activity that is done through boats by assaulting other boats to steal cargo and other expensive goods on coastal areas. It is believed that sea piracy was established when human started using the sea for trading. Piracy consists of kidnapping for...

  • Somali Piracy

The Concept of Mortifying and Scarring Experience for the Victim

I will be diving into the chilling theme of 'spiking' as it is called nowadays and how it can be a mortifying and scarring experience for the victim. I will delve into the mind of a person that feels the need to do these unlawful...

  • Victimization Categories

Factors to Prevent Piracy Issues in Maritime Industry

The problem of piracy has had a negative impact on both commercial and humanitarian aid shipping, as a result of rising commodity prices, income from commercial activities are being disrupted, and caused delays in the delivery of humanitarian assistance and increased costs. The economic impact...

Classicism Beliefs and Crime With Rational Punishment

“The criminal commits it” will be reviewed under Classicism. Classism originated from the belief that crime was a product of free will, which resulted in many classical theorists assuming a Rational Choice Theory perspective. The forefront of Classicism is to link crime with rational punishment,...

Corporal Punishment: Main Concepts and Structure of Problem Analysis

Currently, to alleviate the negative consequences that arise from corporal punishment, some countries have implemented certain laws to ban the act of corporal punishment. For example, on 27 June 2019, Kosovo has passed a bill with article 24 of the law being implemented on child...

  • Child Welfare
  • Corporal Punishment

The Mexican Drug War: Main Problems

In 2007, the Mexican Drug Cartel controlled 90% of the Cocaine brought to the United States. Cocaine, however, doesn’t come without its close relatives, violence and death. The Mexican War on Drugs is as much a concern to the United States as it is to...

  • Drug Trafficking
  • Mexican War

Revolutionization of Criminal Procedure in U.S. Supreme Court Under Earl Warren

Who sits at the nerve center of society makes all the difference and A great man is the one who represents a great ganglion in the nerves of that society, or, to vary the figure, a strategic point in the campaign of history and part...

  • Criminal Procedure

Beliefs and Thoughts Over the Death Penalty

There are a lot of mixed opinions surrounding the idea of the death penalty. In the 1990’s, nearly 80% of the public approved Capital Punishment, while about 5% of were undecided and the other 15% opposed it. Is it fair to those who have done...

  • Capital Punishment

The Cyberbully in the Harassment and Bullying

Bullying has long been an issue and experienced by many people at some point in their lives. Bullies frequently, and ironically, target the perceived weakest person. Often times, people who are being bullied are told to just walk away or ignore the bully, but what...

Capital Punishment as an Effective Way to Prevent Crime

In the United States, as in almost every other country, there is a punishment or consequence to every crime. Capital punishment is the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a specific crime. In other words, capital punishment, also known as the death penalty,...

Safe Sex and Complex Social Issue of Sex Work

Prostitution, or the more correct term, “sex work”, is defined as “the consensual provision of sexual services for money or goods” by the World Health Organization. Sex work is a complex social issue that is constantly changing in terms of social perceptions and legal frameworks....

  • Prostitution

A Provision for Clemency of Capital Punishment in India

Crime is as old as human civilization. Since time immemorial crime has been with us in different degrees. Every society has a pattern of suitable conduct and some human beings in every society fallen outside this configuration. It is the reality which we can accept...

Notorious American Gangster Al Capone and Great Depression

The Great Depression created a tremendous amount of difficulties to many families during the early 1900s. With unemployment skyrocketing, homes were being lost and these families were left with barely enough to get by. Some packed up and journeyed West in pursuit of new opportunities,...

  • Great Depression

Unsolicited Electronic Communication and Child Pornography

In today's world, people cannot live without technologies such as televisions, mobile phones, and computers. These technologies have slowly taking the essential part in people's daily lives and being without the use of the gadgets would be unimaginable for some. The invention of technology was...

  • Pornography
  • Sex Offender

Automation: Stealing Jobs or Creating Them

In 1722, the lathe -the mother of machines- was invented. This invention lit the spark of automation in general and the western industrial revolution specifically. From that time till this day, thousands of machines and tools have been created and invented to optimize and facilitate...

Loads of Different Social Engineering Attacks

When you are talking about social engineering, you are referring to the act of someone deceiving another. Tricking the victim into divulging information or opening themselves up to a security threat, without them even realizing. This attack is carried out through a person to person...

  • Social Engineering

Gangs and Victimization in the Community

In this essay we explain about the effects of gangs to the people and community. Gangs by and large have been observed to be at expanded danger of exploitation, in spite of the fact that the purposes behind this relationship have not completely been investigated....

Stanford Prison Experiment Violent Behavior

Discuss what may drive people toward violent behavior against others based on Milgram's experiment and Stanford prison experiment. A particularly alarming trend of increasing violence is observed in modern society. In recent years, the whole world literally swept a wave of violence. It penetrated into...

  • Stanford Prison Experiment

Prevention of Car Accidents and Road Injury

Road injury is the most undesirable matter to occur to a street user, even though they occur quite frequently. The unfortunate thing is we do not learn from our errors on street. The majority of the street users are very well aware of the overall...

  • Car Accident
  • Road Accidents

A Number of Definitions Take In Bullying as a Practice of Harassment

Bullying and harassment are equally terms that are used interchangeably by most individuals, and a number of definitions take in bullying as a practice of harassment. Bullying could reflect as spiteful or insulting behaviour, offensive, an exploitation or mistreatment of authority over means that demoralise,...

Psychological Crime Causations in Al Capone’s Criminal History

Various schools of crime causation including the classical and neoclassical school of crime causation, Biological, Psychobiological, Psychological, and Sociological schools have been used to determine the causes. Classical and Neoclassical crime causations dictated that crime is caused by an individuals own free will and prevention...

Social Isolation, Violence and Relationship Breakdown

Mental disorder or psychopathy are terms accustomed refer psychological pattern that happens in an exceedingly very private and is often associated with distress or disability that's not expected as part of normal development or culture. In line with DSM-IV, a upset is additionally a psychological...

  • Social Isolation

Purview of The Bureau’s Examination of Al Capone

The investigative purview of the Bureau of Examination amid the 1920s and early 1930s was more constrained than it is presently, and the group fighting, and thefts of the period were not inside the Bureau’s investigative specialist. The Bureau’s examination of Al Capone emerged from...

  • Criminal Profiling

Laziness as an Enemy of Caution and Security

A great enemy of caution and security is laziness. The lazy person can never arrange his own success and security because he cannot use the right opportunity to work due to the nature of his laziness and remains lazy throughout life. Crooks and sly people...

  • Social Security

The Polygraph for Modern-Day Police Work

In times of stressful or scary situations, humans tend to have a fight or flight response to whatever is happening to them and that response is exactly what polygraphs were invented to measure. The first recorded machine that is similar to the modern-day polygraph used...

  • Criminology

Best topics on Crime

1. Addressing the Rape Crisis: Advocacy, Awareness, and Empowerment

2. Community Service is the Best Form of Punishment

3. Why Assault Weapons Should Be Banned

4. Causes and Effects of Cyber Crime: Unraveling the Digital Threat Landscape

5. Cause and Effect of Domestic Violence: Unveiling the Impact on Individuals and Society

6. Cause and Effect of Cyberbullying for Individuals and Society

7. What is Cyberbullying in Social Media: Understanding the Digital Threat

8. Poverty is the Mother of Crime: Understanding the Claim

9. Examining the Pros and Cons of Gun Control

10. Cyber Crime: Navigating the Digital Underworld

11. The Auckland Mass Shooting: a Tragedy at the Women’s World Cup 2023

12. Tragedy on the Subway: Examining the Death of Jordan Neely

13. The Shooting of Ralph Yarl: Unraveling the Racial Dynamics and Gun Violence

14. Terror and Unity: The Aftermath of the Brooklyn Day Mass Shooting in Baltimore

15. Tragedy and Resilience: the Juneteenth Shooting in Willowbrook, Illinois

  • Child Abuse
  • Drunk Driving
  • Verbal Abuse

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street crimes short essay in english

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street crimes short essay in english

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street crimes short essay in english

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Essays on Crime

The ethics of true crime.

True crime, a genre that delves into the intricate web of criminal behavior and the pursuit of justice, has garnered a massive following across various media platforms. However, beneath the intrigue lies a tapestry of ethical considerations that merit meticulous examination. This essay embarks on...

Strategies to Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft, a growing concern in our digital age, threatens the very fabric of personal security and privacy. As technology advances, so do the methods used by malicious actors to steal sensitive information. This essay explores effective strategies to prevent identity theft and safeguard individuals...

The Importance of Protecting Endangered Species

Our planet's rich biodiversity is a source of wonder and a testament to the intricate web of life that has evolved over millions of years. However, this diversity is now under threat as numerous species face the peril of extinction. The decline in global biodiversity...

Confronting Social Injustice: Criminal Justice Reform

The criminal justice system plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order in society. However, it is not immune to flaws and biases that perpetuate social injustice. Throughout history, marginalized communities, particularly people of color, have faced disproportionate targeting, unfair treatment, and harsher punishments...

The Phenomenon of Missing White Woman Syndrome

In a world where news cycles dictate public attention, a disconcerting pattern has emerged - the "Missing White Woman Syndrome." This term refers to the disproportionate media coverage and public concern given to cases involving missing or endangered white women, often overshadowing similar incidents involving...

Young People Commit Crime: Understanding Factors

Crime is a complex issue that affects societies worldwide, and understanding the reasons behind why young people engage in criminal activities is crucial for developing effective prevention and intervention strategies. This essay aims to explore the factors that contribute to youth crime, including socio-economic factors,...

Why Should Felons Be Allowed to Vote: Respecting Human Rights

What’s the point? What's the point of sending people to jail in hopes of rehabilitation and then taking away rights that every human has? As if they are less than a human, when after an individual gets out of jail it is already hard enough...

Death Penalty Vs Life Imprisonment: What Brings to Better Society

Abolition of the death penalty is one of the most controversial topics in the United States of America. There is a popular phrase that a lot of the death penalty supporters use to justify the death penalty:” An eye for an eye.” This is means,...

Negative Effects of Immigration in America: the Issue of Crime Rate

One of the most underlying controversial themes in contemporary society reveals the connection between crime and immigration. Immigration in the contemporary United States exposes heavily debated issue of public policy. Security and security concerns strongly frame this discussion. One side of the debate supports a...

The Silent Suffering: Exploring the Effects of Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is a type of violence that involves the use of force to harm another person's body or physical well-being. Physical abuse essay reveals that this form of abuse can take many different forms, from hitting, slapping, and punching to burning, biting, and choking....

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  • Crime Prevention
  • Serial Killer
  • Child Abuse
  • Identity Theft
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • White Collar Crime
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Forensic Science
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Criminal Justice
  • Broken Windows Theory
  • Criminal Behavior
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Criminal Profiling
  • Criminals in Society
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Juvenile Crime
  • Juvenile Justice System
  • Organized Crime
  • Physical Abuse
  • Prostitution
  • Sex Offender
  • Somali Piracy
  • Violent Crime

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