2021 Virtual Thesis Exhibition

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Thesis projects at the Harvard Graduate School Design are at once summits and foundations. Incorporating focused research and dialogue, they spark new perspectives—serving as springboards for where design will go next. This year’s remarkable projects offer insight into the diversity and depth of preoccupations that animate the class of 2021 and future generations of designers. Department of Architecture thesis director Eric Höweler observes that the thesis projects, taken together, serve as “a mapping of the contemporary moment.”

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Thesis Submission

Changes or edits, copyright and publication considerations, access to your thesis.

As of the Fall 2020 all GSD master theses and doctoral dissertations are being submitted through a new Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) tool from ProQuest that Harvard University has subscribed to. Submission of theses is now managed through this tool.

If you are a doctoral student, please become familiar with the DDes Guidelines for the Dissertation . It includes details on the Form of the DDes Dissertation . You will submit your dissertation using the ProQuest ETD submission tool .

To submit your master's thesis or doctoral dissertation please go to the ProQuest ETD submission tool , where you will see the GSD logo in the top right section. Once there, you will see the  Welcome to the ETD Administrator @ Harvard Graduate School of Design   banner, where you can start the process of submitting your thesis when you log in as a student (using your GSD email address and HarvardKey credentials). The  My ETDs  tab will guide you through the submission (you will basically go through the left navigation menu step by step). 

Please read the instructions included in the Instructions page.   It includes information about a cover sheet (for master theses) and/or dissertation acceptance certificate (for doctoral dissertations) that you will need to include with your PDF. The academic department administrators and/or coordinators provide guidelines for those.

Masters theses have a cover sheet with information on author, title, program, academic department, statement and signatures. The academic department coordinators can give you a template. As long as all the information in that template is included in your cover sheet you can design the cover sheet with the typeface and colors that you want to match your thesis book design.

There is no submission fee, unless you request that ProQuest register it with the US Copyright Office (see Copyright and Publication Considerations below) or you request a printed and bound copy from ProQuest.

In cases of multiple authors, each author would want to submit individually. Each submission is published with its own metadata and publication number, and are not flagged as duplicates. Multiple authors on a single submission are not supported.

  • PDF copy of your dissertation/thesis.  This must be a single file. If your manuscript is in Word or RTF format, you must convert it into a PDF.
  • Optional Supplementary files (images, data, etc.)  that are an integral part of the dissertation/thesis, but not part of the full text.
  • Advisor and other Committee Members' Names
  • Subject Categories:  1-3 that best describe your dissertation/thesis'  subject area  [PDF]. These categories are fixed subject categories.
  • Keywords:  You will have the option to add additional tags that you think would enhance discovery and access to your thesis.

You can start your submission, save, and come back later to finish. When finished, remember to hit the Submit button.

While there is no limit to the quantity of files received by ProQuest for an individual submission, there is an 8GB single file size limit. If you have a single files that is for example 20GB, you need to break that up into files that are 8GB or less (such as 7GB+7GB+4GB). Any file larger than 8GB would not make it to the ProQuest platform, so they have to be broken up into files that are 8GB or less.

ProQuest accepts any file format including .mp4 files being submitted as supplemental files. Supplemental files are posted to the database and users would view them using the appropriate program for that file type from their computer. For print copies, all supplemental files are copied to disc and inserted in a back pocket. If ProQuest editors find a problem they will contact you. 

Yes, you have the option of putting an embargo (delaying the access to your full theses). Reasons for an embargo range from patents pending to personal reasons. 

If in the future you need a print copy of your thesis you can obtain one from ProQuest for a fee.

Additional information related to the formatting and submission of your thesis may be included in this ProQuest PDF document .  

If a submission has been delivered to ProQuest and is not yet published, ProQuest is able to "undeliver" the submission so that edits can be made. Please communicate with your academic department coordinator to start this process. ProQuest will change the status from "delivered" to "ready for delivery" at which point you will be able to upload a revised PDF copy before re-delivering. You can do that in the Revisions/Changes section, where you will be able to Replace the existing PDF with the revised PDF.

Can I make changes to my thesis once published by ProQuest?

For a thesis to be already published in ProQuest it has already gone through the process of being certified by the thesis advisor, accepted by the academic chair. Any changes, including the extraction and/or correction of significant errors must be approved by the thesis advisor and department chair. ProQuest will require a letter or email containing the permission or approval, a complete corrected version of your thesis, and a fee. Please be reminded this will only be applicable to the original version published by ProQuest, not to the original version published in DASH. We recommend working with your academic department in order to address any changes to the copy of record.

Once the work is published, the student can contact ProQuest ( [email protected] ) and ask for it to be removed from their service.

You will be presented with publishing options while submitting your thesis. Harvard University recommends that you choose  Traditional Publishing. When choosing this option, theses will be available online as open-access publications through Harvard’s institutional repository (IR),  DASH . DASH ensures the availability, longevity, and functionality of your thesis.

After uploading your thesis/dissertation and submitting information about it, you will be presented with the option of having ProQuest register it with the  US Copyright Office . Harvard University does not recommend this option. You already hold the copyright by having authored your thesis and putting it in tangible form, and you will avoid paying a fee to ProQuest for that service.

Ask the Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication:  [email protected]

You hold the copyright to your thesis. Some students include the copyright symbol © with their name on the cover sheet to indicate that.

Currently, Harvard students cannot choose a CC license during submission via ProQuest. But! Although the non-exclusive license agreement for DASH is not CC-BY, it is essentially the same set of rights.

Once published by ProQuest the theses are available to everyone (other universities included) that subscribe to Dissertations and Theses Online, unless you have put an embargo on your thesis. Once published in ProQuest and ingested into Harvard Library systems, the thesis will be available to the world (not only to those with a subscription to ProQuest) through DASH, the open access digital institutional repository for Harvard, unless you have put an embargo on your thesis.

You will have access to your thesis through ProQuest's Dissertations and Theses Online and through DASH. The HOLLIS record for your thesis will link directly to DASH.

Once approved and submitted by the department administrator it should only take a few weeks for the work to show up in ProQuest and in DASH, it may take longer to show up in HOLLIS.

This depends on current workflows and coordination between ProQuest and Harvard Library related to depositing, processing, and cataloging. The library or your academic department coordinator can find out and tell you where the thesis is in the processing workflow.

During the submission process you can choose to put an embargo on your thesis if you want a delayed access. Some students may choose to add an embargo for personal reasons (including personal safety) and/or have patents pending.

You have the option of choosing between 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years for an embargo. If you want to embargo your thesis for a longer period, you can stipulate that timeline within the tool as YYYY-MM-DD to whatever timeline fits your needs.

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Dissolving Urbanism: Trans-scalar Spatial Framework for Water Integration 

Migrant middle: revealing the south-asian diaspora through community making in shrewsbury , “northing must be fastened to the ground”: mobile informal work in indian cities .

Timothy J. Colton

Morris and anna feldberg professor of government and russian studies and faculty associate at davis center.

Timothy J. Colton

  • Moscow: Governing the Socialist Metropolis

Moscow: Governing the Socialist Metropolis

Recent Publications

  • Yeltsin: A Life
  • The State after Communism: Governance in the New Russia
  • Popular Choice and Managed Democracy: The Russian Elections of 1999 and 2000
  • Transitional Citizens: Voters and What Influences Them in the New Russia
  • The Dilemma of Reform in the Soviet Union

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  1. Yaohua Wang wins 2014 Harvard GSD thesis prize with “Salvaged Stadium

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  2. Post-Defense: Dissertation Research Beyond the PhD

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  3. Yaohua Wang wins 2014 Harvard GSD thesis prize with "Salvaged Stadium"

    harvard gsd thesis

  4. Thesis

    harvard gsd thesis

  5. Selected Architecture Thesis Projects: Fall 2020

    harvard gsd thesis

  6. 2021 Virtual Thesis Exhibition

    harvard gsd thesis


  1. Australian Opportunities for Medical Graduates: Dr. David Bouchier-Hayes

  2. Korean Government Scholarships

  3. SDSS 2023: Paper Session 1

  4. Palestine Solidarity Committee Holds Harvard Yard Vigil for Civilian Victims in Gaza and Israel

  5. University of Johannesburg & Elsevier present "SDGs and How to Use Them in Your Research"


  1. Thesis

    by Kevin Robishaw (MLA I '23) — Recipient of the Landscape Architecture Thesis Prize. Thesis. Craig Douglas, Faculty Advisor. Spring 2023. Thesis. 2023 Outstanding Design Engineering Project Award: Rebecca Brand and Caroline Fong's Jua: Cultivating Digital Knowledge Networks for Smallholder Farmers.

  2. Thesis

    Thesis. Stephen Gray, Faculty Advisor. Spring 2022. Thesis. 2022 Design Studies Thesis Prize: Allison Hyatt's "Priorities in Building Decarbonization: Accounting for total carbon and the time value of carbon in cost-benefit analyses of residential retrofits". by Allison Hyatt (MDes '22) — Recipient of the Design Studies Thesis Prize.

  3. PDF Urban Planning and Design Thesis Handbook 2022-2023

    Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The thesis provides an opportunity for students in the department's three master's degree programs to pursue graduate-level research and deeply explore a topic of their interest. This handbook provides a

  4. Interlacing Latent Features: Synthesis of Past and Present in

    Master's thesis, Harvard Graduate School of Design. Abstract Machine Learning (ML) algorithms have shown great promise for expanding the conventional limits of human perception, thereby augmenting the architect's imagination and design agency. This thesis extrapolates global implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in architecture that ...

  5. PDF Urban Planning and Design Recent Theses 2010/11-present

    Harvard University. Graduate School of Design Urban Planning and Design. URBAN PLANNING AND DESIGN RECENT THESES 2010/11-PRESENT. 1. INDEX. Degree Program Page. Master in Urban Planning (MUP) Theses 2 Master of Architecture in Urban Design (MAUD) Theses 8 Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design (MLAUD) Theses 13. 2.

  6. Browsing GSD Theses and Dissertations by Title

    Hybrid Soluble and Insoluble 3D Printed Formwork . Hunt, Erin Linsey (2021-05-18) This thesis investigates the potentials of hybrid 3D printed concrete formwork. Water-soluble Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) formwork allows for the creation of intricate forms that would be difficult, if not impossible, to create ...

  7. 2021 Virtual Thesis Exhibition

    2021 Virtual Thesis Exhibition. MAY 27. AUG 1, 2021. Departments. Department of Architecture. Department of Landscape Architecture. Department of Urban Planning and Design. Thesis projects at the Harvard Graduate School Design are at once summits and foundations. Incorporating focused research and dialogue, they spark new perspectives—serving ...

  8. Submitting your Thesis

    GSD Masters Thesis Submissions As of the Fall 2020 all GSD master theses and doctoral dissertations are being submitted through ProQuest , an ETD tool that Harvard University has subscribed to. Submission of theses is now be managed through this tool.

  9. Dear GSD

    This thesis proposes a digital platform to customize posters as a new means of communication in the Harvard GSD virtual community. To make visible the hidden reality to the public, it extracts underlying rules and design languages from significant poster designs at GSD before the pandemic.

  10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    This guide has information on searching and accessing past GSD theses and dissertations, and those from other academic institutions. It also has guidance on preparing and submitting your thesis, and answers to frequently asked questions.

  11. Browsing GSD Theses and Dissertations by Keyword "Elderly care"

    Stacked Daydreams: Ceiling-scape for the Neglected (Hong Kong Factory Adaptive-Reuse for Elderly Care) . Wong, Zai Xi Jeffrey (2021-01-20) This thesis operates at the intersection of three domains of neglect: 1. In the realm of building elements, the ceiling is often considered as an afterthought in the design process.

  12. Bounds on new Majoron models from the Heidelberg-Moscow experiment

    In recent years several new Majoron models were invented to avoid the shortcomings of the ordinary models while leading to observable decay rates in double β experiments. We give the first experimental half-life bounds on double β decays with new Majoron emission and derive bounds on the effective neutrino-Majoron couplings from the data of the <SUP>76</SUP>Ge Heidelberg-Moscow experiment ...

  13. New variable stars on digitized Moscow collection plates. The field of

    In the course of a program to digitize the astronomical plates of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute's plate stacks, we are developing algorithms for searching for new variable stars and studying them using digitized photographic plates. We have discovered and studied 480 new variable stars in a 10° × 10° field of view centered on 66 Ophiuchi. The digitized plate negatives used are from ...

  14. Browsing GSD Theses and Dissertations by Author "Mehrotra, Rahul"

    Graduate School of Design; GSD Theses and Dissertations; Browsing GSD Theses and Dissertations by Author; ... This thesis research investigates a spatial framework to effectively address urban water management in Chennai, a city facing extreme hydrological events and climate change-induced challenges. ... For details and exceptions, see the ...

  15. PDF On students university citizenship

    Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University on her keynote "Five theoretical propositions concerning research on students" In your presentation you were introducing the concept of student university citizenship and suggested

  16. Moscow: Governing the Socialist Metropolis

    Timothy J. Colton Morris and Anna Feldberg Professor of Government and Russian Studies and Faculty Associate at Davis Center. Harvard University, 1730 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA 02138, 617-495-4345

  17. PDF Senior Thesis Guide 2024-25 Department of Economics

    Mid-September You should be formalizing your thesis question, reading the literature, brainstorming specific approaches to the analysis, and looking for data (if applicable). Fifth Monday Deadline to submit the thesis registration form, signed by your advisor, to the Economics Undergraduate Office ([email protected]) by 5pm ET.