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The use of bidding in customer orders to match students with writers is a new trend when it comes to academic writing services. This concept is used by EssayPro, and it’s all about busy students submitting their assignments and writers making their bids. As a result of bidding, customers pick the offers that they think are competitive enough for them and fit the necessary level of experience.


essay pro refund

  • Easy to order papers
  • On-time delivery
  • Authentic and original content
  • Easy to track your project
  • No phone number for contact
  • Not many discounts are available

You’ve probably seen plenty of EssayPro reviews telling you it’s an outstanding service. But is EssayPro legit, and what makes it unique if it is for real?

As you’ll see in this EssayPro review, it is a trustworthy essay writing service. The team at EssayPro includes talented writers you can compare when ordering your service.

Service Reliability

EssayPro was formed in 1997. The group’s headquarters is in Kissimmee, a town just outside Orlando. It has separate services for students in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and New Zealand.

The EssayPro website reports many positives:

  • More than 1.5 million positive reviews online
  • 4.8-star rating on ResellerRatings
  • Completing over 300,000 papers in 2021
  • More than 1,400 writers throughout the United States and Canada
  • A thorough support team with a dozen people on hand to help
  • Apps available for iOS and Android users
  • Nearly 140,000 followers on Facebook

essay pro refund

  • You can also follow many of the writers and staff members on LinkedIn

EssayPro’s longevity has helped the company attain such a strong following. It’s uncertain how many orders come from referrals or repeat customers, but the company is still highly active.

EssayPro Authors/Experts

essay pro refund

So how does EssayPro work? EssayPro’s writer listings show the site has more than 1,400 writers based out of the United States and Canada. The company’s writers include ones with thousands of orders and reviews.

The website is transparent about who it hires. You can click on the profile of any writer on the site and discover many things about that person, including:

  • The orders the writer has completed by subject
  • The types of orders one has managed
  • Detailed customer reviews
  • The writer’s specific competencies
  • There’s even a profile photo for each writer

You can search for a writer based on the subject matter you need assistance with for your paper. The service lists thirteen different categories, including ones for computer science, psychology, business and management, and engineering.

essay pro refund

How Does EssayPro Hire Its Writers?

All writers who work for this service must meet a few standards:

  • The writer should be a college graduate in some form.
  • The writer must also have at least a year of professional writing experience.
  • All people who work here must also be native English speakers in the United States or Canada.

EssayPro uses a few steps when hiring its writers:

  • A writer must provide proof of one’s identity at the start.
  • The writer then provides documentation showing whatever education one has completed in the last five years. All diplomas must be certified through the signatures and stamps one receives.
  • The person then provides writing samples for the team to review.
  • EssayPro will assign the candidate a one-page project to complete.
  • The writer’s project receives a grade. The work reviews if the person should join the team.
  • Each writer will be subject to a one-month trial period. The person will become an official member of the EssayPro team if that writer continues to perform well during that month.

How Do You Order a Paper?

essay pro refund

EsssayPro provides a safe process for helping people order papers. Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Place your order requirements.

You’ll list details on the type of assignment you want someone to complete, its education level, and the length of the project. You can also include any files, outlines, or other features you want to add to your project as necessary.

  • Include the double deadline for your work.

The double deadline involves two separate deadlines for your project. The first one is for your writer, and the second is for when your project must be complete. Be sure you have enough time between these two to ensure you’ll get your work on time while also factoring in time for whatever revisions may be necessary.

  • Contact a writer for help.

You’ll then search individual writer profiles to see who is open for your work. You can compare writers by reviewing their profiles and other details.

The writers you’ll find are the ones available for work right now. You can chat with any of these Essaypro writers in real time for more details on what they offer. This feature also lets you hammer out any details you want to manage surrounding your work.

  • Complete a deposit in your customer account.

Be sure you have enough money in your customer account to where you can afford the writer’s service.

  • Hire the writer for your work.

The writer will start working on your paper after you hire that person.

  • Check your paper through your account.

You can use the control panel on your account to review how well the project is working. The setup also lets you release the full payment to your writer as necessary.

  • After the writer finishes, you can download your project and leave a review.

The website also lets you request revisions to your work as necessary.

How Do You Pay for Projects?

You’ll pay for your work by adding funds to your customer account.

essay pro refund

Those funds will go toward your writer. The site also helps customers top off their accounts in situations where the pricing goes over what is already in one’s account.

You can make a secure credit card payment to fund your account. The website doesn’t support PayPal or other cash transfer services.

Is the Work of Good Quality?

The next point in this Essay Pro review involves how well your paper will look. The service promises the best possible quality for every project you request.

EssayPro also claims that all its projects are unique and free from plagiarism. All papers are reviewed on third-party plagiarism detection systems to confirm the originality of everything. References, citations, and other formatting features are also checked to ensure all citations work as necessary and that there’s no accidental plagiarism involved anywhere.

The authors, according to the service’s assurances, are very reliable in terms of meeting deadlines. When you search for writers on EssayPro, you’ll find details on writers who are available to help you right now. This point ensures you’ll have someone on hand to help you with your work right away without waiting on anyone to start.

Test Orders

Our analysis of EssayPro projects found a few interesting things surrounding what the company offers. We were suspicious about how those claims worked, but we found there were plenty of positives about what EssayPro provides.

The completed projects we read were easy to review, and we didn’t get hung up on any unusual sentences. The writers appear to be very proficient in producing simple-to-read content, although the sentences can be a little short at times.

The writers are also adamant on ensuring each paragraph counts. The writers don’t try to repeat the same things many times over, as they focus on keeping arranging content in distinct sections. While there are times when some content has to be summarized, the work is about creating a good flow between points.

essay pro refund

The structure of a typical paper from EssayPro shows that the writers produce good outlines that help them arrange the contents of their papers. The papers are arranged with different headings focusing on certain subtopics within each project. A background will appear at the start, and there are often separate segments surrounding the positives and negatives of an argument or potential developments surrounding a subject.

You can expect a paper that includes a reasonable introduction, a background on the topic, and then additional points surrounding the topic at hand. The work will include multiple conclusions surrounding the concepts introduced and how people can think about a topic. The work is about creating a more inviting approach.

essay pro refund

Each EssayPro paper’s references were also thoroughly prepared to ensure that everything is properly cited. Citations and other formatting features appeared to be checked as well to ensure that all citations work, and that no accidental plagiarism occurs.

essay pro refund

But as helpful and committed to quality as the writers are, there’s a chance you might require revisions on your project. The good news is that EssayPro supports unlimited revisions on each project. You can provide as many details on edits as necessary, and your writer will adhere to your requests.

Customer Support

EssayPro says that its customer service team will ensure your satisfaction with each project you request. In our experience with test orders, the group takes 10-15 minutes to respond when you email them.

You can also contact the live chat feature on the EssayPro website and get a response in a few moments. There’s usually a live person on the other end, but an AI program appears to work during off hours. 

essay pro refund

The FAQ section on the EssayPro site also has detailed answers to everything surrounding your work. The FAQ section has multiple articles from EssayPro staff members on everything from placing and managing orders to pricing and security.

essay pro refund

EssayPro doesn’t appear to have a phone number for contact purposes. But the site does have an active presence on Facebook and Instagram, so you can always contact the site through those platforms if you prefer.

essay pro refund

Costs and Discounts

Since EssayPro is legit, you might assume it will cost more than you can afford to handle. But EssayPro provides a reasonable rate for its services.

EssayPro will form its pricing for your work based on these factors:

  • The grade level for your work; there are five levels from high school to doctorate
  • The timeframe you have for completing your work
  • The number of pages you need
  • Whether the paper will be single or double-spaced; a single-spaced paper will have twice as many words per page on average

EssayPro projects are available for as little as $10.80 per page, but the pricing will vary by order. For example, a college-level paper in two weeks will cost $11.40 per page, but the cost rises to $13.20 per page for a Master’s level paper.

essay pro refund

The cost of the writing service includes many things at no additional cost:

  • An originality report confirming proper citations
  • An outline for the project if necessary
  • A title page and other extra parts as needed
  • Any edits you require for your final project

The website offers volume discounts for longer papers. For instance, the Master’s paper at $13.20 per page will cost $92.40 for ten pages, which is a 30-percent discount from the regular price of $132. You can see how much of a discount you can get by entering in details on your paper and checking the price at the end.

You may also get a discount on your order if there are concerns with your project, like the product being delivered past the due time or the quote for the work going over budget. You can contact the support team for help in getting an additional discount on any of these issues.

EssayPro does not have any referral programs where you could get a discount on the service.

Guarantee Offer

From what our readers have told us, EssayPro is trustworthy to where the site offers a money-back guarantee on its projects. First, you can request as many revisions on your work as necessary for thirty days after you receive your project. EssayPro encourages its clients to provide notes and files for any revisions to ensure the writer can fix everything the first time around.

But there’s always a chance you might have to request a refund if you are still not satisfied with your project. You’ll need to contact the customer service department and discuss your issue and then ask for a refund on your project. The Essay Pro team will then review your situation and prepare a decision on whether you’ll get a refund. You should be able to get a full refund in most situations, but a partial refund may only work in certain cases. The result is based on the customer service team’s discretion.

What Do Online Reviews Say?

essay pro refund

Many prior customers have left EssayPro reviews on other sites, such as Trustpilot and Reddit. However, keep in mind that some online reviews may be fake, and not all such users are quickly banned. Here’s what people are saying about the service on other websites as of February 2023:

  • SiteJabber – 4.76 stars from 15,000+ reviews

Customers on this site like how you can communicate with an actual writer on the site before ordering a project. The Eassypro customer reviews also state that the service is not cheating or illegal. Instead, it is transparent and direct.

  • ResellerRatings – 4.85 stars from 250 reviews

There aren’t many reviews on this site, but the people who have left reviews here say that EssayPro projects are generally thoroughly researched and edited. The writers also follow the necessary instructions for most of the tasks.

  • – 3.3 stars from 130 reviews

The reviews on this site are relatively varied. Some people have given it one-star ratings claiming that the writers are difficult to talk or reason with, but others say the writing is always completed on time and is thoroughly prepared with minimal revisions necessary. The site doesn’t have as many reviews as the others, but it helps to understand why people have positive or negative experiences.

Pros and Cons of EssayPro

The website makes it easy to see how much it will cost to order a paper. You can also select an available writer and talk with that person prior to hiring.

Since you’re contacting someone who will be there right away to start your paper, it’s easier to get on-time delivery from someone at EssayPro.

All projects from EssayPro are unique and original, with no risk of plagiarism. Each paper is prepared to ensure proper citations and formatting.

You can check on how well your paper is going while the writer is working on it. Your control panel will include details on your order number, who is writing your project, and how much progress the writer has made on that work. The system also lets you contact your writer as necessary.

While you can contact the EssayPro customer service department by email or live chat, there are no phone numbers available for instant contact. But you at least won’t have to wait too long when asking for help online.

While you can get a discount for ordering a project with more pages, there aren’t any other promo code or special offers on the site. There aren’t even any deals for first-time customers or referrals.

Our Verdict

We feel that EssayPro is a safe and suitable option for your paper writing needs. EssayPro is a legal and secure service that hires top-quality writers devoted to ensuring the quality of your paper .

Most of our readers find its services simple to order, and the site has affordable costs.

ESSAYPRO Alternatives


  • Good value for money
  • Most useful Chat Support widget I have seen
  • Helpful and responsive Support Team
  • High quality write-ups

essay pro refund

  • Email and SMS notifications
  • A large choice of authors


  • Support reply fast
  • You get free draft from writer

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  • [email protected] Review: Is It a Legit Website?

By Alina Burakova, Updated January 7, 2024

essay pro refund

Our opinion here is not influenced by the company reviewed, even if we are partners. Read how exactly our team scrutinizes online services here .

  • The writers specialize in different academic areas and are ready to submit various types of writing assignments.
  • With a big team of professional experts, you can definitely find the right person for the job.
  • The bidding system allows you to choose the writer according to your budget.
  • And you get to know exactly how much you will pay by the time your task is ready. More experienced writers are going to charge higher.
  • EssayPro doesn’t offer cheap services, but it can guarantee that your high-quality paper will be ready on time.
  • They do follow your instructions if any submitted. This guarantees that your paper or essay will be exactly what you need.
  • Your paper will be ready just when you need it, and this makes it very reliable.
  • Is EssayPro reliable? Essay Pro is a reliable writing service that can help struggling students.
  • The writers are ready to revise and edit your work before the date of final submission.
  • If you don’t get a passing grade on your paper or it is not ready by the due date, you can get a refund.
  • High-quality writers.
  • A full refund is granted.
  • The bidding system is very convenient.
  • They are not going to cross your deadline.
  • Your work is written according to the instructions you specify.
  • Your payment is not released until you are 100% satisfied with the job.
  • There are no discounts.
  • Low prices mean low quality.
  • They charge a relatively high price per page.
  • No real faces or names of the writers are shown.
  • They would not refund your money if you got a passing grade.
  • You will have to spend a significant amount of cash to receive an excellent long assignment.
  • They might be a bit slow at responding to emails and queries due to the large number of work they handle.

Writing is a challenging task because of a lot of reasons. Time is the most precious commodity, and most students can’t find the time needed to find the best paper writing service online.

Essay Pro is a practical solution that can help students overcome their educational hardships by saving time and effort.

At the same time, it is a sure way to guarantee the best recognition essential for academic and career progress. We decided to check the EssayPro reviews and write our own.

Students need to have well-written assignments that are ready before an approaching deadline. Sometimes, they are even asked to write an essay in English, even if English is not their first language.

At the same time, finding the right idea and the necessary sources can be a time-consuming task. The website offers all these kinds of data clearly and quickly that won’t puzzle students or waste their time.

By visiting the website of EssayPro, you will gain access to a comprehensive writing service where you can have all your assignments written and revised by real professionals.

By examining Essay Pro reviews, you can decide on the benefits of hiring a professional expert to write all your writing assignments on your behalf.

Check our review of Scribendi before picking any service. Yet, how reliable are they? Is it legal to use them, and do they help get things done affordably? Overview

This is a well-established writing service that offers all sorts of writing to students.

This website hires real professionals who can write different types of assignments; this includes admission essays, research papers, projects, and written stories for academic purposes.

Anyone can get a professionally written essay by placing an order through a reliable website.

The process is easy and time-efficient, especially for students who are struggling with an approaching deadline. We prepared this review to analyze and evaluate the service.

EssayPro paper writing service

Is Essay Pro Legit?

A lot of people don’t have the skills needed to finish a writing task.

Nevertheless, students are always asked to submit various essays, research papers (check college homework help services reviews  on our blog), lab reports, and other writing pieces that they might not finish. This is a legit and practical solution if you want to pass.

So, is EssayPro legit? This service doesn’t offer copied work. All your tasks will be researched and written from scratch to guarantee originality. Your tasks are always checked for plagiarism to ensure that you are sent an original task that you can proudly call yours. We can call EssayPro legit for sure.

How to Evaluate Pro Essays?

Students can’t afford to lose time or grades. This means that you need to ensure that you submit perfect and original assignments to guarantee success in a highly competitive environment. In our Essay Pro review, we consider a few features. Services

essaypro writers reviews

They guarantee that they are offering authentic and original services that include dissertations, thesis proposals, and annotated bibliographies in addition to creative writing assignments.

If you are skeptical about the quality, you would be glad to know that the website hires experienced professionals who specialize in different areas.

Also, don’t forget to look at some other resources after this EssaPro review, for example, this review, for instance. This means that you will always find the right person to deliver the assignment you need. Prices

During this review, we found that Essay Pro’s experts usually charge an average of $12 per page, a medium range. There might be cheaper writing services out there, but there will always be a question of the quality.

When you are looking for excellent writing assignments, you want to guarantee that you are submitting a professionally written piece that will grant you the best grades.

EssayPro prices

Nevertheless, you should think about your budget, especially if you have a long assignment made up of several pages. Just remember that quality comes with a price.

EssayPro Payment

essaypro prices reviews

After placing your order, writers will bid for the task. There are bulk prices available if you are ordering many pages.

You can browse the list of bids to pick the one you prefer. There are several payment options so you can choose the most convenient one.

The money is deposited by the client and is only released after the final approval. Writers are ready to revise and edit your task until it perfectly matches your requirements. Quality

There is no doubt that Essay Pro is one of the most reliable and you can learn more here . It successfully maintains a high satisfaction rate among recurring customers who are happy about their submissions.

They hire qualified experts who have the needed knowledge to research and write your task in the best quality.

EssayPro latest review

Moreover, you know that your tasks will always be ready on time. The professional experts understand that your time is valuable and are ready to comply with the set deadline. Guarantees

When you are paying for an academic task, you want to make sure that it is exactly what you need. The website promises to do multiple revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the quality of your essay or paper.

You can provide all the needed instructions and requirements before the beginning of the job. After that, you can review the drafts and communicate with your assigned writer. They will edit the writing until it matches your criteria perfectly.

The website offers a full money-back guarantee with no questions asked. If the writer did not follow your instructions, you are free to cancel your order. You will receive a full refund if you don’t get a passing grade on your assignment.

You can also do this if the writer is unable to comply with the deadline you’ve specified. You can choose to release a partial payment according to the percentage of completion.

Essaypro order requirements

Another great company with top guarantees is Paperial. Read more in our Paperial review and check customers’ reviews to find out whether it is legit or not. Customer Service

There are some unhappy clients, but they represent a small percentage compared to hundreds of satisfied and recurring customers who trust the quality of Essay Pro.

There is nothing left to speculation as you place your order and pick the bid that you are most comfortable with.

It goes without saying that more experienced writers are going to charge higher. They also tend to have the highest reviews.

EssayPro writing service

Getting in touch with customer service can be a little bit annoying. They will get back to you, but they might take some time. If you are already struggling with a tight deadline, this might be too stressful.

But as a guarantee, they offer a full refund if your task hasn’t been submitted by the due date or if the writer failed to write it following your requirements. Website Usability

essaypro discount

All the needed information is available on the website in a way that saves time and effort.

This is a friendly website that contains a list of the available services, writers, prices, and time frames. Having this information will help you with your decision.

Moreover, the website highlights the customers’ reviews section to show the new clients that they are ready to go that extra mile to ensure they deliver the best service.

And recently, they have launched their EssayPro mobile app that you can download for free.

It is also easy to use and can come in handy when ordering the paper as soon as possible.

EssayPro Alternatives

essay pro refund

EssayPro Reviews 10

We can only recommend Essay Pro service! Writing is impeccable, well structured, and well researched, and interacting with it easily and pleasant.

I would say that I am not a big fan of essay writing services. My friend told me about essaypro. Though initially skeptical, I decided to give them a try. After receiving my first paper, I can say that their writer quality is much better than most other services. Most importantly, they didn’t ask for any of my personal info, and anonymity is a must with these types of services.

I am an international student and my teacher would immediately notice a mismatch. So, my work was written in very easy English, but it didn’t deprive it of deep thoughts and a full explanation of an assigned topic. I got 92/100. Big thanks to my writer.

Essaypro met all my requirements and deadlines. Nothing to add – perfect job!

These guys know what they do and want, excellent work with academic papers! Thank you!

Essaypro writing service, you exceeded all the standards and met my expectations. Thanks!

I used EssayPro cuz I needed help with my term paper because missed the most of my semester due to personal reasons and had no time to complete the work. So when I heard about EssayPro and I got my paper completed in a few days, with the good content quality, as I wanted. Totally recommend!

I made an order the deadline was a month and they got it ready six days earlier. So I got time to read it and to find mistakes. And I found some, but they were insignificant (just like 2 or 3 articles missing). For such cheap price it’s okay for me. I still got money to order more in future. They are real essay pros!

After using EssayPro I would have to say that the name really fits. The writer I worked with really put me at ease right from the start because the whole focus of our interaction was all about my story and at the end, I did not feel like it was coming out of some scam service like others I’ve heard about.

EssayPro Service has exceeded my expectations and is a true subject matter expert. Its detailed research and concise writing saved me countless hours. No revisions or edits were required. I will certainly be working with them again!

Write a Review

Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

EssayPro Review 2024

Expert review by John Milovich Updated: March 26, 2024


EssayPro is rated 4.69/5 by ScamFighter users and is #4 on our TOP Writing Services

Table of contents

Executive summary.

essay pro refund

Essay writing is undeniably one of the most challenging and devastating college assignments that require much time, skills, knowledge, competence, inspiration, and goal orientation. Unfortunately, the vast majority of learners fail with the accomplishment of such projects, so they prefer to entrust their academic success to professionals. Surfing the web, you will surely come across the multitude of Essaypro com reviews that will make you interested in the services the company provides.

Is Essaypro legit? Is it helpful and efficient? Can students rely on the professionalism and experience of the writers? These are the most common and reasonable questions students ask. Keep reading the article to get the necessary answers and make sure you can get desired help from the most competent writers with zero risks.

EssayPro is a top-notch writing service for students where they can choose writers themselves. Using the bidding system, the company provides learners with the maximum flexibility so that they can opt for the best price, preferred writer, and other features that seem the most appealing. All the nuances can be discussed before the order placement.

Is EssayPro scam? According to the information specified on the essay pro website and mentioned by the previous customers, students are not buying a pig in a poke. Even though you cannot be 100% sure to get a well-structured, consistent, flawless paper, these are the features the company guarantees. How do you know the writers will do their best to deliver impeccable essays? The ordering process at the service is interesting, as you will have to deposit money before you place an order, but you will pay for the project only after it is delivered. This way, you should not worry about wasting your finance on low-quality papers with delayed submission.

Irrespective of all the advantages of the service that can be mentioned in the review, it is critical to emphasize some pitfalls and downsides learners can come across. Keep reading the article to get a chance to weigh the pros and cons of the legitimate essay writing service and make the choice you will not regret.

Service Review

EssayPro is a paper writing company and seasoned veteran in the custom-writing business. The service was established in 2000 and has been appreciated and demanded since then. Experienced and professional writers provide students with the most demanding projects, so there is always a chance to order an essay, dissertation, research paper, and other types of assignments at reasonable costs. 

It is also critical to mention that the Essaypro writing service is owned and operated by Global Writers LLC, based in Cyprus, which contributes to the dependability of the platform. Is the service 100% legit? Are there risks dealing with it? In this EssayPro review, we are going to find it out together.

The full review is below. Keep on reading and discover more interesting facts if EssayPro is legit or a scam.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Fair quality
  • Short deadlines available
  • You can choose the writer
  • Direct line to the writer
  • Minor mistakes and typos
  • Fake foundation date

Essaypro Reviews: Testimonials

To discover whether EssayPro is a reliable company or not I went online to read essay writing service reviews on different platforms. It did not take me long to find positive comments from experienced students on third-party review platforms, such as Quora, Reddit, SiteJabber, and Trustpilot. The online reputation of the service is high, and the vast majority of customers emphasize the individual approach to every student, the professionalism of the writers, the timeliness of the paper delivery, and the helpfulness of the customer support representatives.

Essaypro Sitejabber review

In general, it is possible to conclude that ordering papers at EssayPro, students get top-quality papers that meet their needs and requirements. As it was mentioned in one Essaypro review, the quality of the delivered essay exceeded all expectations. Besides, there were tons of comments about the friendly, supportive, and accessible support agents, which is critical for learners, especially inexperienced ones. This level of support has left many students satisfied and confident in their decision to use

Unfortunately, I did not find any EssayPro Reddit channel or even a page. Perhaps, you will be the one to create it. Based on what I managed to find about this paper writing company, I think EssayPro is safe and you can try their services.

Essay Pro: Assurances

And here is another important part of my Essay Pro review. Safety, confidentiality, and anonymity of the experience are the characteristics students are looking for while choosing an essay writing platform. EssayPro is a company that provides clients with a comprehensive list of guarantees, including free revisions, a money-back guarantee, and data protection. Besides, the absence of plagiarism is a must for all papers, irrespective of their complexity, number of pages, and topic.

The company provides several guarantees to its customers, including a money-back guarantee, free revisions, and confidentiality. The company also guarantees that all papers are written from scratch and are plagiarism-free.

The money-back guarantee ensures that students can receive a refund if they are not satisfied with the quality of the paper. Additionally, the free revision policy ensures that students can request revisions until they are completely satisfied with the final product. These guarantees provide students with peace of mind, knowing they can rely on for quality and satisfaction.

You’re entitled to EssayPro refund in the following cases:

  • No writer has been assigned.
  • The writer has been confirmed, but the client canceled the order.
  • Late delivery.
  • Two payments were made.

Important note: if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the paper you received, you need to contact the representatives of the Essaypro customer service and discuss the case. Every situation is unique, so the amount of the refund will be negotiated during the conversation with the support agent. Make sure you specify all the mistakes, data inaccuracies, typos, and other factors that make the paper irrelevant and low-quality. If you can prove that plagiarised your paper, they promise to provide a 100% refund. Scope of Services

The company offers lots of writing services, including:

  • Custom writing
  • case studies;
  • research papers;
  • term papers;
  • dissertations ;
  • research proposals, etc.
  • Proofreading
  • Homework assignments
  • Word problems
  • Short answer questions
  • Multiple-choice questions

Purchase Procedure

It takes a while to order a paper on EssayPro, and the whole process may seem like a chore, but it’s worth it in the end.

  • Sign up for an account with
  • Fill in the order form with all the details of your assignment.
  • Browse writers’ bids to find the right person for your paper.
  • Accept the bid after you talk to the writers.
  • Add money to your balance.
  • Check the order summary to confirm your order.
  • Release the reserved payment after you download the paper and end the contract with the writer.

As you can see, ordering assignments is simple, so you don't have to spend much time adapting to the website design or the order window. In addition, support agents can help you at any stage so that you do not have to waste time on non-obvious activities. I like this level of service.

Essaypro: Cost Structure's pricing is competitive compared to other academic writing companies. The prices start at $10.80 per page, which is affordable for students on a budget. And the cost of the paper increases based on the level of education, deadline, and other factors.

The company provides various extra services, including plagiarism checks, advanced writing, and proofreading. These services come at an additional cost but are reasonable and competitive. It ensures that students can get extra help without breaking the bank.

In terms of discounts and loyalty programs, offers a discount on the first order. Additionally, the company has a loyalty program that rewards returning customers with discounts and bonuses. It greatly incentivizes students to continue using for their academic writing needs.

For example, you can save up to 40%! In EssayPro reviews on  Reddit , I’ve read that the bigger order you place, the bigger discount you're intitled to.

  • a 2 page order - 5%
  • a 3 page order - 10%
  • a 4 page order - 15%
  • a 5 page order - 20%
  • a 6 page order - 25%
  • a 7-14 page order - 30%
  • a 15-19 page order - 35%
  • a 20+ page order - 40%

Essay Pro Review: Quality of Work

It is impossible to deny that the safety of the experience, timeliness of the paper submission, efficiency of the support service, and a range of other factors are important for college students. However, the quality of the provided papers remains the most prominent aspect that predetermines the reputation of the platform.

Essaypro order form

EssayPro provides papers of high quality. I paid just over $30 for a 3-page essay that was ready in 2 weeks, though I did get a 10% discount as a first-time customer. I wanted an overview of the international abortion regulations and social trends for my college Sociology class.

Their writer did a good job describing the US regulations, though they couldn’t fit state-by-state differences in such a short essay. And I would have liked a deeper insight into anti-abortion regulations in the EU, but overall the essay was top-notch. I have to agree with EssayPro Reddit reviews that praise the writers. I didn’t find any glaring errors, and a couple of typos I found were easy to fix.

Client Assistance

Convenience of communication with the representatives of the customer support service is another advantage of the platform. Even though the company does not offer a dedicated essay pro app that would make each experience a blast, there are other items that contribute to the simplicity and efficiency of the website use. offers several options for contacting the support team, including online chat, email, and phone. Customer support is available 24/7 and is responsive, helpful, and professional. Besides, it ensures that students can get the assistance they need at any time, day or night.

From my personal experience, I can tell that online chat is the most helpful and convenient communication channel, as it guarantees a fast response from the agents and the efficiency of the provided help. Additionally, it is critical to emphasize that the representatives of the customer support service are knowledgeable and aware of all the specifications and details inevitable for a successful and flawless experience.

Promotions and Additional Services

  • Free plagiarism report - ask for it and they'll attach it to your order free of charge
  • Unlimited edits - after the final paper you have 30 days for unlimited amendments to your order
  • Free title page
  • Free outline  

If you opt for writing services where you can pick a Top expert or benefit from some other options, check this SpeedyPaper review for more details. Keep in mind that it takes time and determination to make the right choice and select the best essay-writing platform. Consider the above-mentioned factors as you analyze any custom paper creation service and deal with the ones that are not only reputable and time-tested but also customer-oriented, professional, convenient, and affordable.

Why is ScamFighter a trusted source of information?

ScamFighter is a safe repository of facts. Formulated by a team of intellectuals and former ghostwriters who have a comprehensive grasp of the industry, ScamFighter is marked with an insider's point of view on academic writing services. Our writing services reviews are detailed and based on an exhaustive list of pre-determined criteria, enabling us to objectively evaluate service quality, reliability, and value. The skill and expertise of our team allow us to spot and highlight hidden details and subtleties that might be overlooked by an untrained eye, thus making our reviews thoughtful and informative. More than that, ScamFighter is guided by fairness and affordability so you can trust us!

essay pro refund

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EssayPro Review 2023: The Essay Writing Service Under The Scope

Santiago mallea.

EssayPro Essay Writing Service Review

Chief of Content At Gradehacker

  • Updated on April, 2023

Watch our full EssayPro review!

If you are aware of essay writing services, it’s likely you have heard about EssayPro . 

They are one of the most popular and well-known options in the market, and if you are thinking about working with them, it’s important you know beforehand how their process works.

In other words, you need an honest EssayPro review. And one that answers important BIG questions such as:

  • How much does EssayPro costs?
  • Is the communication with the writer any good?
  • Are there any money-back guarantees?
  • Is EssayPro legit?
  • Can EssayPro deliver a high-quality and flawless paper?

Well, you are about to find the answer to all of these questions and more!

Here at Gradehacker, we are the non-traditional adult student’s most trusted resource. We have many years of experience in the essay-writing industry , helping students finish their college programs faster.

So, we know what requirements a company like EssayPro needs to meet.

That’s why we are giving our honest EssayPro review and showing the entire process we went through. After reading this post, you’ll have a clear picture of their service and be ready to make an informed decision.

You Deserve Personalized and Transparent Help

If you value open communication and want to know who is helping you, Gradehacker’s team of writers has what you are looking for!

New call-to-action

What we Did to Review EssayPro

Unlike our previous EssayPro review , this time, we’ll ask them to write an academic assignment from scratch instead of editing a paper we already had.

We ordered a 4-page nursing essay to be delivered in five days where their professional writer would have to describe the microorganism “Bacillus Anthracis” and explain several factors related to it.

It’s the default prompt we use for our essay writing services reviews . If you are interested in finding out what’s the process behind some of the most popular alternatives, such as PaperHelp , PapersOwl , EduBirdie, and many more!

We use this prompt because it’s a great way to check that this essay writing service covers the essential aspects every academic service should. 

essay pro refund

What EssayPro Offers

Before we start, let’s cover the wide range of services that EssayPro offers:

  • Writing: Have academic assistance with multiple college-related written pieces
  • Rewriting: Have an expert writer rewrite and improve a paper you already have
  • Editing: Get a review from their experienced writers to polish your essay

However, it’s worth noticing that within their academic writing service, they offer assistance for multiple assignment types and for any academic level . These go from common research papers and book reviews to more complex lab reports and dissertations and even have a calculation service.

And how was our latest experience with EssayPro?

Overall, we can say it started on the right track. Placing our order was very easy, but as we progressed in our journey, we started finding more and more aspects that we didn’t like. And by the end, we got a paper with many problems and a discovery that we didn’t see coming.

Here you have a quick summary of how we rated each of their aspects, but you’ll have to continue reading to find out how our experience went.

Ordering Process

To show how EssayPro’s ordering process works, we divided it into two parts:

Ordering Form

To place our order, we had to complete their pricing calculator with all the basic information:

  • Assignment type
  • Number of pages/word

After that, we had to create an account to log into their portal. You can sign up with your email, Facebook, or Google account.

Once there, we had to include all the missing details, such as:

  • Assignment topic and subject
  • Number of required sources
  • Citation format
  • Paper instructions

Finally, we attached the assignment requirements with its additional instructions and grading rubric. This way, our assigned essay writer could have a better guide on how to complete our order.

Then, we simply placed our request and moved to the next section: choosing the writer.

But overall, this first part, where we had to fill in all the important information regarding our assignment, felt super easy, intuitive, and fast. The form asks for all the essential details (such as the styling format and the number of sources required) and lets you include anything you need.

EssayPro Review Ordering Form

Bids From Writers

Now is when the ordering process gets a bit more overwhelming.

EssayPro works with a bidding service. Meaning, that while you get a starting price when you fill in their pricing calculator, but then you can get different offers from their catalog of professional essay writers.

At first we found this reasonable, as you have to chance to pay a bit more for a writer you feel can be a better fit for your college assignment.

However, we quickly found two problems.

1) We received too many bids from writers way faster

In over 90 seconds, we got 41 different offers. That’s like two writers’ bids per second!

And it wasn’t like they were automatically sent just to give us a wide range of prices. Each bid came along with a message from that writer, telling us things like:

  • "I have already read our instructions and am familiarized with your topic"
  • "Please give me a chance to complete this assignment for you"
  • "I guarantee professionalism, plagiarism-free paper, and timely work"

Most of them were very general and didn’t refer to anything in particular about our order.

However, after the first 90 seconds, we received a few more messages that at least mentioned that they knew about our chosen microorganism or that they were R.N. and therefore were a great fit.

EssayPro Review Multiple Chats

Besides the pricing (which we’ll talk about in a bit), another factor that helps you choose the writer is the description each one has. Here, you’ll find a short bio about them and a list of all the topics these experienced writers are good at.

While many of these descriptions were detailed and included client reviews, a success rate, and many promising facts about the professionals, we didn’t find a way to verify their credentials. These profiles don’t have a link that takes you to LinkedIn or somewhere that corroborates that “expert writer” experience.

And because you don’t even get the writer’s full name (they only tell you the first letter of the surname) , you can’t look them up on Google or social media.

essay pro refund

For us, getting so many bids (over 40!) in less than two minutes feels completely overwhelming and fake , especially if we consider that most of the messages we received with the offers were automated and weren’t written toward us.

And even those messages that did address a detail related to our order then had a few sentences that seemed quickly copy-pasted into the chat.

This was our first indicator that EssayPro sees our order as a number to be completed instead of a student asking for real help with one assignment.

So, even though the ordering process started with an easy-to-follow form, it later overwhelmed us with too many different options in just a few minutes. 

That’s why we are grading them a 6/10.

EssayPro Review Our Price

Now, to better explain the second problem with the bidding system, we need to talk about EssayPro’s prices.

EssayPro Prices

Pricing for each essay service for students who are at college start at:

  • Editing Service: $5.7 per page
  • Rewriting Service: $.7.98 per page
  • Academic Writing Service:
  • Easy Projects (Essay, review, case study): $11.4 per page
  • Medium Projects (Research papers, thesis, term paper):$12.35 per page
  • Hard Projects (Lab reports, admission essay): +$13.3 per page

Still, it’s worth mentioning that if it’s your first order, with every additional page you add, you get a 5% discount. This means that if you need a 7-page paper, you’ll get a 30% discount!

In our case, we got 15% of f. Instead of $36, we had a minimum price of $32.30.

But if these look like affordable prices, then what’s the problem we mentioned during the writers’ selection part? Well…

2) Almost all offers were more expensive than our initial price

From the 41 writers’ bids we received, only five maintained the cost we got in the initial calculator. The rest had more expensive fees, most with average prices between $40 and $50, and one of them even asked for $72!

Yes, that’s more than double our starting minimum price.

For us, the fact that EssayPro first presents its services with a minimal price, only to later offer you options that are mostly more expensive than it is a huge downside. Even if these don’t stop being accessible prices, we feel like they are making us think that we need to pay more to receive a top-quality paper.

This is because these alternatives with higher prices come from “experienced writers” who supposedly have more knowledge in the field our essay is about. And the extra dollar could be worth it; if only they gave us a way to verify that their credentials and background are real.

essay pro refund

And how does EssayPro's payment work?

Instead of directly sending the money to the writer, you have to make a deposit in your account. 

You can release the payment once the assignment was completed and you feel happy with the final result. This way, you know for sure that the paper meets your quality standards and that the assigned professional will do their best to deliver it.

And the biggest advantage they have in comparison to other professional writing services is that they don’t have additional costs . While other companies charge extra for key essay elements like plagiarism reports, outlines, and revisions, all of these are included in your order in case you need them.

One point in their favor.

Still, we didn’t like how our original cost didn’t look like the real price EssayPro wanted us to pay. So, we are giving them a 6.

EssayPro Review Additional Costs

Experience With The Writer

With all of the different bids offered, we now had to pick one.

Because we wanted to stick with the minimum price EssayPro originally presented to us, we only had five options to choose from.

In the end, we chose Kelly D., a biologist with a background in fields like biomedical sciences, health sciences, and chemistry . She also had completed more than 1,000 orders, a high satisfaction rate, and an overall rating of 4.9.

Once we hired her, she sent us a message thanking us.

Our communication with her was adequate and timely. EssayPro has an integrated chat window in their portal, where you can get in touch with your writer whenever you need.

In our case, we greeted Kelly and told her that she could let us know whether she had questions about the instructions and that we were happy to help her. A few seconds later, she reached out back to thank us and confirm she would tell us if needed.

essay pro refund

Initially, we felt great about having a real person writing genuine messages instead of copy-pasting sentences.

Sadly, when she delivered our paper, she addressed us as “dear client” and that she had completed the assignment. Another automated message.

Still, aside from this detail, we felt that our experience with Kelly was satisfactory . We had the opportunity to get in touch with her if needed, as much as she could ask us any questions regarding the instructions.

This is why we are giving them an 8.

Need to Know The Cost of Writing Your Essay?

Read out detailed blog and discover how much it costs to write your essay and the factors behind the pricing.

essay pro refund

Essay Quality

Now, let’s see in-depth one of the most important sections of our EssayPro Review: the overall quality of our paper.

Chiqui Villazana | Consulting Team Director

Just like we did in our former essay service reviews, we asked Chiqui, our in-house Editor in Chief, to review the essay we got in detail and tell us if it was up to their standards or was the product of an average-quality service.

And unfortunately, the final result is closer to this second option.

Clarity and Comprehension

The first big mistake we noticed is that our writer didn’t include the name of our chosen microorganism in the introductio n and simply refers to “Bacillus Anthrasis” as “it.” Our bacteria was first mentioned in the second paragraph.

This is a basic error that no experienced writer should make.

Regarding the overall structure of the essay, it was acceptable and well-organized, with almost no grammatical errors . Kelly followed the guidelines we sent without much trouble, unless for a tiny detail. 

She forgot to write one entire section that was worth 10 points.

Both the instructions and the guideline included a prompt about “Infectious Disease Information.” Still, this heading was nowhere to be found in our essay . Looks like our writer didn’t read the requirements in-depth.

By far, this was the biggest mistake we received in our order.

Because we got two errors that could have been easily avoided, we are giving them a 5 in comprehension.

Title page

APA Formatting

But bad news don’ts top there.

While the APA formatting was mostly accurate, it was outdated as it included styling features like a running head and a heading in the introduction, which are no longer required according to the latest version of APA.

Also, the headings were aligned to the left and in bold when they should have been centered without any format. Some even had a period, which sub-headings like these shouldn’t have.

Then, our writer repeated the title of the paper on the first page , when that’s not necessary when you already have a title page.

essay pro refund

Still, these were simple mistakes that Kelly should have been aware of. But there were two bigger problems with the APA formatting.

First of all , the paragraphs didn’t have the required indentation that every essay must have. 

But most importantly, our not-so-experienced writer forgot to include the in-text citations from two different sources . While the articles written by Mallozzi and Tuipulotu are listed in the bibliography, they aren’t cited in the text.

This is a huge mistake since crediting your source is critical to avoid plagiarism.

And it’s not like our writer included these references to meet the required minimum. The paper we got clearly has information from multiple sources , and we are sure that these two articles correctly written in the reference list were used in the essay.

However, we can’t know for sure which parts of the text are using information from the sources.

With all that said, we are giving EssayPro a 5 in APA formatting.

Considering the issue we’ve just described, it’s a mistake that has to do with a plagiarism issue as well.

After running it in our plagiarism checker, we didn’t find any duplicated content. Meaning, that our paper was 100% original.

But because we know that two sources from the reference list aren’t properly credited in the text, our writer is committing unwanted plagiarism.

That’s why we are giving them a 6.

essay pro refund

EssayPro Guarantees

How about the guarantees EssayPro offers? Do they have any money-back guarantee?

Well, they have a   refund policy and are transparent with how these work:

  • 100% Refund: If you don't get an expert assigned and cancel the order fast or send a duplicated order by mistake
  • 70% Refund: If you cancel the order when the writer has already worked on it but before they complete it
  • You can dispute a refund if:
  • The writer sends the order after the deadline
  • There is a problem with the order’s originality

However, you don’t get a refund if:

  • You use your order for personal purposes
  • You receive a lower grade than expected
  • The editing and proofreading Order didn't meet your expectations
  • The refund period has passed (they are available within six months of the transaction date)

While we value how transparent they are with their guarantees, we think that they are quite basic and cover general problems that are more related to issues in their process rather than the quality of their work.

After all, they specifically mention that they “can’t offer a refund for a claim of a failed course or a similar one because the expert’s task is to help the customer in accordance with the requirements set out in the order.”

In short, they aren’t responsible if you get to use their low-quality paper and get a bad grade. What’s the point of investing your money if they don’t guarantee that you’ll get at least a decent note?

We are giving their guarantees a 6.

essay pro refund

Is EssayPro Legit?

And as always, we left for last THE question any student should ask when considering a professional writing service: is EssayPro a legit service?

Our answer is kind of.

Regarding their service, they are legit. They delivered our order within the deadline, even though it wasn’t the best in terms of quality.

EssayPro isn’t a scam . They won’t run away with your money after placing your request.

Still, if you would ask us if they are legit with how they present themselves, we must say that they are not legit at all.

Here’s why:

Fake writer profiles

Something we had already mentioned in our EssayPro Editing Service review is that the writer’s profiles look fake.

It also doesn’t help that you only get the first name of each professional and don’t have any means to verify who they are and that they have the background and experience they claim.

Back then, we ran some of the images through Google Reverse image search and found they were indeed fake. We did it again and had the same results.

As we can see, Thomas S. is an extremely popular hair model.

EssayPro Review Reverse Image Search Profile

We weren’t expecting less, but then we noticed something that surprised us.

Some of the writers now had different pictures than the ones they had last year.

If having fake pictures wasn’t enough proof, knowing that they change them after a while supports how intransparent they are.

EssayPro reviews negative

And when we thought that this was it, we made one final discovery that completely shocked us.

EssayPro has secondary websites that provide the exact same service

Recently, we reviewed PapersOwl, another academic paper-writing service that, in our opinion, looked too similar to EduBirdie.

In our research, we found that they were indeed part of the same company, which had four different essay-writing services with different names and layouts but shared the same ordering process and writers’ database.

You can have a better look at that in our PapersOwl review .

After that experience, we’ve been super careful in checking that other “top-quality services” were who they claim and not just one sub-company owned by a larger service.

Since EssayPro is such a reputable writing service with many years in the market, we imagined that this wouldn’t be the case for them.

We were wrong.

We found that the services EssayHub and WritePaper have the same process and workflow as EssayPro. We know this because they have identical:

  • Ordering process
  • Sign-up site

EssayPro Login

And most important of all: they have the same writers.

We took our favorite hair model’s profile and replaced its URL from “” to “ ” and “ “, only maintaining his writer ID.

Just like we were expecting, Thomas S. has the exact same profile on each website. Same (fake) photo, reviews, and ratings.

Thomas S. profile in EssayPro

But contrary to PapersOwl and EduBirdie, who weren’t trying to hide the fact that they belonged to the same company, as it was mentioned in their Terms of Service, EssayPro , EssayHub , and WritePaper don’t say anything related to their shared database in their terms.

This is because there is nothing illegal about this . It’s just a strategy to reach more clients who are looking for multiple alternatives when looking for a reliable service to trust.

Once again, EssayPro is not a scam but is not a legit service either . 

They aren’t clear on what is the actual workflow behind their process and demonstrate that they are more interested in receiving more orders from different sites rather than truly helping the student making the request.

So, we are giving EssayPro a 3 in legitimacy.

Our Verdict

What do we think about EssayPro? Is it worth it?

In our opinion, it’s only worth your time if you are looking for fast assistance with a simple assignment and are willing to review it in-depth to check that it’s well-written and meets all the requirements.

But if you want to be sure that the experienced writer helping you is who they truly claim, or are looking for a top-quality service that cares about the struggles of students and wants to help you have a better college experience, EssayPro won’t be a good fit.

EssayPro Pros

  • Affordable and student-oriented prices
  • Fast and complete ordering form
  • Features writing, proofreading, and editing services
  • You have a chat box to communicate with your writer
  • Unlimited reviews for 30 days after the deadline
  • On-time delivery

EssayPro Cons

  • Outdated and incorrect use of APA 7th Edition
  • Our writer didn't read the instructions in-depth and forgot to include one required section
  • The writer forgot to cite two sources credited in the reference list
  • Choosing a writer is an overwhelming process, as you get multiple offers in a few minutes
  • Most of the writers' bids didn't respect the original price we received
  • Messages from the writers were automated and fake
  • Writers' profiles are fake, and there is no way to verify who they are
  • EssayPro has a bigger company behind it with one shared database and other websites with the same work frame to attract more clients

Want to Know Who is Helping You?

With Gradehacker, you can chat or call your assigned writer to check how your top-quality essay is going!

Whether it’s a 4-page nursing essay, book review, or complex research paper, submit your request and see how we can help you!

Is EssayPro For You?

You now have all the essential information and a transparent experience of how it is to work with EssayPro. 

Now you need to consider your goals, see what you need, and whether you have a problem in trusting a company that isn’t genuine with who they are and whose are the writers behind their barely adequate service are.

We wish you the best of luck and trust that you’ll make an informed decision that will leave you as a satisfied customer.

But if you are sure that EssayPro isn’t for you and are looking for other alternatives, here at Gradehacker, we’ll be happy to assist you with whatever you need!

Whether you need help with a complex essay , an entire class , or are looking for a long-term relationship to earn your degree faster , be sure to reach out to us and let us know what we can do to make you have a better college experience.

And if you want to check out other reviews, don’t miss these related posts:

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essay pro refund

How Much Does it Cost to Write My Essay?

essay pro refund

How to use Chat GPT to Write an Essay

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Start with a bang – 11% off at SpeedyPaper! Review

Author: Ashley Ferguson | Updated November 14, 2023

Comprehensive Review: You Get What You Pay For

Service features:.

Service rating

Discount from

Refund Policy

Revision Policy

  • High-quality papers;
  • Timely assignment delivery;
  • Responsive customer service;
  • Diverse range of services.
  • Slightly higher prices;
  • May require revisions for minor details.

Hey, want to make the most of writting services?

Here's our this month's best picks


Writepaperforme, overview.

When I stumbled upon EssayPro, I was skeptical yet intrigued. I researched each EssayPro review online and noticed a common trend: people seemed genuinely happy with their services. So, I decided to dive in and see what the fuss was about. The company boasts an impressive 20-year stint in the writing industry, which instantly instilled a sense of trust. When I learned that I could even place an order through their live chat, it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I communicated my needs effortlessly, thanks to this feature.

EssayPro main page

Equally impressive was their recently updated mobile app. Speedy and user-friendly, it made the ordering process a breeze. EssayPro doesn't just stop at essays; they've broadened their scope to include editing, proofreading, and even business plan writing. With an overwhelming number of reviews on SiteJabber and accolades on TrustPilot, I knew I was in good hands. So, do you want to check the whole review? Buckle up, and let's start the show!

Prices and Deadlines

When I checked the pricing, I felt that EssayPro understands the tight budget students often work with. Their base rate for writing is $12 per page, which felt reasonable given the quality I was expecting. If your essay needs a facelift, their rewriting services cost $8.4 per page, while editing services are even more budget-friendly at $6 per page.

Prices and Deadlines

But what sweetened the deal was the Essaypro discount code for first-time customers, slashing up to 10% off the final bill. Considering all the features and the quality they promised, I felt this was quite a bargain. You might wonder, "Is Essaypro real?" With such an array of services and discounts, I can confidently say yes, it is as real as it gets.

Available Types of Papers

Before using EssayPro, I combed through several reviews to see if they could handle my academic needs. The extensive range of papers they offer reassured me. From essays to research papers and even dissertations, it felt like a one-stop-shop for academics. Here are the types of papers offered:

  • term papers;
  • dissertations;
  • research papers;
  • coursework.

Students seem to echo my sentiments in their reviews; the company's reputation for offering various services makes it stand out. If you're questioning, "Is Essaypro legit?" let me assure you, their extensive service offerings are as legit as they come.

Paper Quality and My Experience Using

I put EssayPro to the test by ordering a 7-page research paper on environmental sustainability. I had specific guidelines regarding the format, use of scholarly sources, and critical analysis. The writer nailed almost all these requirements, delivering a well-researched and persuasive argument. Essaypro customer service was exceptional; they kept me updated throughout the process.

Paper Quality

The initial draft had minor typos and two vague phrases that caught my attention. However, one quick revision later, the paper was nearly flawless. This experience led me to conclude that EssayPro doesn't just claim to be reliable; it delivers on its promises. If you're wondering, "Is Essaypro trustworthy?" based on my positive experience, the answer is a resounding yes. The service and overall paper quality surpassed my expectations, making them a solid choice for academic writing needs.

Paper Extras

What caught my eye when using EssayPro were the free extras that came with the order. A simple ordering guide with automatic discounts gave me peace of mind. At the same time, the option for unlimited revisions meant I didn't have to worry about extra costs for perfecting my paper. But what truly sets EssayPro apart is the direct communication I had with the writer.

Paper Extras

This level of involvement is not something I've experienced with other services. When they say experience matters, they mean it. They employ only the best American and Canadian writers with at least 3+ years of academic writing under their belts. The freedom to pick the most qualified writer in my field was a bonus. So, is Essaypro reliable? My experience shouts a resounding 'Yes!'

Before finalizing my paper, I wanted to ensure its originality. So, I ran it through Turnitin and Copyscape. Both tools confirmed what EssayPro's built-in plagiarism checker had already assured me: the content was 100% unique. Seeing no red flags for plagiarism was a sigh of relief. If you're questioning the reliability of Essaypro writing, let their plagiarism-free guarantee be your answer.

The support I received throughout was commendable. From the moment I placed the order until the deadline, they were transparent and responsive. My advice? Always check the rating features to understand the level of quality you can expect, and rest easy knowing your academic journey is in good hands.

Refund and Revision Policies

One of the first things I checked before placing my order was EssayPro's refund and revision policies. The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee under specific conditions, such as sending money twice or if they fail to assign a writer. Should a writer be already assigned and have started working on your task, a 70% refund is still available.

Is EssayPro a scam? This clear and fair approach to refunds makes me confident in saying, "No, Essaypro is not a scam." Alongside the Essaypro refund policy, the company also offers unlimited revisions. This double layer of safety concerning the price and the quality of work puts my mind at ease.

Online Reputation

In today's interconnected environment, online reputation is everything. EssayPro holds its own quite well on this front. I looked through reviews on Reddit, Trustpilot, SiteJabber, and Quora. The overwhelming consensus points to a high level of customer satisfaction. Clients frequently commend the company for its professional writers and responsive customer support.

Online Reputation

While some users have mentioned their reservations about the price, most agree that the quality justifies it. I also found multiple positive Reddit comments that echo the brand's reliability. So, how does Essaypro work? Rest assured, their online reputation suggests that they know their business quite well.

Support and Communication

My interactions with EssayPro's customer support were notably smooth. The online chat feature was straightforward, and the support team was responsive. Whether I had questions about the ordering process, writer selection, or even the fine print of their policies, they were quick to clarify. This quick and efficient communication, in my opinion, amplifies their already strong rating. So, if you're a student asking, "Is Essaypro good?" my experience says unequivocally yes.

Final Thoughts

So, to wrap things up, is Essaypro legal? Absolutely. Is Essaypro safe? My experience says a resounding yes. I was impressed by the array of services offered, the skill level of the writers, and the attention to detail in customer support. The commitment to delivering high-quality work while maintaining policy transparency gives them an edge in a crowded market. I'm adding my voice to many satisfied customers who find value in their services. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution for your academic needs, EssayPro should be at the top of your list.

Is EssayPro a scam?

No, based on my experience and multiple reviews, EssayPro is not a scam.

Is EssayPro reliable?

Yes, they are reliable, especially in meeting deadlines and delivering quality work.

Is EssayPro legit?

Yes, they are a legitimate company with a solid reputation.

Is EssayPro good?

Absolutely, from the quality of the papers to customer service, they perform well.

Is cheap?

While not the cheapest, they offer competitive prices and discounts that provide good value.

Is fraud?

No, they have transparent policies and a good track record, indicating they are not a fraud.

Is cheating?

No, they provide legitimate academic services, but how you use them is up to you.

Is legal?

Yes, they operate within the bounds of the law.

Is trustworthy?

Based on my experience, yes, they are trustworthy.

Is reliable?

Again, yes. They have proven reliable in multiple aspects, including quality, delivery, and support.


Rate and write a review

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Essaypro Review – Can They Manage Academic Challenges?

Updated 16.09.2021

Based on 12 reviews

To decide what score each company deserves, we compare our team’s grades, academics’ ratings, and individual reviews. Opinions of team is worth 30% of the total grade. Academics’ ratings comprise 35%, and individual grades account for 35%. In cases when there are no individual reviews posted about a firm, academics have a say by 60%, while our team gets 40%.

All ratings, opinions, and reviews you see on this site do not necessarily reflect the official position of any other company, educational establishment, or employer. These reviews are always subject to revision and change. Please do not hold us to them — visit actual websites to make any decision.

  • large selection of free essay samples
  • affordability
  • YouTube channel
  • good customer support
  •  grammar issues
  • Minimum Deadline 3 hours
  • Lowest Price $11.99
  • Discounts Not Available
  • Payment Methods American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover
  • Guarantees 24/7 Support, Confidentiality, Customer Satisfaction, Money Back, No Hidden Charges, No Plagiarism, On-time Delivery, Quality, Revision
  • Types of papers Essay, Research, Term paper, Thesis, Dissertation, Coursework, Capstone project, Book report, Outline, Book review, Movie review, Research summary, Report, Case Study, Lab report, PowerPoint presentation, Article, Article critique, Annotated bibliography, Reaction paper, Project
  • YouTube Channel

EssayPro has mostly left a good impression as we composed our review. It still has to address several aspects to avoid possible style and formatting issues, yet there is nothing too serious that would ruin the final paper. They have good customer support and a nice selection of samples that showcase their work. They are affordable and seem to provide interesting information by using their nice YouTube channel with tips, reviews, and explanations. They are one of the better examples in our review experience, yet you must always discuss your concerns with an expert to avoid trouble with an understanding of the grading rubric.

As we planned this Essaypro review, we honestly did not know what to expect since it was just another essay writing service with a bidding system that lets writers offer you the best price. While they are offering limited selection of free essay samples and do not have free tools that we could determine, they take a slightly different approach by letting you see how a certain assignment type must be written depending on categories like argumentative writing or analysis.

Judging by their top menu, they offer dissertation and research paper assistance with their essay prices starting from $11.4, their paper rewriting services that start at $7, and proofreading resulting in $6 per page, which is not really expensive, considering our past reviews. Even though they implement a bidding system so your price may increase, they provide their best offers, which come right away without any waiting. Taking a quick look at Reddit, they often appear among popular college students’ requests who seek urgent help or ask is essaypro legit. This company does not disappoint in terms of timely delivery.

Website: Essaypro has an appealing website with no extra information that would get in the way. Their samples, however, are limited and remain hidden in their Blog section (next to essaypro login). While it is not that significant, they should address this issue.

EssayPro Tools

EssayPro does not provide any tools except for those free essay samples that we have reviewed. However, their amazing Youtube channel serves as a great replacement with an excellent selection of helpful videos that many mobile users will appreciate. Their experts talk about various essay writing tips and share academic life tips.

Paper and Essay Samples

Unfortunately, this company does not offer a sufficient amount of essay samples, as was noted in many reviews. They have decided to provide at least one free essay example for each assignment type. We believe that it is a good approach that may help college students finally learn about existing style or structure differences.

Access : Free. Samples Originality : Plagiarized. Plagiarism tool helped to find their samples on Course Hero. But it’s not clear who submitted them first. We encountered the Course Hero problem in our previous college paper writing service reviews of other companies.

Should Parents Be Held Accountable for the Criminal Acts of Their Children?

Category: Research Paper Writing    

Assessment: This paper is mostly good with several minor style and grammar issues because of several run-on sentences and lack of reference when talking about events like the Suburbs East violence that has been mentioned. This pro essay example lacks proofreading and contains no thesis statement that would make the author’s opinion or take clearer since we talk about research paper structure.

The Death of Honesty

Category: Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Words: 1200

Assessment: It is a good essay with several plagiarism issues since an author probably decided to paraphrase certain assumptions without providing quotes that would refer to various book pages to make it reliable. It has generally good grammar, which shows that this paper has been proofread. It has an academic structure and good rhetorics, which fits this paper’s style.

Business Data Analytic Scholarship Essay

Category: Scholarship Essay      

Assessment: This particular essay sample lacks originality as our plagiarism report has shown. Since it must be the first priority when writing one’s scholarship essay, this sample shows no originality and blindly lists various course specifics that are already known to any admission committee. It lacks good structure and grammar, which must be kept within existing academic writing standards.

Essay Pro Review Free Mobile App

Although we did not have trouble with their mobile solution and could track progress of our order and receive notifications, most users seem to find it unstable.

Essaypro Writing Services

Essaypro does not differ much in terms of what they offer for college students, just check our other reviews for comparison. They have their share of dissertation writing services , essays, coursework, or personal statement help without costing a fortune. Although this company implements bidding, our price per page has only increased to $15 per page, which was understandable because of our urgent deadline. Their editing and rewriting services start from $7 and may increase if you need a lengthy or overly complex paper. Since you can talk to various essay pros before making any choice, you may compare their prices.

  • Prices : Starting from $11.99 and up, like many homework answer websites have, also they have a fair bidding system. Using promo code “Youtube”, you can get a 20% discount.
  • Payment options: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover Network.
  • Delivery Time & Deadlines : No problems encountered here. Our order has been delivered even earlier than our specified deadline.
  • Revision Policy & Refunds : Getting your free revision right can be problematic if your writer fails to understand you. Speaking of refunds, they are possible, yet take time and nerves to achieve. It has been mentioned in other Essay pro reviews.
  • Confidentiality & Guarantees : They are a legit company that calls up no concerns. Our conversations with various writers happened via SSL connection.
  • Writers . We could not encounter any fake profiles and it was good to read at least some basic information about a person’s skills, which has helped us to make our final choice once some bidding has been done. You are free to choose any writer. Although we have read numerous complaints, as it always happens, our writer’s attitude has been good and helpful.
  • Papers Quality : It’ll always depend on what you have requested (subject and your deadline). Our simple essay paper dealing with adolescent psychology had two days before the deadline and included three pages of work. It has been done without major issues and contained no plagiarism. Speaking of structure, we had to request three revisions because our writer could not understand what had to be fixed. Make sure to upload screenshots that would help eliminate issues like that. Our pro essay writer review would receive five stars if not for this small accident with revisions. Since it was done without delays and we did not see any proofreading issues, it was a positive experience.
  • Customer Support : Our experience has been good. Their support is quite helpful and takes time to listen to your concerns. However, some users have noted lack of help when dealing with their payment options and issues with specific bank cards.

Essaypro Reviews and General Impression

The online reputation of EssayPro is generally good, yet some issues still occur, which is inevitable. Although our experience has been positive, we can envision how others have not been that lucky. Starting from Sitejabber, we can see what kind of issues are typical:

TrustPilot discusses payment issues and their high prices:

Youtube Channel : We have intentionally added a separate paragraph about their Youtube to our review twice since other reviews fail to mention this or discuss reliability based on what they have seen. We took some time to review what they offer and have found it to be helpful and good for a change. Take your time and remember about a 20% discount!

Is the company legit? They are legit and are operated by Online Academic Services Ltd. They will be listed as “writing help” on your bank account that will keep you safe in case of any questions or issues when you make payment.

We did not encounter any plagiarism problems or poor grammar that we feared to see. The only issue that we had related to three revision requests and formatting issues that our writer failed to understand. We did not pay an overly high price, which is unexpected, considering other users’ experience.

Pro Essay writing service receives 4 / 5 stars from us, which is well-deserved for their channel on YouTube alone.

We did not discover any fake profiles or legal issues. They are mostly safe unless you run into refund issues, which are typical for every company. Always check things twice.

No, it is not. Pro essays represent a legal company that is not likely to get you in trouble. Still, remember about your safety and plagiarism.

Our experience has been better than with most other essay writing services. They usually meet specified deadlines. Speaking of content quality, it will always depend on your subject, chosen writer, and complexity.

i love the paper. it had everything

I don’t know why but they allowed me pay installmentally. thanks for that…

this site seems not okay, i got a D for my essay last week

The teacher read the paper written in collaboration with your service very scrupulously, and then muttered something to himself and gave me a C.

I noticed a few grammatical errors in some sentences, but overall the work was well done.

I do not know how to evaluate this service, it seems to be good, but I would not say that the excellent. Let’s see what my professor will give me.

I have not found errors in the work of the writer, which was a pleasant surprise, but I would like to this site to make discounts for regular customers. very much hope that the site administrator will pass my request to the leadership of the service

only the price was embarrassing, but otherwise it was quite satisfactory.

No questions to the writer, but to those who came up with such prices for these services there is a question: why so expensive?

Essay written very well, I was not found errors, but who knows if my professor will not find errors in it, he is such that he likes to pick on everything.

The website and ordering process were straightforward but could have been more user-friendly.

I don’t know much about essay writing services, but I tried one out of desperation. The essay was decent, but it wasn’t amazing. I didn’t really understand the topic very well, so I couldn’t tell if the writer did a good job or not. Overall, I’m glad I used the service, but I’m not sure if I’ll use it again.

Every comment is being checked by our team. If found proper and real it will be posted.

Check  Terms of Use  and  Privacy Policy  for more information.

Similar Services to

Check  Terms of Use  and  Privacy Policy for more information.

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Sitejabber Website Reviews and Complaints


Unsolicited - verified purchase, solicited - verified purchase, ratings on other platforms.

EssayPro has a rating of 4.81 stars from 24,876 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers satisfied with EssayPro most frequently mention great work, easy process, and timely manner. EssayPro ranks 1st among Education Other sites.

  • Service 138
  • Shipping 999
  • Quality 1033

essay pro refund

This company responds to reviews on average within 10 days

EssayPro product 0

What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights.

  • Thank you for the quality work and completing it on time!
  • First time user and the ease of the website is great

Critical highlights

  • I was deceived and that's not very good customer service .
  • It was difficult figuring out the payment method , but I got it.

“Live communications with the writers so YOU can tell...”

Live communications with the writers so YOU can tell them what you want, I thought that was great. They bid on the work to do it for you so you can bargain a price, be aware the system does set a minimum price and they can't go lower than that. The bedside is well setup to be honest.

“Great service so far”

Great service so far. From the initial registration of my assignment I received a phone call instead of communication through the online tool. I felt very better knowing that they really care to understand your individual needs.

Reviews (24,876)

Reviews that mention popular keywords

Thumbnail of user mayn33

From the business

Welcome to EssayPro - where students trust our team of pro experts with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. We offer a wide range of services, including help with essay writing, editing, proofreading, and more, capable of handling tasks of any complexity. During 2021, we finished 300,000 assignments. Every month, our experts crafted 25,000 new assignments, with a daily influx of 850 fresh tasks. We understand the financial struggles of students, which is why we offer affordable and student-oriented prices. Our mission is to provide you with quality help with assignments that meet your academic needs. Our platform is like a fortress, offering you complete security and anonymity for a worry-free experience. Our support team is on standby 24/7 to assist you, and we even back our service with a money-back guarantee. Trust us with your academic success - order now!

  • Visit Website
  • Academic Editing , Essay Writing
  • #1 in Education Other
  • Edit business info

Business Highlights

  • Trustworthiness
  • Punctuality
  • Affordable prices

Company Representative

Thumbnail of user daniels1390

EssayPro Review

EssayPro is a unique essay writing service in terms of how it works. This is a freelancing platform that connects writers and students. Writers place bids for your order, so you are able to negotiate the price and talk to your writer directly.

It can be scary to try and complete an extensive academic paper yourself. You might not have the skills to finish your work. You may not have the time to where you can finish the project before its deadline. That’s where EssayPro comes in handy.

You can trust the workers at EssayPro if you need help in completing your next paper. EssayPro is reliable in that it gives you an excellent solution for work. You’ll have control over the ordering process, including how you can choose the writer you wish to hire. But you should also think about the pricing, as it can be unpredictable.

I’ll guide you through a look at what you can get from EssayPro in this review. I want to show you that EssayPro is a reliable choice when you need someone who can assist you with your academic project.

1. Order Process

Let’s start by taking note of how the ordering process works at EssayPro. What I like the most about the ordering process is that it gives you full control over who you hire. The website also lets you add as many details on your paper as you require.

Here are some steps to follow:

  • You’ll need to add money to your order wallet at the start.

While many essay writing services will ask you to pay for each project, EssayPro uses a wallet-based plan for payments. You will add funds to your wallet, and then use those funds to pay for services. EssayPro accepts all major credit and debit cards.

  • List your requirements for the project.

You’ll start by telling EssayPro what you wish to get out of your paper. You can state the type of paper you wish to order, the number of pages or words you need to complete, and the education level. You can also specify the deadline for getting the paper ready. The dashboard will list the estimated total price for the project based on your needs.

  • Include the instructions surrounding the task.

You’ll need to list the instructions relating to how your paper must look. You can discuss what you need out of the project and what you want your writer to mention.

The best point here is to be as specific and direct in your work as possible. You can add a rubric for your project to let the writer know what the project must feature. You can also mention the citation format for use to ensure your writer references things right.

  • Upload whatever files the writer will require for the project.

You can provide details on whatever resources the writer needs to utilize or any other multimedia files of value.

  • Review the writers available for the work.

My favorite part of the order process is that you can take note of all the writers available for your project. You can see which writers are open based on your subject and writing level. The site gives you a shortlist of eligible writers, but you can also leave your work out for a bit and see what bids from interested writers will appear.

You can check on each writer based on one’s past work, review the number of orders someone has completed and that writer’s total rating. Other than that, you have the choice to directly hire the writer or add that person to the shortlist of candidates for work.

  • Allow the writer to work on your project.

You can check the In Progress section of the user dashboard to see how well the writer is going with your task. The dashboard lets you keep in touch with your writer during the work process, so you’ll know what your writer is doing for you.

  • Your transaction will be complete, and you can then pay your writer.

You can pay your writer for the service after the work is finished and you are satisfied with the project. You can add a bonus to the writer if you are especially happy with the work. But you can also request a free revision if you find any issues surrounding your work.

What I like the most about EssayPro is that the service gives a simple approach to ordering. The company gives its customers more control over the ordering process.

I want to discuss the EssayPro prices you would spend when hiring the service. The price you’ll pay will vary based on the length of your project, the deadline, and the writing quality you demand. You can choose from a School, University, or Doctorate level. The project type may also impact the price.

An average five-page essay can cost about $43 to write if you have a two-week deadline. A term paper of that same length and timeframe can cost about $48 at the least.

The prices that EssayPro lists on its website are the lowest possible totals you would spend on a project. Most EssayPro reviews have suggested that you could spend anything from $10 to $20 per page for work, but the total varies. You’d have to discuss the pricing plan with a writer, but you will at least know what you’re going to spend on your work before you get it ready.

You can talk with your writing prospect to figure out the pricing for the project. But you should be aware of what you’re spending beforehand, especially when funding the wallet on your EssayPro account.

One thing to note about EssayPro is its bidding feature. You can review the bids from individual writers to see what they are willing to be paid for their work. You can figure out which people are eager to be paid the least for work, but you should note their experiences, writing standards, and past reviews before making your final choice.

I understand that the pricing is tough to predict, which can be frustrating for people who want to know what they’re going to spend first. But you will have more control over the final price, what with you looking through many people who can serve your project.

3. Discounts

You’re not going to find any discounts when looking for services with EssayPro. Unfortunately, there are no discount codes available to help you reduce those EssayPro prices. I could not find any spots on the website where I could add a discount code. But you still have control over who will work on your paper and what you might expect to pay when you hire someone to work for you.

4. Guarantees

EssayPro has a complete money-back guarantee. The site says on its guarantee page that about 95 percent of its customers return with new orders and that they are very satisfied with the work at hand. But the guarantee program ensures people will be assured with what is open.

You can get a 100 percent refund if a writer does not get assigned to your work, or if the order was only complete after the initial deadline passed. It is convenient that you have the right to dictate whether or not you wish to release all those funds after the deadline passes.

You may be subject to a partial refund if a writer is confirmed for work, but you choose to cancel the order. You may get a refund of 70 percent or greater on your order. The refund total varies over how much work was complete. EssayPro uses this standard to ensure the writers are compensated for whatever bits of work they complete.

EssayPro does not guarantee that you’re going to get a better grade on your project. You cannot get a refund if you get a lower grade on your project than whatever you might have anticipated. EssayPro uses this standard because all papers the writers create are intended to be points of reference that the clients can check and confirm later as necessary.

5. Online Reputation

People have been raving about what EssayPro offers for their paper writing needs. More than two thousand people have left reviews on SiteJabber . The site gives the page a 4.8 out of 5.0. People are happy with how the website interface works and how they can stay in touch with their writers when completing their work.

ResellerRatings gives the website a five-star rating, with people raving about how the writers are on-time and ensure their papers are easy to read and without errors. They also appreciate how EssayPro ensures all projects are original.

I’m surprised that these places had so many EssayPro reviews. Most of the other writing sites I review tend to have a couple of dozen. The reports show how happy people are with the services EssayPro provides to its customers.

6. Customer Support

Anyone who wishes to hire a writing company should ensure they can contact the people there as necessary. The customer support team at EssayPro understands this need, which is why they are always there to serve their customers. The company is open to contact 24 hours a day by phone or email.

The response time for getting an answer to a message will vary throughout the day. Sometimes you might have to wait a few hours before you can get a response. But you will get a thorough answer to your query when the people at EssayPro do get to your question. I would appreciate it if they were a little more prompt, but they at least provide sensible answers.

  • Consistent Communication With Your Writer

You’ll stay in touch with your assigned writer throughout your project. The system ensures you can contact your writer whenever you have any questions over your work. You can even get email or SMS notifications from your writer as necessary.

  • Choose Your Writer

Many other writing companies will assign a writer to you. EssayPro is different, as it lets you choose the writer you’re going to hire for your work. The platform lets you check on who is open and who you might want to consult for your project.

  • Thorough Ordering Service

You will get the chance to tell your writer about all the things you want out of a project. You can use the ordering service to handle your order in moments. The platform lets you provide your writer with the necessary attachments, the instructions for the project, and any grading rubrics you wish to cover.

  • No Outstanding Discounts

While you have the flexibility to choose someone based on what that person might charge, you’re not going to find any significant discounts. You’d have to check what each person charges for service before hiring someone.

  • Different Billing Process

The fact that you have to add money to a wallet on the site instead of pay for single projects separately may be an issue for some users. You might have money left over in your wallet after the project is complete. Then again, you never know what the final cost for your work will be when you hire someone here.

Summing Up: Is EssayPro Legit?

The EssayPro prices can be tough to predict, and customer service isn’t always there. But the writers at EssayPro are thorough in what they do, plus you can stay in touch with them throughout the work effort. You also have more control over who you’re going to hire for work.

EssayPro is reliable for when you’re trying to find a solution for writing work. But you should look around well to see what writers are available and who might be open to assist you with your work.

I would consider EssayPro to be an appealing option for your writing needs, but you should know what to expect out of the website. You must know what you are entering into before you start working, so you won’t be surprised over anything you come across in your work. I really hope that this EssayPro review was helpful to you. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have anything to say.

' src=

Adam is an expert when it comes to academic writing services. He knows the industry inside out as he worked as a customer service representative for a few essay mills.

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  • AI Outline Generator
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  • Paragraph Expander
  • Essay Expander
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  • Research Paper Generator
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  • Paraphrasing tool
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EssayPro Review: based on real mystery shopping

Nayeli Ellen

Among the titans in the industry, EssayPro is the first company that comes to mind immediately. As the largest academic writing helper out there, it has been around for more than 7 years, creating high-quality papers. Is EssayPro a reliable service? Let’s find out. 

An infographic with a short EssayPro review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 77.1/100

Quick Overview of EssayPro Essay Writing Services

EssayPro is a budget-friendly and professional essay writing service. Despite the lack of extra services and discounts, the company doesn’t disappoint its customers with the quality of papers .

  • Early paper completion
  • Customer-oriented communication
  • Moderate paper quality
  • Limited payment options
  • Lacking discount and loyalty programs

EssayPro Value for money – 16/25

Customers looking for the best price-quality ratio would not probably find a more suitable candidate for fulfilling their academic needs, though EssayPro staggers behind in terms of additional features and a loyalty program.

The service claims to have more than 1400 writers working to ensure a smooth customer experience, and it boasts as many as 1,5 million happy customers.

Here are Essay Pro’s main Value for Money features:

EssayPro’s low-cost pricing strategy makes it stand out in our A*Help rating. Enhancing its additional services and discounts and loyalty options would improve our score in aspects related to Value for Money. 

A screenshot of how we tried to negotiate a better price with our writer at essaypro

EssayPro Usability. Overall experience – 24/25

Our experience with EssayPro was close to perfect. You will get customer-centric communication with the support team and standardized security policy covered that even despite a few payment options missing.

Here are Essay Pro’s main Overall Experience observations:

In general, EssayPro’s slick interface and feature-rich website ensure comfortable use. No wonder we’ve also included this website in the best essay writing services review. Nonetheless, it should focus on alternative payment methods to maximize customer satisfaction.

A screenshot of our order page at essaypro

Is EssayPro worth it? Paper quality – 37/50

We sent our completed orders to a US college professor for assessment. They were analyzed based on the criteria applied to college and university students. The papers scored 89.7/100 pts and 58.7/00 pts respectively . The average paper quality score puts EssayPro in the middle of the A*Help rating list, but the difference between the two papers’ scores indicated that one of them could have been edited and formatted more proficiently.  

Here is overview of Essay Pro’s Paper Quality:

While one of the orders didn’t meet all our standards, the overall analysis indicates a pretty competitive academic score sweetened by the low prices offered by the company.

A screenshot of notifications we received about our orders at essaypro

The Final Say in EssayPro Review

To sum it all up, EssayPro is a go-to service for people looking for fast and affordable papers written at a college level . It is mainly targeted at students seeking to minimize their expenses and save their money for other causes. It may not be the best bet to order complex topics and assignments at EssayPro as paper quality in our mystery shopping was split between two extreme paper scores. 

Follow us on Reddit for more insights and updates.

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essay pro refund

EssayPro Review

essay pro refund

  • Review by Kelly Young | Updated: January 22, 2024
  • Rating 4.6/5 based on recent user ratings
  • The best thing about EssayPro is that you can choose a writer yourself based on dozens of reviews from previous customers.
  • The site uses a thorough writer verification process.
  • You can communicate with your writer directly, without any intermediaries. Most companies don’t allow that for the sake of their writers’ anonymity.
  • Since it’s a freelance writing platform, the quality is more or less predictable, and you basically get what you pay for.
  • EssayPro provides a free plagiarism report with every order, so you don’t have to pay extra to receive it.
  • Some writers may not precisely follow order instructions.
  • EssayPro is a popular company that has a steady stream of new customers, so it seems like the company values its writers more than it values its customers. Most of the time, refund disputes are resolved in a writer’s favor. is one of the oldest paper-writing services available online. The website has been in operation since 2003, and it has been serving people by supporting their many essay writing needs. You can trust the people at when you’re looking for someone who can support your writing demands. provides a user-friendly approach to ordering papers that you can trust. ensures your paper will be completed accurately and safely. Here’s a closer look at what you will find out of when you hire the website for your writing needs.

Is Legit?

You might be curious over whether a website that has been around since 2003 like is a legitimate choice to explore for your paper-writing demands. The great news is that is a trustworthy place that respects your needs. has a positive rating at TrustPilot and SiteJabber, with about 80 percent of the reviews being five stars. People love how EssayPro provides its projects before deadline and how they always communicate with the customers to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The team also has a full assortment of writers on hand. There are at least four hundred writers employed by EssayPro, meaning there are many people on hand to manage many projects. You can find writers that focus on specific tasks as necessary.

The team also provides its services to people in many countries. You can utilize EssayPro if you are in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Saudi Arabia.

Who Writes These Papers?

One question you might have when hiring a paper-writing service entails whether the writers you hire are ones that can securely handle all your work and do it right the first time around. The great news is that the people at are professionals who respect your demands.

EssayPro hires writers that specialize in many fields. You’ll find people who work in everything from agriculture to engineering to psychology and all points in between. You can click on each writer’s profile to see who is available, what projects they have completed in the past, and their success rates and ratings from prior customers.

EssayPro uses a thorough process for ensuring you’ll find the best writers for the task at hand. All writers are vetted and tested before being employed. They must also have suitable degrees in their fields of study before they can start working for you.

The Writer Verification Process

EssayPro uses a full series of steps to ensure its writers for hire are suitable for the jobs at hand. The website checks on its writers based on these points:

  • Proof of identity
  • Verification of one’s diploma
  • A review of writing samples; these include prior education projects
  • Writing a test essay; the website requires each candidate to write something new
  • A trial period where each writer is monitored for quality

The writing verification process ensures each person the website hires is safe to utilize for any need.

What Papers Are Available? can help you produce papers of all sorts. You can ask for assistance with high school, college, university, or Ph.D. papers. Also, you can provide as many details on your paper as possible and send a few attachments relating to the work, and a writer will get on it from there.

You can use for help with many papers, including traditional essays, case studies, research papers, admission papers, and creative writing projects. You can also hire someone to produce an annotated bibliography, research proposal, or case study.

No project is too minor or significant for the people at The website will give you the help you demand with whatever projects you wish to complete.

How Can You Order a Paper?

It’s easy to order a paper from EssayPro. You can use a few simple steps to get the order process going:

  • Create a new order.

You can create an order where you specify what you need out of your paper at the start. Just state what paper type you wish to complete, its general length, the grade level of your work, and when you require your paper. You can also provide a few attachments listing whatever resources or other things are necessary for the work. Be sure you provide as many details as possible about whatever paper you wish to write here.

  • Pick the essay writer that fits your needs.

You can select whatever writer you wish to hire after you submit your paper details. You can search for writers based on their fields of work, their ratings, and anything else you find in their profiles. EssayPro also lets you start conversations with whatever writers you wish to hire for the job. You can send a private message to someone to ask about possibly handling your paper.

Each writer charges a different total per page. Each one provides a bid based on one’s experience and professional quality. You can sort through the writer listings based on what bids each one provides.

  • Download your essay and pay for services when the writer completes the work.

You can review your paper and then download it and pay for your services when the writer is done and you are satisfied with the work. You can provide a complete review to let the writer know how satisfied you are, or you can send feedback listing what the writer needs to correct before you can finish the work.

Will Your Work Be of the Best Quality?

You might have qualms as to whether or not your work is of the best possible quality. The writers at understand your needs and will work their hardest to produce a top-rate paper that fits your needs. writers are monitored and screened to ensure the website only hires the most-talented ones. The website checks the writers to ensure they can handle the instructions for each paper. They will also follow all necessary formatting rules, including the APA, MLA, and Chicago formats.

All papers are also screened through an online plagiarism detection program. The system checks the final work versus other documents available now. The review confirms the originality of the content and ensures you are only receiving a paper that is fully complete and unique.

EssayPro completes these reviews to ensure you will have a thorough paper that fits whatever needs you hold. You can feel assured that EssayPro will handle whatever tasks you wish to complete without worrying about their quality.

Academic Integrity Standards

EssayPro has strict academic integrity standards that focus on producing quality papers for all customers. A professional writer will check on your writing needs and provide a full project that covers whatever you might demand out of your work.

EssayPro ensures all acts of academic dishonesty are prohibited among all writers. These include actions like:

  • Copying content
  • Impersonating another party
  • Collusion, or working with multiple parties in an unauthorized manner
  • Contract cheating, or contracting a third party to assist in the project without one’s permission
  • Trying to fabricate or falsify any content

Every paper that writers at EssayPro complete is checked to ensure it is unique and accurate. All documents are monitored to confirm they are sensible and easy to follow. You can trust the workers at EssayPro to ensure everything fits your needs.

What Does It Cost For Service?

The cost to hire someone at will vary over the writer you hire, the paper length, and the grade level. You can expect to spend more when you require a higher-grade paper. It also costs more to hire someone if you have a shorter timeframe.

For example, you can spend about $11 per page if you have a paper that you need within the next two months. That total may go up to $16 per page when you have a week to complete the work.

The pricing will vary by writer, as each person here has different bidding standards for every paper. You can sort through all the open candidates to see who is available and what they will charge for their work.

Discounts are available, although the terms for these discounts will vary surrounding who you hire and the complexity of the work at hand. The website will provide full details on what you can qualify for when finding a deal on services.

What If You Need Revisions?

There’s always the chance you might need someone to revise your paper before you can accept it all the way. You can ask for revisions after someone completes your paper if necessary. You can request a few changes or additions to your work for free. The writer will adjust the paper as necessary and then submit the corrected version to you.

You can accept the paper and leave a review if you are satisfied with the work. The writers at EssayPro will always ensure you receive the help you demand every time you request their services.

What About Writing In Short Periods? lets you order a paper service within a few hours as necessary. It costs more to complete the work in less time, and there’s no guarantee you will get a complete paper within a few hours. But the team will produce the first few pages of your project within that timeframe, ensuring you can get a great start on your work.

You can list details on how long you have before needing something, and the writer will get back to you on the work. You can discuss whatever plans you wish to establish with your writer to ensure whatever you utilize fits and that you have a plan for work. EssayPro provides a simple approach to scheduling projects that you can trust, so you never have to worry about whether you’re on the same page as everyone else.

Are Discounts Available? does provide discounts for its customers on occasion. These include deals where you can get up to 20 percent off of your paper. However, discounts are quite rare. Most of the time, EssayPro offers occasional discounts on holidays or as an incentive.

Most of the promotional offers are for first-time customers. Some deals are also available for people who request longer papers or essays. You could get a 15-percent deal on a four-page task, or a 25-percent discount on a six-page document.

How the Customer Service Team Works

The customer service department at EssayPro will ensure you receive the help you demand every time you hire them for work. EssayPro provides a live chat feature that lets you talk with someone at any point. You can also call the company through their toll-free number in the United States, or you can send a more detailed message by email if you have any further questions.

How Are the Payments Handled?

You can be assured your payments with EssayPro will be secure. All EssayPro payments are protected through a secure network. You can use a MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express card to cover your purchase. The EssayPro company will appear as “Writing Help” on your bank statement. No outside party will recognize that you hired EssayPro for the servce.

Guarantee Data

EssayPro guarantees that its customers will be satisfied with the work they receive. You will receive a refund for services if EssayPro fails to assign a writer to your project, or if the project is delivered late.

All claims surrounding the guarantee will be monitored to ensure you can be entitled to whatever refund you might attain following an unsatisfactory project. EssayPro will ensure you receive the help you need for the project without worrying about any possible losses or other concerns.

A Final Note

Hiring a talented paper-writing service can make a difference if you know who’s open. is a website that will give you the support you need for all your projects. Take a look at what EssayPro provides when you’re looking for someone who can assist you with whatever paper projects you wish to complete. You’ll appreciate how well the company can serve you with all your needs while getting them on time and at a sensible price.

Latest User Reviews for EssayPro

I chose this website over simply because of the price and got a decent paper. I will definitely be using this site again

I was skeptical

My experience has been first class. Prompt support and feedback from the writer. Was skeptical at first in investing in this type of service however, it has far exceeded my expectations.

What a fantastic service! It saved me at least eight hours of sleep and I got a 85% for a research paper I bought from this site! Kudos to Sally Brooks who was my writer, YOU ROCK!

Horrible writer!

I hired an “essay expert” (that’s what he calls himself) and I wish I didn’t do it. I had to send my paper for revision three times, and still got 55% from my instructor! I sent him a very detailed instructions on how my essay should be written, but he failed it anyway. Simply AWFUL experience and horrible writer! STAY AWAY!

I was willing to pay $30 for a 2-page essay on psychology, so I hired a guy from Kenya via Essaypro to do it for me. Overall, it was a good experience. Easy communication and quick delivery.

Add Your Review

Ultimate Essay Pro Review

EssayPro has been offering top-notch academic aid for years. But is EssayPro legit? Our expert researchers and writers conducted a rigorous study to help you find the answer.

essay pro refund

Just what is EssayPro?

Welcome to our EssayPro review! The service has been in the market for 10+ years and already helped over 3K students boost their grades. With its large pool of 800+ qualified writers, EssayPro is ready to handle any kind of task for you.

EssayPro is rated 4.9 stars based on 21688 reviews from independent customers. The company's exceptional work, high level of customer service, and fine-tuned processes make it the top-ranked essay writing website. Get 15% off your first order below!

EssayPro: Can You Actually Rely on It or Not?

Being around for over a decade, EssayPro has earned a solid reputation as a trustworthy writing service that makes students’ lives simple. According to numerous EssayPro reviews on the web, this service actually caters to students’ needs, delivering timely, original, and A-grade papers for any class and purpose.

If you are wondering, “Is Essay Pro a scam?” ‒ the answer is 100% no. The company is absolutely legit and works in accordance with its policies. Here, students can find 800+ writers from the US and Canada, with a minimum of 3 years of experience. The writers work tirelessly to deliver impeccable papers to you in line with the service’s guarantees.

Further, we’ll present you our review based on customer testimonials from trusted sources and our experts’ experience with this service. Reviews: Top Pros and Cons to Know About

Before we give you a comprehensive answer to the main question ‒ “Is EssayPro reliable?” ‒ let’s quickly review the key pros and cons of this service.


Disadvantages:, essaypro: paper quality.

To create an objective review, our experts ordered a 4-page essay on ancient history from EssayPro. The topic was purposefully selected as complex and rather non-trivial to test the service’s work and assess the paper based on objective quality characteristics.

The final draft was incredibly well-researched. The writer used different types of resources, including primary sources preserved from the times discussed in the paper, academic journals, etc. The paper provided a coherent review of the topic from different points of view and offered a balanced argument to support the key idea.

Apart from general logic and content, the essay we received was perfectly tailored to the initial order instructions, as well as the comments we provided during the writing process. It was free of any errors and original.

All in all, our experience with the EssayPro writing service confirmed that this service delivers A-grade quality.

essay pro refund

EssayPro: Paper Turnaround Speed

Although the essay we ordered was due in a week, the writer finished the task 3 days in advance, yet securing excellent quality. This fact indicates that the service team is capable of working under tight deadlines without compromising the result.

Indeed, the service always gives a firm guarantee that all orders are delivered right on time or before the deadline. It also offers a fairly flexible system of due dates, where the minimum deadline is only 3 hours.

Numerous EssayPro reviews that we studied also confirm the service’s fast turnaround time. The majority of students who used this service claim that their orders were delivered on time. Moreover, many of them emphasize that EssayPro is a perfect solution when it comes to urgent paper writing assistance.

Our Experience of Working With EssayPro Writers

EssayPro boasts a large pool of professional and skilled writers. According to the website, the platform hosts over 800 professionals who possess college degrees and 3+ years of experience in academic writing. On top of that, all writers are native English speakers from the US and Canada.

Such a large and diversified pool of writers enables EssayPro to offer a broad range of services. Here, you can order any kind of paper on pretty much any discipline and rest assured of the excellent quality.

As for our own experience, it was positive. After submitting the order, we were able to see different writers’ personal accounts, compare their ratings, and even read some Essay Pro writer reviews to pick a suitable expert for our order.

The selected expert got to work instantly after we hired him. He was responsive and kindly provided us with answers to all our questions during the writing process.

As we can see from the quality of the acquired paper, our writer was also incredibly skilled and professional. We want to emphasize his research abilities, attention to detail, and high speed of work.

Placing an Order at EssayPro

EssayPro’s order form is comprehensive enough to ensure you don’t forget to specify any requirements. At the same time, you can easily add custom instructions in a respective field.

Create or log into your EssayPro account using your email address.

Complete the order form; make sure you don’t skip out on any details, as your writer will rely on this information while working on your paper.

Make your order visible to EssayPro’s writer pool and select the most suitable expert among bidders.

Proceed to the checkout and add money to your balance. It’ll remain there until you decide you’re happy with the paper.

Get your paper, take advantage of free revisions if needed, and send the payment to your helper once you’re satisfied with your paper.

essay pro refund

Essay Pro Customer Service

EssayPro customer service is available around the clock via email or online chat. To assess the responsiveness and quality of communication with the support team, our experts tested both means of communication.

Communication via email is a bit more formal and takes longer. We received a response within one hour after sending a request. The manager was very helpful and kindly answered all our questions. This means of communication will be perfect if you don’t need an instant response but want to write a longer, more constructive appeal to the support team.

An online chat, on the contrary, is a perfect option if you need immediate help. We used it several times, and each time, the response took less than 2 minutes. All support reps we talked with were professional, friendly, and patient. They answered our questions, helped us place an order, and resolved our concerns in a quick and efficient manner.

EssayPro Plagiarism

Just like many of its competitors, EssayPro gives a guarantee of custom-made, original papers.

According to the service’s site, all papers are written from scratch. Writers take a customer-centered approach and craft your orders in accordance with your unique needs and expectations. In the end, all orders undergo rigorous plagiarism checks to ensure uniqueness.

Still, the main question is ‒ does EssayPro plagiarism free guarantee really work?

Based on hundreds of customer reviews and our own experience with this service, the answer is yes. After double-checking the originality score of the essay we received, we confirmed that it has no traces of plagiarism. This means that the service doesn’t duplicate other works or sell ready-made essays.

Another thing worth noting is that EssayPro offers every customer a detailed plagiarism report free of charge. You can request it along with your order and see the uniqueness score for yourself.

Effortless Ordering Process at EssayPro

Many students are very limited on time and can’t waste it on tedious registration and ordering processes. That’s why we paid special attention to the ease of use in the making of this Essay Pro review.

To our delight, EssayPro turned out to be user-friendly. The website boasts a simple architecture that makes it easy to navigate even when you land on it for the first time ever.

The ordering process is also intuitive. It only takes a few clicks and less than 5 minutes. All you need is to fill out the order form with the details of your assignment, pick a suitable writer, and wait to get your top-notch essay.

essay pro refund

EssayPro: Pricing and Payment Options

EssayPro impresses with its competitive prices. The rates for professional academic aid start from as low as $10.8/page, with the total cost of the order being calculated individually based on the academic level, number of pages, deadline, and a few other factors.

How legit is the pay for EssayPro? The service’s rates are well below the prices of its competitors. Given the high quality of the papers, this is a perfect value for money. And the best part is that you don’t pay until you get the completed paper. The payment is released after you check the final draft and confirm your satisfaction.

As for EssayPro payment methods, the service features a few time-tested options, such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. This allows you to pick a payment method that works best for you and sleep tight, not worrying about the safety of your funds.

Does EssayPro Offer Any Discounts?

Apart from low rates, the service also offers you a number of free features. Namely, here’s what you get for free:

  • The best writer;
  • Formatting;
  • Title page;
  • Plagiarism report;
  • Unlimited revisions.

Together, these freebies enable you to save a whole of $65.77 on every order.

Additionally, the service offers generous bulk discounts. The more pages you order, the lower the price. And your savings can go up to 40%.

An EssayPro refund policy is also worth a separate mention. The service doesn’t only let you pay upon satisfaction but also promises to give your money back in full in the case of dissatisfaction, which is, however, a rare case according to customer reviews.

All these facts give a very unambiguous answer to the question, “Is EssayPro trustworthy?” An impeccable quality, pocket-friendly prices, generous discounts, and a money-back guarantee confirm that EssayPro is a service you can rely on.

Confidentiality Policy at EssayPro

Is EssayPro safe to use? Compared to many other services on the market, the platform really prioritizes customers’ safety. The service uses cutting-edge end-to-end encryption on its website and chats and features time-tested payment methods. Also, it doesn’t request upfront payments and has a solid refund policy.

As for data confidentiality, EssayPro takes decent care of it as well. The service doesn’t request any personally sensitive information from you and guarantees that your data is never shared with third parties. That is, using this service is absolutely safe and confidential.

Is Essay Pro Legit?

Is a legit website? The short answer is yes. EssayPro is a fully legitimate service that boasts a long-standing presence in the essay writing help market. Throughout 10+ years in the industry, the service was tested by hundreds of thousands of students, and their positive reviews speak for the site’s legitimacy better than any other words.

EssayPro offers you quick and professional writing help for any academic level and subject. Regardless of the topic’s complexity or deadline, the service sequentially delivers impeccable quality and sticks to its guarantees. The service provides fast turnaround and custom help. Also, it takes good care of your safety and anonymity. All in all, the site is worth your trust.

essay pro refund

EssayPro Online Reputation

When it comes to assessing the quality and reliability of an academic aid service, honest customer reviews from trusted sources can tell much more than a simple analysis of the site. That’s why our experts conducted an in-depth analysis of customer testimonials to make this review complete.

Finding customer reviews was easy. Thanks to the long history of the service, it often appears on different time-tested platforms like Reddit, SiteJabber,, and others. On these platforms, the site has an average rating of 4.9 stars and hundreds of positive reviews from customers.

In their reviews, EssayPro clients highlight the service’s reliability, credibility, and professionalism. They emphasize the excellent quality of work and timely delivery offered by the site at a fairly affordable price.

After analyzing dozens of customer reviews, we can confirm that EssayPro boasts a flawless online reputation.

essay pro refund

The Final Say About EssayPro

An in-depth study and analysis of EssayPro by our expert researchers revealed that this service deserves a high position on our list of top writing services. It has been reviewed as a trustworthy site that delivers fast, tailor-made, and top-quality academic help to students struggling with their assignments.

In the course of making our review, we’ve established the answers to the key questions, such as:

Is EssayPro safe to use? Is the platform legit? Is EssayPro real or fake?

Based on our experts’ experience, as well as the experiences of hundreds of customers, the answers to all these questions are positive. The platform conforms to its title of an effective academic solution for student success.

So, if you are looking for an essay helper you can rely on, EssayPro is one of the top options for 2023!

essay pro refund

FAQs About EssayPro service

Is essay pro legit or not, is essay pro a scam, is essaypro good enough for students, is essay pro reliable or not, is essaypro safe to use, how does essaypro work, recent feedback from customers, feel free to leave a comment.

essay pro refund

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  • EssayPro review
  • PaperHelp Review
  • Studybay Review
  • EssayService Review

EssayPro Review



In contrast to some other essay writing services, apart from stating that they have been on the market for 7+ years, Essaypro does not explicitly state the date the company was founded. Well, at least I could not find that information on their website

What I did find, is that the website was founded in 2012, stated in another review online. To find some form of proof, I searched Essaypro on Whosi.DomainTools, and this is what I got:

Overall, this whole situation is confusing. Some websites state that Alex Peterson and David Barrett are said to have founded EssayPro in 1997 in California, but there has been no info to confirm this. Other results list completely different company owners. Some Google results state that the website was registered as early as in 2012, while others say 2014.

But as you can see above, the year of creation for this website is 2000. 

Perhaps, it would be fair for Essaypro to provide a little more clarity to their customers since it would make the services look more trustworthy. 

But at the end of the day, this is not the most important factor when trying to make up your mind on an essay-writing service. So don’t worry, Essaypro is not an illegal company and does not engage in fraud.

Another relatively easy factor to determine and check is popularity. To do that, I searched Essaypro’s account on the two most popular social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram. Essaypro has gathered 6403 followers on Instagram. That might seem like a lot until you check the likes on their most recent post: there are three. This shows us that the majority of the followers are inactive users. 

To some, it may seem suspicious, and some may even think that  Essaypro might be a scam . We know that Essaypro is a well-established company in the essay-writing business, so even if it got a few fake followers, it is clear that the reputation it has today is not based on follower counts.

Of course, it is not necessarily representative of the company’s success or reliability. Some businesses invest more in social media than others, which does not exactly make them more trustworthy and reliable. Nevertheless, it is a factor to consider.

They do, however, have another page filled with college-themed memes with a total of 77 thousand followers, which is a considerably higher number than before. Still, you will not find many likes or comments on their posts either.

Their Facebook page has gathered a total of 138 thousand likes and followers, but the situation with the comment section is identical to that on Instagram. Here, you can also find a rating, but it is only based on the number of people that have recommended or not recommended this service.

To be fair, it is worth noting that the specifics of the Essaypro’s services may not predispose users to demonstrate their involvement with it as a customer.

If we look at the following statistics on the Essaypro website, we can see that both Instagram and Facebook stats are slightly exaggerated. On the other hand, at the moment of writing this Essaypro review, they had a total of 65 thousand followers on Youtube.

  It is tough to make a definitive conclusion based on this information, but do not be fooled by the numbers. Seems like the majority are just filler followers to make the service look presentable.

Other statistics might just be a tad more important than the number of followers on social media. While the wording is based on marketing techniques, and the stats might seem a little over the top, overall the numbers are not shocking. 

  Plus, Essaypro is one of the leading essay-writing services on the market. If a company was to operate for a little over a decade (taken the company started operating in 2012) it would have similar numbers to the ones stated above.

Essaypro customer service

Once you visit the website, a very common feature immediately pops up right in the corner of your webpage. Of course, it is the Customer Support widget. There you can ask any questions related to the services and the company itself.

  I posed two simple questions in two different chats. In one I got a response literally seconds late. However, it was a simple “What is the average price for an essay”, so the answer might have been bot-powered. The next one took a little longer, and no one seems to have a definitive answer to when Essaypro was founded, even Essaypro workers themselves.

The question in the other chat was left unanswered. Having two chats to go to simultaneously is an advantage, especially if one of them is unresponsive.

Apart from that, there are not many places you can go for help. On the ‘Contact Us’ page, Essaypro suggests you contact them in the pop-up chat. That, of course, might leave you with no response for a while, if no one is available at the moment. On the same page, all I could find was an email address. As we know, at times getting a response through email takes longer than actually solving the issue.

There is no phone number you could call, so if you want to get a quick response, your best bet would be on the pop-up Customer Support chat. 

Paper quality

Of course, writing a review without actually testing out the service would be unfair. So, to get the most trustworthy results that will help you in the choosing process, we asked our readers, who have had experience with Essaypro, to send us their papers for evaluation, along with their feedback. We received a lot of submissions, read through over twenty of them, but for the sake of making this Essay Pro review easy to read, we chose to use the three most typical essays.

We separated our review into sections, to help you navigate all the information we have gathered. The topics are ‘Motivation and Work’, ‘Self Driving Vehicles’, and ‘Steve Job’s 2005 Commencement Address’.

One of the first giveaways of essay quality is grammar. Grammar is not something you can hope your professor doesn’t notice. In order to get a good grade, especially at the university level, it is crucial to have a fully grammatically correct piece of writing . So, let’s have a look at what we got.

The essay about Steve Jobs’ speech, which was the shortest of the three, was full of minor grammar errors, repetitions, and incorrect prepositions. We discovered about ten mistakes, which may not seem like much but can make a significant difference in your final grade.

The piece about motivation and work was the longest, with 3274 words. Of course, the amount of mistakes in this essay is also higher than in the previous ones amounting to 33 total. The majority of errors were ‘the’ articles; there were either unnecessary ones in the text or ones that were supposed to be there, but were not.

Fortunately, we did not find any spelling errors in either of the essays. Overall there were no grave mistakes but even finding the ones we listed considerably changes your first impression after reading.

While it is human to make errors, the essay writer bears the responsibility of double-checking their work to provide the promised top-quality service . It seems that minor mistakes are part of the routine for most Essaypro writers.

Overall, all essays have a clear structure and are easy to read . They do differ in style, for example the Steve Jobs essay is written in a more simple language, while the Motivation & Work one has more complex grammatical structures, due to the specifics of the topic, and various research points used.

All written essays were submitted before the deadline, and the majority of Sitejabber reviewers have had a similar experience. However, if you look closely, you will find a few unsatisfied customers that received their work late. Essaypro has a myriad of available writers, and I couldn’t expect all of them to execute their work perfectly. Sometimes, it’s just luck.

Plagiarism is the most heinous of all sins in university essay writing. It is unforgivable, as any professor will tell you. Perhaps it is the one thing that will cause your essay to be disqualified. So it is extremely important that when you delegate your responsibility to a professional Essaypro writer, you get a 100% unique piece of work as the outcome.

To find out whether any of the essays were plagiarised we took each text and ran it through plagiarism-checking software. Surprisingly, Essaypro write-ups passed the test with flying colors. In all three essays, we found no signs of plagiarism, which is a huge plus in my opinion.

Free revisions

If the work you receive is not up to your standards or contains obvious grammar or logical errors, but you don’t have time to cancel your order because your deadline is approaching, companies will provide a certain number of free revisions. That means you can send your chosen writer any wishes and suggestions you might have to ensure you get exactly what your professor wanted.

In case the essay you receive is unsatisfactory in one way or another Essaypro offers unlimited revisions before you decide to request a refund. To some, it might seem like they are trying to delay the moment of refunding your money , but I think it is a great and fair way to reach an agreement between you, the writer, and the service provider.

Essaypro Writers

Essaypro claims to have top-ranked experts and professional writers working for their service. They even have a separate webpage dedicated to telling you about their authors.

This page has an interesting feature. It presents a multitude of writers’ profiles to you. You can click on them to see what topics the writer covers and read some Essaypro customer reviews about the work. 

Of course, there is no way of verifying whether the reviews are real, but it is a useful feature to have when choosing your helper.

In the essay pro Customer Support pop-up chat I posed the question: “Are your writers native English speakers?” Unfortunately, I got ignored twice so we don’t have an answer just yet. Essaypro does not explicitly state that they do have native speakers anywhere on their website.

Money-back guarantee

Sometimes things can go south, even with such established businesses as Essaypro. Usually, such companies have a Money-Back Guarantee to aid you in difficult situations, and Essay Pro is no exception. It is called a Refund Policy and all terms and conditions are clearly laid out on the website.

Making everything clear from the get-go ensures that customers don’t get any unrealistic hopes and expectations, and hopefully won’t leave disappointed. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work that way.

So the conditions you have to meet to get a refund are as follows:

  •       No Expert Assigned Yet
  •       Late Cancellation
  •       Late Delivery (partial refund if you still use the work)
  •       Disputed claims
  •       Accidental Duplicate Order
  •       Two invoices received
  •       Content originality

Essaypro also clearly states the cases in which you are not entitled to a refund. It is an extensive list that gives answers to the most asked questions on this topic and is definitely worth a read. I really appreciate how well this company approaches the Refund Policy terms and conditions and explains it all in a simple and clear manner.

If you’re a student it is important to know your budget and the amount it will cost you to get a custom-made essay before you place an order. Essaypro doesn’t make this easy: I could find no rate calculator on their website. The Custom Support Chat came in hand, and I got the following information:

This is average pricing for such services (although nearing the lower side), but to get a more precise rate for your custom essay you will have to start placing an order. Inconvenient, to say the least.

So, how does Essaypro work? Essaypro features a bidding model. This means that once you place your order writers will offer their own rate for your piece of work. From there on you can choose your writer and the best price for you. The prices can range drastically depending on the bids.

Payment options

You can pay with Visa , Mastercard , American Express , or Discover . When using the Essaypro mobile app, you can pay with ApplePay or GooglePay . I would say, that is a good range of payment options, although adding something like Paypal to the list wouldn’t hurt.

In contrast to some other competitors in this niche, Essaypro does not offer any initial discounts as you visit the website. Browsing through their FAQ, I found out that they can offer personal discounts if you meet the following conditions: 

Also for big batch orders, they offer a 40% discount that is automatically applied to your order at the end. But if you are determined to find a discount, searching one up on Google and copying a promo code will be no problem. Another option would be to sign up for the Essaypro newsletter to get regular updates (and discounts)

EssayPro has 14,817 reviews on Sitejabber with an average rating of 4.76 stars, but none on Trustpilot. (I couldn’t find the company page on linkedin.)

The rating distribution on Sitejabber is as follows:

The majority of the reviews are, of course, 5-star ratings. As you may know, it is not uncommon for companies to buy positive reviews to gain more customers. Similarly, rival companies can order negative reviews to be written on a specific review platform. This makes it difficult to determine which ones are fake, and which ones are real. 

But let’s look for common sentiments among the reviews we have. I decided to look at the 2-star reviews. The most common concern is the payment process. Here are some of the reviews:

If you want to find some more in-depth reviews, you can search reddit, but be wary of fake ones.

No doubt, Essaypro is an established business in the essay writing niche. They have been on the market for a while, but even such companies are prone to mistakes and inconsistencies. You may ask, is Essaypro a scam? One thing I can say for sure is that Essaypro is a real business .

Overall the quality of their services is quite high, but as we have seen above the essays contain plenty of mistakes. Of course, you can always request revisions, but it would be much better to get a high-quality result from the get-go.

Do you think this service is worth it? It is up to you to decide.

Final rating

Frequently asked questions, so, is essaypro legit, i am worried i will get scammed. is essaypro safe, is essaypro legal, how can you pay for essaypro, does essaypro have a money-back guarantee, latest customers’ reviews, want to leave a comments cancel reply.

Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment.


  • Turnitin Alternatives
  • Grammar checker tools
  • EssayPro Review: Is it a Scam or Legit

October 30, 2020

If you are looking for an essay writing service, then EssayPro can be a good place to order. But is it really good enough? Is a scam or a real company? This review will help you find everything that you need to know before you order your first essay.

Best Essay Writing Service

Nearly every essay writing company calls it "the best," but I strongly believe in the "Action speaks louder than words" philosophy.

What do I mean by this is, you have to see it from your own eyes whether a company claiming to be the best is actually the best or not.

(Important Limited Time Annoucement)

Before I talk about EssayPro Discounts, Costs, and what customers say about this service, I want you to know you can create a free account on EssayPro and test it by yourself. You only pay after you are satisfied with your paper.

EssayPro Reddit Review (updated)

I went through some recent EssayPro Reddit threads, but unfortunately, there was not much information. This popular subreddit was deleted , and  this post  was old, and there was no updated information.

Also, I found Reddit was full of low-quality EssayPro alternatives that are not reliable.

So let's dive deeper into EssayPro services and whether you should go for it or not.

EssayPro Review

EssayPro is a legit company with a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot and a 4.8/5 rating on Sitejabber. This is coming from previous students who prove EssayPro is a safe website to order your homework help and essays.

I recently covered all good essay writing services in my recent post  here . This is where I also mentioned EssayPro because of its unique ordering process.

How does EssayPro Works?

how essaypro works - demo

Essay Pro is straightforward to use, and it only takes four simple steps to follow. 

  • You start by visiting EssayPro Homepage, where you calculate how much you will be required to pay for the assignment. EssayPro is one of the cheapest essay writing services so that you can calculate accordingly.
  • After clicking the "Hire an Expert" button, you will be redirected to sign up page where you can fill your email and create a free account on EssayPro.
  • Unlike other essay help, you can create a completely free account on EssayPro.
  • After giving step by step instructions, you can pick a writer and order your first essay.

Order your first Essay and get free plagiarism report

What type of services EssayPro Offers in 2021

EssayPro can help you with writing essays and homework help. But along with it, here are all the types of services provided by the platform.

Essay Business Plan Presentation or Speech Admission Essay Case Study Reflective Writing Annotated Bibliography Creative Writing Report Term Paper Article Review Critical Thinking / Review Research Paper Thesis / Dissertation Book / Movie Review Book Reviews Literature Review Research Proposal Editing and proofreading.

Homework Assignment Engineering Assignment Math Assignment Statistics Assignment Biology Assignment Geography Assignment Physics Assignment Chemistry Assignment

Other assignments

Multiple Choice Questions Short Answer Questions Word Problems, Article rewriting, proofreading

EssayPro Cost and Discounts

EssayPro Cost starts from $11 for one college essay up to 275 words. This comes with 2 weeks of the deadline and Double spaces. If you are looking for an EssayPro rewriting or editing service, then it starts from $7.

essaypro homepage and discount code

It offers Affordable Prices and reliable quality service for students.

All EssayPro orders beyond 300 words are eligible for up to 40% discount on all orders. You can claim your offer by using the special link available for writing help readers.

So yes, there are EssayPro discounts available in 2021. There are no promo codes required, however.

You can calculate custom EssayPro prices with the price calculator here. Prices are transparent, and you can easily predict before ordering according to word count.

EssayPro supports all popular payment methods like credit cards and PayPal. So it is safe to use.

What past customers are saying about EssayPro

negative review for essay pro

Since there are many essay writing services, it can be overwhelming to find out the good one. This is why I like EssayPro since you can first use it and pay later. In some cases, you can pay in advance.

Harold W recently ordered an admission essay and wrote:

" Amazing writer. I will use it again. Highly recommend"

Nicole was the latest to order at the point of writing this review. She writes

"Great service so far. From the initial registration of my assignment I received a phone call instead of communication through the online tool. I felt very better knowing that they really care to understand your individual needs."

April also found EssayPro great support. She wrote a testimonial:

"I have never used a service like this before, so I am nervous. I am not very good with essays as I get older. I wish I could talk; I would get my point across so much better. I am thankful for a service that can review what I have already written and help me put it into a better context."

However, not everyone was happy with their service.

Brenda found some issues with payments, and the link disappeared after three attempts. I felt good to see the quick response from the company. They contacted immediately and responded.

It was also interesting to see some people questioning "is EssayPro reliable."

Angela felt it's a fake website because there are many other websites, but customer support reached her and tried to help.

Essaywriting Paper Quality

If you are still asking, is EssayPro safe or is the quality of writing up to the mark or not, then here is the answer.

essaypro sitejabber review

94% of previous customers found EssayPro paper writing services reliable and quality of writing top-notch. Positive EssayPro reviews prove the legitimacy of the company and the quality of service.

Some unique extra services are also included with each order for free. For example, every document delivered to you comes with a free Turnitin plagiarism check report. And you can ask for revision over the final paper if you feel like changing it.

Unlike other services, there are all native speakers available for service. You can claim unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.

EssayPro Team Review

The essayPro team looks decent and experienced. For example, Tutor Ryan Mitchell has completed 992 papers with a 100% success rate.

Also, most reviewers include the negative ones were in unanimous agreement that EssayPro customer support is of high quality. 

And I saw it clearly on Sitejabber where EssayPro admin "Alex. P" was promptly reverted all queries and issues faced by the previous customers.

Is EssayPro Scam

I shared a complete EssayPro review with every detail in this post. However, you can go ahead and create a free account to see it by yourself whether EssayPro is a scam or legit.

You can take a look at the price list and order after calculating it with an online calculator.

While professional writers and unlimited revisions might not give you a chance to be disappointed, you can ask for a refund if you are not happy with the service.

The payment options are verified by PayPal and Stripe and the academic level of writers is top quality.

This is the best way to find out.

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About the author 

Hey, there. Thanks for visiting our blog. Here I write interesting and useful articles for students, writers and bloggers.

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A Genuine EssayPro Review: ‍ Is It Worth It in 2024?

essay pro refund

  • Verdict for
  • Website Overview
  • Ordering Process
  • EssayPro Writers
  • Prices & Discounts
  • Revisions Possibility
  • Plagiarism Check
  • EssayPro Pros & Cons
  • Our Verdict

EssayPro Review: Our Verdict

EssayPro amazed us with its 4.9-star rating based on 23,903 independent reviews. The service wins over customers with unmatched order quality, a 3-hour minimal turnaround, round-the-clock support, and student-friendly prices. EssayPro scores 4.9 out of 5.0 and heads our list of the best essay writing platforms.

Our experience with EssayPro was smooth sailing. The website is convenient and well-thought-out. You’re in charge of choosing a suitable writer; you can chat with them any time you want. EssayPro’s writers don’t sacrifice order quality even when having to meet tight deadlines. And they are ready to revise the paper for free if needed. No wonder so many people praise the service!

Take a chance to get 15% off your order below!

EssayPro Company Overview

EssayPro is a well-established essay writing service that has been in the industry for about 20 years. Such longevity speaks volumes about the company's reliability, trustworthiness, and reputation. Over the years, EssayPro has continued to evolve and update its services, ensuring that they meet the needs of its clients. One of the recent additions to their service is an option to place an order through support, which is a great plus. With this feature, you can contact a representative via live chat and forward all your requirements to them.

Another notable improvement that EssayPro has made is the update of its mobile app. The new app runs much faster and smoother than before, providing a seamless user experience. It's also worth noting that EssayPro has expanded its services beyond essay writing. They now offer editing, proofreading, business plan writing, thesis, and dissertation help, as well as help with homework.

They have the largest number of reviews on SiteJabber, a testament to the satisfaction of their clients. Independent reviews from other sites like TrustPilot also support this notion. It's clear that EssayPro is committed to providing high-quality work to its clients, which has led to a loyal customer base.

Our first impression is quite good; the site is highly intuitive; it looks good on both computer screens and smartphones. They claim to have a referral program, and a money-back guarantee. Upon ordering a paper, you can use different payment systems, like American Express, Visa, and Mastercard, to make the payment, which is also a plus. The site looks legitimate and trustworthy.

EssayPro Company Overview

EssayPro Ordering Process

As many EssayPro reviews point out, the registration process is a cakewalk, and so is ordering itself. All you need to do is press the Log In button in the header to get started. If you don’t have an account, you can create one by clicking the Sign Up button right next to it.

What’s more, EssayPro allows anyone to create an account without even placing an order. Plus, you can create and access your account without a hitch from any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

As for the ordering process itself, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. The form is comprehensive enough to make sure you don’t forget to add a crucial detail to the description. At the same time, every field has a question mark button next to it that you can press to see what it’s for and read some tips for filling certain fields.

EssayPro Customer Support

Essay Pro Support

One of the most recent additions to EssayPro’s features is placing an order directly via customer support. This is rather helpful, considering that the order form can get complicated, especially for new customers. We’ve decided to test the EssayPro customer service ourselves to deliver the most comprehensive EssayPro review possible.

You can talk to EssayPro’s reps 24/7 using a live chat that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. We texted them with a few questions about placing the order and got a response almost immediately. That's impressive, considering the company is big and has to serve thousands of customers.

The support representative we talked to was very cordial and helpful. She asked lots of questions to understand all the details of our order as we got to placing it via the support. She asked us to specify the essay type, the deadline, the academic level, and the number of words and pages. The rep also didn’t forget to ask what formatting style we preferred and how many sources had to be used. Overall, she was very thorough and polite.

EssayHub Ranks Among the Top 3 Best Writing Services

About EssayPro Writers

Let’s kick off our review with the cornerstone of any essay writing service: its writers. EssayPro boasts one of the largest writer pools on the market. There are 800+ vetted experts ready to swoop in and help you with an assignment in any of the 150+ subjects covered.

EssayPro Writers

According to EssayPro, only 15% of writers who apply for the service make it to the trial period. That’s a testament to the meticulousness of EssayPro’s selection process! In a nutshell, all writers have to meet basic criteria (native English speaker, diploma, and 3+ years of experience) and prove they’re a good fit by demonstrating their academic writing skills.

Unlike some other services, EssayPro gives you the total freedom to choose the person to work on your order. To make that process smoother, EssayPro took great care in assembling detailed writer profiles for every expert. You can see the writer’s rating, area of expertise, and stats regarding past orders.

About EssayPro Writers

EssayPro Discounts & Prices

EssayPro prices are undoubtedly on the lower side of the spectrum. That can make some people wonder, “Is EssayPro legit?”

Rates start at $10.80 per page for an essay writing order but vary based on the academic level, deadline, and length. You can get a discount if you order more than one page at a time. The more you order, the lower the price drops, which is an excellent benefit for lengthy works such as dissertations or research papers. The price also drops when you select a deadline of five or more days. That means an order due in two days will be significantly more expensive than that with a deadline of two weeks.

You can see an estimate of how the price changes on the first page of the order form to give you an idea of how much the final paper will cost. That’s very convenient when you have a limited amount of money, which is often a reality for students. The service clearly cares for the customers and wants them to keep coming back for as long as possible, as people have mentioned in their EssayPro reviews. By the way, the website EssayHub has prices in the same range, so check out our EssayHub review!

There were no apparent discounts on the site, like a first-order discount that most similar services offer. However, the prices here are relatively low as they are, and you get plenty of services included in the price, on top of discounts for orders consisting of multiple pages.

We ordered a two-page university-level essay with a two-week deadline. The EssayPro promo code ended up being 5%, leaving us with a total of $22.8 instead of $24, which is indeed inexpensive.

EssayPro & Deadlines

When ordering an essay from EssayPro, you can choose virtually any deadline. Orders can be ready within as little as 3 hours. What’s surprising is that you can order not only a school paper but also a university one within such a short timeframe. On the other side of the urgency spectrum, you can get your essay done in up to two months, making the order substantially cheaper. For our Essay Pro review, we placed two orders with different deadlines, one of six hours and another one of two weeks.

We discovered that the price and deadline didn’t affect the order quality at EssayPro. The quality of the more urgent essay did not suffer at all. The writer did an incredible job and submitted the paper right on time. As for the two-week order, the writer uploaded our essay a day before the deadline, which is also great.

EssayPro & Revisions

Now, how does EssayPro work when it comes to revisions? EssayPro allows unlimited revisions of their orders. (The same can be said about the DoMyEssay service, which we wrote about in our DoMyEssay review.) Before you confirm that the paper is up to your standards, you can send it back to the writer for an unlimited number of revisions without paying an extra dime. This is especially useful for longer papers, where you’re more likely to need to communicate closely with your helpers to polish off the order.

Although our EssayPro expert did a good job on our 14-day order, the 6-hour essay needed some minor changes. We ended up sending it back for revision twice with different comments. The writer was responsive; he got to work on revisions immediately when he received our request. Upon completion of the two revisions, the paper was perfect, so we released the entire payment to the writer.

EssayPro Writers

Essay Pro Plagiarism

Now, it’s time to answer a vital question in our review: Are EssayPro’s orders really as plagiarism-free as the platform promises them to be?

First, let’s acknowledge that EssayPro is one of the rare platforms that offer free plagiarism reports. All you have to do is ask for one when you fill out the form. That’s already a good sign.

The free plagiarism reports from EssayPro showed a 3% plagiarism rate for our non-urgent essay and 2% for the urgent one. That’s an acceptable rate, considering that the software mostly highlighted common turns of phrases as plagiarism.

As for how accurate those plagiarism reports were, we ran two independent checks using QueText and WriteCheck on both of the essays we received from EssayPro. Their results deviated from those in EssayPro’s reports by 1% or 2%, meaning the free reports were reliable – and the essays were indeed plagiarism-free.

EssayPro’s Guarantees

As with any other purchase, you want to be sure you’ll get a bang for your buck – without any unpleasant surprises along the way. So, how does EssayPro protect your interests as a customer?

EssayPro has two specific protections in place that take the spotlight in reviews: refunds and unlimited revisions. The fact that you pay for your order only after you confirm you’re happy with its quality can also be cited here.

Let’s start with revisions. If the paper you receive falls short of one of your requirements or another, you can ask your writer to make some changes to it. You’re not limited in the number of requests, but they have to align with your initial order description – and be submitted within 14 or 30 days (depending on the order type).

As for refunds, EssayPro is committed to refunding you in full if you’re dissatisfied with your order even after all those edits. You can also submit a refund claim if your order is delivered late or you can prove it wasn’t original. With all of that in mind, we doubt EssayPro receives a ton of refund claims, considering its 95% satisfaction rate.

EssayPro’s Pros and Cons at a Glance

Our experience proved that EssayPro’s team knows how to leave any customer happy with their order. From responsive customer support reps that go the extra mile for you to the intuitive ordering process, getting help with an assignment is smooth at EssayPro. The service also beats its competitors with the diversity of its writer team, allowing it to cover any need, from essay and research paper writing to coursework.

essay pro refund

Overall, we would say that the pros outweigh the cons significantly.

EssayPro Reviews & Our Verdict

As we wrap up our review, we must say that our overall impression of the service is positive. The papers we received were well-written according to current academic standards and matched the academic level we chose. Considering the quality of services provided, EssayPro’s pricing is incredibly alluring. The support team is responsive and genuinely strives to help you out. They replied very quickly and accurately to our inquiries.

EssayPro is a service that deserves the reputation of being the most popular destination for custom writing help. Since its domain registration in 2000 as, the site's long presence also indicates its reliability and experience in the field.

We checked Essay Pro reviews from customers on other independent platforms like SiteJabber, and the majority of the reviews are positive. Take a look at the screenshots below. You can also check out our EssayHub review if you liked this one!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is essaypro legit, is essaypro safe, is essaypro reliable, is essaypro good, is essaypro a scam, does essaypro plagiarism protect its orders, wanna share your feedback drop a comment here, the latest customer reviews, you might also be interested in.

essay pro refund

  • How it Works
  • Order Essay

A Comprehensive 2024 EssayPro Review

EssayPro looks very promising, but our experience with this writing service proved to be disappointing. We did not like the usability of the service or the quality of writing, and while the prices offered by EssayPro are some of the lowest ones we have ever seen, this fact alone isn’t enough for us to recommend Essay Pro to our readers.

essaypro main page

The Best Services

The complete list of best platforms is laid



From $12 per page

As a student, I’ve undertaken numerous academic journeys, from deciphering challenging projects to meeting strict deadlines. has emerged as my steadfast companion in this academic maze by providing services designed to lessen our academic difficulties. GradeMiners has established itself as a reliable ally in the literary world by providing painstakingly written essays and priceless advice on challenging subjects. Throughout this review, I won’t just answer the evergoing “is GradeMiners legit?” question but will evaluate it on this academic journey.

From $10 per page

At first sight, it may seem to be an average writing service that offers academic writing services and assists learners with challenging assignments. It is so, but the company tries not only to provide a variety of writing services ― it cares about the satisfaction level of its clients, paying attention to the paper quality and timely delivery.



From $13.28 per page is a well-liked writing service offering expert assistance with various work types. Having an impeccable reputation and thousands of regular customers, it could not but draw our attention. Perfect well-tuned workflow, a rich database of writers, crucial guarantees, and top-notch quality service promote the popularity and relevance of the company, encouraging us to craft unbiased MasterPapers reviews.

From $11.93 per page is a trusted essay writing company offering professional academic assistance to many students across the globe. It has a vast network of certified writers on standby, willing to write stellar academic papers at reasonable rates. This extensive PayForEssay review is honest and covers fundamental aspects like services, writers, and company policies.


From $9.00 per page is an academic portal providing quality writing assistance to needy students. It is famous for its affordable rates and excellent service delivery. The company functions under formal legal requirements to meet the academic needs of students across the globe. But does it match the high standards as the website claims? My honest Educibly review aims to reveal its fine points and clarify whether its customers receive the service they deserve.



From $11 per page

After thoroughly inspecting the HandMadeWriting service, it’s hard to find a single flaw. The orders are completed on time, the quality of the papers is stable and superb, and the company is always happy to hear from their customers.


According to everything we have seen so far, we can definitely recommend the ordering of essays on EssayUSA. Unlike a lot of other writing platforms, this is the service you can rely on. In addition to a personal approach of qualified and experienced writers, students are offered a full range of guarantees and perfectly written papers.



From $14 per page

My SameDayEssay review is not targeted to promote the brand. Instead, it aims to reveal all the pros and cons of cooperating with a well-known writing company. When exploring the preferable service for thousands of learners, I try to be unbiased and investigate the most vulnerable issues of the service work and decisive factors that make users adhere to the company. Now, I will share my SameDayEssay review based on my own experience.


When looking for a reputable writing service, you have certainly come across EduGenie, a high-rated platform that claims to deliver the assignment in the shortest time at reasonable costs. But is this service really worth your trust and resources? Find this out in my personal EduGenie review!



From $10.88 per page

EssayKeeper is a professional writing service providing custom-made essays. Its team of experienced writers guarantees excellent papers for any academic level and topic difficulty. Students can order the essay 24/7 and get their assignments done on time. And there’s no need to worry about work quality as experts proofread and edit your composition.

Website review

Essaypro pros and cons.

Misleading information. Based on our careful evaluation, this service is NOT SAFE for students Trusted by real customers and verified by experts, the following service is a better alternative for secure writing assistance of great quality: SameDayEssay

  • About EssayPro

User Experience: Working with the writer

Paper quality, communication channels, availability, answering the questions, politeness, speed, placing the order, receiving the order, flaws and technical issues, market comparison, available discounts: is there any essaypro promo code, price/quality match.

  • Other Policies (EssayPro Plagiarism-Free Policy, Privacy, Refunds)

Review platforms

Social media, final verdict on essaypro.

Hi guys! Today, I’m going to share a story of a lifetime – my experience with a popular essay writing service called EssayPro.

Usually, I would find a way to blitz through my essay, but once I got another important task to work on, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to do the paper justice. So, I pulled out my laptop and decided to search for last-minute essay writing solutions.

I found several options but still decided to go with this catchy name — EssayPro. Who wouldn’t want essay specialists to work on their paper, right?

So, here is my detailed EssayPro review based on my experience with this writing service. Let’s get down to brass tacks.

EssayPro is an academic paper writing service operated by a Ukrainian company Devellux that promises to connect “talented specialist writers” with students in need of urgent academic assistance. Notably, the company’s physical address displayed on their website is Dover, Delaware, but it is actually a Ukrainian-held business. The platform provides essay writing services globally but focuses primarily on the US, UK, UAE, Australian, and Canadian audiences.

The company claims to have worked with over 200k students during its 10+ years of existence. Based on the data I saw on their site, they have over 400 Essaypro writers on standby.

The company also states to have completed over 900 000 academic papers in 2020 alone. For context, that’s six essays per day for every writer (about 2470 orders over 365 days for 400 writers). That’s one heck of a completion rate! Most people would struggle with such a workload. 

Essay Pro covers the following services:

  • Custom essay writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Research paper writing
  • Term paper writing
  • Admission essay writing
  • Essay writing help
  • Essay editing

When it comes to the best essay writing service reviews , another standout feature is their unique bidding system, which serves as their business model. This aspect initially caught my attention, although I must confess I didn’t have the time to thoroughly examine the Terms and Conditions of the service at first. Nevertheless, it’s reassuring to note that both the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy and Refund Policy’ pages are readily accessible.

My Experience with EssayPro

I was assigned a pretty urgent discussion post in which I was supposed to answer a question based on some readings. It was clearly stated in the prompt that there was a correct answer which was to be derived from class discussions and readings. So I decided to let professionals handle this task, hoping I would get a decent quality level and timely delivery.   

Unfortunately, the way communication turned out was nothing like the picture that I painted in my head. First off, my writer has completely ignored the paper instructions, even though they were detailed enough. Instead, he posed a hardly understandable question, and when I asked for clarifications, he simply chose the best way to complete the assignment without my input. Besides, my writer couldn’t even write in English properly. 

essaypro review

Secondly, users have zero knowledge of their paper’s status. I wanted to see the order’s status change to Revision or something, but instead, I just wrote to them in a chat, and that’s it. No updates and notifications seen on the horizon. 

In terms of quality, it was quite visible that the writer conducted some research for the paper. However, I discovered that he mixed up MLA and APA formatting guidelines for in-text citations. Plus, nobody was interested in the number of sources. The writer decided to insert one source intuitively, although there were three to be added. 

Moreover, I was shocked to discover that the writer left a URL to their local folder on the Works Cited page. To me, that is not appropriate. 

essaypro review

The grammar and text structure were just merely acceptable. It was pretty evident that some writers are not native English speakers. At least the person that worked on my paper definitely wasn’t. Since I paid close to 60$ for this 3-page paper, I had to place two revisions to get the optimal quality level. 

essaypro review

On top of that, I received my paper later than expected, after my deadline was due. And to completely spoil the day, the writer sent me a wrong paper that was supposed to be someone else’s. How cool is that?

When I complained about this blunder, I got the following response:

essaypro review

Well, it seems like the most critical factor of excellent paper writing, which is quality, creates a huge gap between what they deliver and what is expected of them. 

Quality Mark: 1/5

Want to elevate your academic performance with top-quality papers? Explore our  MasterPapers review , where you’ll find a service that excels in providing students with impeccably written and well-researched assignments.

EssayPro customer service

All EssayPro reviews on the Internet indicate that the company provides only one major communication channel – the chat box, which is true as I discovered. Customers can also intuitively understand how to use their profiles, which is a plus for user experience. Also, you can discuss order details with the writer before they start working on the paper.

But here’s the catch: you’ll need to play hide and seek before reaching out to the writer; one can easily assume that the right window is meant for direct communication with the writer, but not a bot and support staff. While in fact, it’s vice versa.

Even chatting with customer support is a challenge here. First, you need to hit “Help Center,” send a message in a chat window, go through a blockade of annoying AI-generated messages, then wait for several minutes to get a response, and only after that get a real human being to chat with you. 

essaypro review

When I finally got in touch with the customer support specialist to clarify some order details, I was expecting to get responses right away. To my surprise, I waited three minutes to get the answer to a simple question. What seems to be like no big deal at first turned into a slippery slope of impatience (I got further messages with delays too).

essaypro review

If anything else is more important than quality for customers using the best essay writing services, it is the rules of personal information disclosure. Once I inquired customer support about this sensitive matter, they sort of tried to get away with the answer and kept on asking me about my order details. This puts the company in a position of pure money-makers who don’t pay much attention to users’ privacy. Yet, after my second attempt to find out the truth, they responded to me with a relieving message. 

essaypro review

Customer service mark: 2/5

Order form/usability at EssayPro

As the chat box is the only communication channel provided by this service, I had to place my order there. I provided the prompt, and the support agent asked me about my academic level and deadline, but nobody inquired about my discipline or the number of sources to be used. 

Nevertheless, I felt relieved once the support cropped my instructions. I logged in and checked on that to make sure all is fine:

essaypro review

But I also felt like a supervisor trying to monitor the support agent’s work just to sleep better, knowing that I got what I needed. They canceled the initial order and placed a new one with full instructions. 

I left my email in the profile and waited for any sign of life from EssayPro to ensure I could stay tuned on the important order updates, but nothing showed up. So, I decided to visit my dashboard and contact the support staff. As it turned out, the paper was already waiting for me on my dashboard. So, why not send a notification? The company only sent me their promo ad. Thanks, but I need my paper!

essaypro review

I think EssayPro should focus more on making the customer journey comfy instead of just promoting their services.

The client cabinet appears to have been developed in haste – that’s what any EssayPro review will tell you, including this one. For example, when you enter the “Chats” section, you see a list of chats with your writer, but you cannot access your conversations with support. For the latter to happen, you need to go to a separate tab, which is not very convenient.

essaypro review

In essence, I could not even figure out how to pay for the order without assistance.  

Usability mark: 3/5

Prices and Discounts

The overall EssayPro cost is in the “above average” bracket when it comes to pricing. The flat fee for any paper is $12 , even though the site says “Essay Writing Service at $7/page” upon Google search. This discrepancy in prices is also mentioned in most EssayPro reviews.

essaypro review

I couldn’t find a pricing table, but they have a price calculator right on the homepage. Essentially, the cost of ordering a paper depends on the following factors:

  • Number of pages (words)
  • Academic level
  • Additional instructions

As I mentioned earlier, EssayPro has a bidding business model. You need to choose among hundreds of offers before landing on a decent writer. However, writers offering relatively low prices usually lack expertise and deliver subpar quality. I got into this trap by opting for such a writer, and the price I paid was a half-baked order. Frankly, I’d rather pay a fixed cost that would be close or even identical to the money I forked out here.

While preparing my Essay Pro review, I decided to take the opportunity to get some discounts that might give me some advantages. By lucky chance, Essay Pro provides an initial discount of 25% on orders of more than one page, but I haven’t found any EssayPro promo code on their website.

However, I became curious and I decided to check the real price by using the online form on the main page after I received my article. I found that the price I paid was higher than the total amount they had put on the site.

Before placing my order at EssayPro, I saw moderate prices on their website and was pretty sure I would pay no more than that. But eventually, I had to pay a much higher sum thanks to their bidding system. And even though my final paper was satisfactory in terms of quality, the struggle I had to go through to get my paper done the way it should have been was not worth it moneywise.

Pricing Mark: 3/5

The first confusing thing I noticed about revision requests is the way customer support processes them. I was asked to write in chat in case I have any complaints, but that’s quite an unprofessional approach to handling things. I’d better prefer to have my request left on the customer dashboard with live updates on my order status. Yet, it is what it is. 

Overall, I had to place two revisions since the writer didn’t get my instructions in the first place. Luckily, users can place as many revisions as they want until they are content with the quality. 

EssayPro has a refund policy that takes effect when the customer is displeased with the paper’s final quality. Here are the scenarios when you can apply for a refund:

  • No assigned writers
  • Late delivery
  • Disputed claims
  • Duplicate orders
  • Plagiarized content

Sounds good, but the trick is that they require users to leave up to 30% to the writer for the work done in case of refund. To me, this sounds unfair because I obviously expect all my money back for their fiasco, not just 70%. 

Other Policies (EssayPro Plagiarism-Free Policy, Privacy, Refunds

It should be mentioned that Essay Pro guarantees to process refund requests within 48 hours, and their dispute resolution team will review your application. However, there is no guarantee that your request will be considered and a money back guarantee will be satisfied in the desired period.

On the subject of plagiarism, the work I ordered for my Essay Pro review was more than 90% unique. However, I did notice overt attempts at rephrasing which, to my surprise, did not meet the return criteria, as Turnitin showed a high level of uniqueness. I couldn’t argue with the algorithms, so I had to make my own final revisions. It disappointed me a bit as I paid for the essay writing but still had to make some amendments by myself.

If talking about service confidentiality, Essay Pro guarantees complete anonymity and security of your personal information. I was assured that my personal data would not be disclosed, and all I had to do was provide an email address. However, when I initially asked the support team about the privacy terms, they ignored this question. So the question is ‘Is Essay Pro good enough for ordering your paper here?’

Guarantees Mark: 4/5

Online Reputation

On the company’s website, you’ll find mostly positive feedback, which is no surprise at all since most services feature only positive comments. But I was shocked when I found out that I couldn’t leave a testimonial on the EssayPro Reviews page. So, I visited other independent review platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. 

I discovered that EssayPro reviews on these sites were mixed: some clients praised the service, while others complained about gross incompetence. The main concerns had to do with paper quality and plagiarism issues.

Most EssayPro reviews express dismay when it comes to the company’s ‘active’ social media presence. Their Facebook account features just five posts that date back to 2019, while the Instagram account has 9 posts and 35 followers in total. For now, it seems like they don’t really bother about brand promotion through social media platforms.  

essaypro review

I also tried to find essaypro Reddit reviews here because Reddit people aren’t afraid of telling the truth or showing where you made a mistake. Unfortunately, EssayPro doesn’t have a community on the platform.

To sum up this EssayPro review and somehow justify my decision making process, I will say that I chose this service at random to meet my deadline. But on any other day, I wouldn’t recommend their services to anybody. Is Essaypro Legal? Yes, they do everything above board. Does Essaypro work as a fully-functional service? Not really. They are like a chair without one leg: basic internal processes are set, but one essential element is missing: excellent quality paired with timely delivery and care for customers.    

Overall, if you are still on the fence about EssayPro, you don’t need to take my word for it. Read an independent EssayPro review, or better a dozen of them, and see for yourself.  If you’re still on the fence about your choice, you should check out the EduBirdie Review for more information. 

Is EssayPro legit?

I can say that Essay Pro is a legit service for writing academic assignments. They claim to provide services to help students with their studies and do not violate the laws by providing these services. But there are still some questions about the quality of these services.

Is EssayPro a scam?

No, Essay Pro is not a scam. They provide legit online writing services and money back guarantee in case you can prove that your order was poorly completed. In addition, they have some guarantees such as a refund and data protection policy that indicates transparency and honesty.

Is EssayPro safe enough to order papers here?

Yes, Essay Pro is a safe service. This writing service guarantees secure payment methods, uses a secure SSL connection to process data, and has a privacy policy to protect customers’ personal information.

Is EssayPro reliable for purchasing online?

It is kind of a controversial question. Essay Pro considers itself a reliable service for writing scientific papers and essays. They have some high customer appreciation and positive Essay Pro review on various review sites. But considering my personal experience, I can’t call this service reliable, as they failed the set deadline and the quality of paper that I ordered for my Essay Pro review wasn’t the best. However, they provide real-time communication with the writer so that clients can control the writing process.

Is EssayPro trustworthy?

I think you can trust EssayPro with some simple papers with flexible deadlines. They have a refund policy and customer data protection, as well as provide average-quality services according to customer requirements. In addition, there are some positive Essay Pro reviews.

Latest customers’ reviews

Raiting 2/5

It was my mistake to order the book review here. I understand that the writer can’t read all the books in the world and remember all the details. But in my opinion, the professional writer should at least know how to search the information and work with multiple sources. My review was so poorly written, just a generalized text without crucial book details. I have no idea what I paid for. I could just copy a random text from the Internet and have the same result

Raiting 3/5

I can’t call this service the worst one, but still, if you want to order papers online, I recommend you search for another one. I don’t know if EssayPro always works like this or if it was just my bad luck and I got an unprofessional writer. No doubt that my writer wasn’t a native speaker because I found a lot of mistakes and incorrectness in the delivered essay. I advise EssayPro to revise their writers’ selection process and care more about their customers

Raiting 1/5

I definitely don’t recommend using this service if you don’t want to waste your money! I always think about my college assignments in advance, so I ordered my coursework from EssayPro with a 20-day deadline. The assigned writer hasn’t contacted me at all. Maybe that’s why the paper was far away from the requirements I mentioned in the ordering form. I didn’t ask for the revision because I had no time for it. So thanks to EssayPro, I got a C for this paper and just wasted money for nothing.

I have no idea how EssayPro has been working for 10+ years and has such awful services. It should be mentioned that they have lower prices than other services, and I think a lot of students choose EssayPro for this reason. But it is exactly the case when the low price means poor quality. The delivered paper had grammar and stylistic mistakes, so I asked for a revision. But I had to wait for 2 weeks to get the revised 5-page paper! Of course, I didn’t need it anymore because of failed deadlines.

I read some positive reviews about this service and decided to order here. It was a huge mistake. I ordered a simple 3-page essay in Philosophy and set a 7-day deadline. Firstly, I got my paper 2 days later, and what is even worse, the writer uploaded not even my paper but someone else’s! Of course, he apologized and uploaded the right one, but still, it was really unprofessional.

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